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We are learning how to use virtual tours+ for homeschooling, so I wanted to share some (okay a ton!) that we found and loved. There are so many virtual tours out there… please share your favorites so we can add them to this post!


National Parks
History & Museum
Wildlife & Science
Places & Landmarks

How to Use Virtual Tours for Homeschooling K-12

I found many lists of virtual tours online but so many links were broken, I decided to make my own list! Please let me know if any of these links do not work.

Affiliate links are used in this post, notated by a +.

National Parks

glacier park webcam

Glacier National Park Webcams

 Glacier National Park Books & Guides+

Virtual Tour of Grand Canyon

Virtual Tour of Grand Canyon in Photographs

Grand Canyon River Archeology Virtual Tour

Grand Canyon River Archeology
Virtual Tour
– Very informative, in-depth, clickable view points.
Grand Canyon History & Guides +
Virtual Tour of the Grand Canyon (This one is weird but cool)
Google Earth Grand Canyon Tour
360 Degree Grand Canyon Tour

Mount Rushmore Virtual Tour

Mount Rushmore Virtual Tour

Where is Mount Rushmore?

Virtual Tour of Yosemite

Historic Virtual Tour of Yosemite

zion national park virtual tour

Zion National Park Virtual Tour

More Virtual Tours of National Parks

Oregon Caves Tour

Get even more 360 degree views of places like Antelope Canyon at

History & Museums

smithsonian virtual tours

The Smithsonian has many galleries and virtual tours available.

Statue of Liberty Virtual Tour

Statue of Liberty Virtual Tour

Books about the Statue of Liberty +

White House Tour 1 and 2

Pentagon Virtual Tour

The Louvre 360* Virtual Tour

The Louvre Virtual Tour
360 Degree of The Louvre (Outside)

eiffel tower virtual tour

Eiffel Tower 360 Degree View – Click through all the images to catch a gorgeous sunset!

Taj Mahal Virtual Tour

Taj Mahal Virtual Tour – Click around to see the 360 degree views and more.

St. Peter's Basilica Virtual Tour

St. Peter's Basilica Virtual Tour

sistine chapel virtual tour

Sistine Chapel Virtual Tour

Windsor Castle Virtual Tour

Windsor Castle Virtual Tour

Virtual Marching Tour of the American Revolution

Virtual Marching Tour of the American Revolution – Very basic (old school) but informative.

American Revolution books, posters, and more +

mayan temple virtual tour

Mayan TemplesThis is by far one of the most amazing virtual views I've seen.

The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu

The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu

Lincoln Memorial Virtual TourLincoln Memorial Virtual Tour

Lincoln Home Tour

Virtual Gettysburg Tour

We still have more tours on the list! I don't know if we will ever get through them all.

Visit Ancient Rome
Travel Guide to Egypt
Historic Tours from BBC
Mapping Colonial America
Ponce de Leon Lighthouse Tour
Mysterious Places: Stonehenge and more

Science & Wildlife


Check out the Africam to see live streaming of African wildlife. You can even take snapshots like the one above… all from live streams!

crittercam natgeo

CritterCams from NatGeo are awesome. The one above shows a sea lion eating an octopus!

virtual coral reef tour
Virtual Great Barrier Reef Tour

Oregon Coast Aquarium LIVE Cam

Oregon Coast Aquarium LIVE Cam

Fish Eye View – Click through for pictures, videos, etc of coral and tropical fish.

desert tortoise habitat tourDesert Tortoise Habitat Tour – videos and pictures

A Desert Tortoise Tale +

New York Underground Tour

New York Underground Tour – This is so cool! It's short and simple but definitely unique.

NASA Virtual Tour

NASA Virtual Tour – Extremely detailed and informative, includes videos and images.

And here's another NASA Virtual Tour.

virtual open heart surgery

Our science section isn't complete without a virtual open heart surgery!

Places & Landmarks

The Great Wall of China Virtual Tour

The Great Wall of China Virtual Tour

If you are interested in learning more about Beijing, this site offers many panoramas and virtual tours of the area.

Edo, Japan

Edo, Japan – Edo is the ancient name for Tokyo. I included this virtual tour because it's unique and informative, but beware the site is a bit bright and obnoxious.
I'm talking flower backgrounds and such. :)

Antartica Virtual Tour – Very basic (old school) but informative. Not a whole lot of pictures and they're pretty small.
Here's another Antarctica Tour.

live streaming times square

Times Square – Live Streaming

ellis island tour

Interactive Ellis Island Tour

More Virtual Tours

Anne Frank's Secret Annex – This virtual tour is amazing!!
It literally takes you on a 3-D virtual tour through Anne Frank's hiding space, bedroom, and more, complete with audio that tells you what's what.

Eisenhower Home Virtual Tour

Eisenhower Home Virtual Tour – Kids only! ;)

little house on the prairie tour

Little House on the Prairie Tour

Little House books & DVDs +

If you love LIVE STREAMING views, check out Earth Cam.

Also check out these book tour guides!

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