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How to Become an Amazon Product Reviewer – Even Without a Blog!

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How to Become an Amazon Product Reviewer

I get asked the same questions a lot when it comes to being a reviewer. For years, I've reviewed products on my blog – either in exchange for products, or products and payment. Generally speaking, I snag the reviews because of you guys – the page views and social media following I have. However, with Amazon, the game has changed! You don't need a blog to receive free products to review. Take a look at a few of the websites I use for product reviews. My favorite is probably AMZ because you can request several items at once. I'm impatient and I don't like being limited to one review like some of the other sites have set up.

**STEP 1 – Join my group! I post new opportunities in there, as well as videos showing you the *HOT* items available on each site**

Many of the items on these websites are FREE – some will cost $1, some will just be deeply discounted. You can keep yourself quite busy by reviewing FREE products, or you can buy them at a discount and use those products as gifts!

AMZ Review Trader

My favorite site, I use it the most There is somewhat of a delay in finding out if you'll be able to review or not – whereas with some of the other sites you get approval right away. You can request up to 20 review items at once, at first. As you turn your reviews in, you'll be allowed more. The search functionality is awesome.

Elite Deal Club

This one is super easy and straight-forward. You get instant approval, which is nice – but they go OUT OF STOCK quickly so check in often! They also have a contest for the most referrals each week so please use my link HERE to sign up! :)

Amazing Deals Group

You'll get instant gratification with the Amazing Deals Group! You start with 2 coins in your account. 1 coin = 1 review item. Once you turn a review in, you get a coin back. Create an account, log in, and click “get this deal”. You get a code that you use on Amazon right away – and the item will arrive in 2 days, assuming you have Amazon Prime. If you've chosen an item that isn't free, your order total will reflect the new price. Once your item has arrived, head over to Amazon to review it. Then, go back to ADG and click “review deal” to verify your review.


You can only review one item at a time with SnagShout, but everything is super straight forward as it is with most of these programs. You can watch the video for details, but basically you sign up, log in, choose a product, and get a voucher code. Review the item, confirm the review, and you can get your next item.

Dollar Deal Reviews

With DDR, you use “tickets” when you want to review something. So for example, you start out with 200 tickets. A review item is usually 100 tickets. You go through the process, same as the other sites, and once you've submitted your review you'll get 100 tickets returned to you. Select another item and the whole process starts all over again. You can also earn more deal tickets for referring friends (10 for each friend – here's my link!)

The search functions on this site aren't nearly as nice as they are on the others. No categories, shop by price, etc. However, most items on this site are $1.00 or less, but they sell out rather quickly so you'll see a lot of “out of stock” signs! Shop fast.

Read their Tips & Tricks to learn how to get more “bang” for your buck. One way is to sign up for InstaGC – earn gift cards for doing things like watching videos and taking surveys.


Tips & Tricks for Reviewers

Start small. It's tempting to “review all the things!!!”, but in reality you don't want to get stuck typing for hours for a few shiny gadgets – or maybe you do? Just be aware of the fact that you do need to turn a review in – usually within a week of receipt – and that it does take some time, especially if you do it well.

If you apply to review products, the company or person is most likely going to look at your past reviews to see your work. If you haven't done many reviews, now is the time to rack them up! Try to be as detailed as possible in your reviews, and if you can add some humor or personality in, that helps too! You're more likely to get upvotes if you are positive – even when something is bad, make light of it or be honest, not just nasty and mean.

Always be honest. Companies want positive reviews, of course, but as a reviewer it's your job to be honest. Making a list of pros and cons, and mentioning whether you'd recommend it to a friend or family member is generally sufficient.

P.S. The BEST thing really is to start a blog… you'll get better review items, and you can even get paid CASH for posts. Click HERE to read the post where I walk you through signing up for a blog.

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  1. How to become a reviewer without a blog!

    I do believe I would love to become a blogger but I guess you could say I am scared to try to start, cause I really don’t know how. Any advise? Thank you for allowing me in this group, I have been reviewing since March and I’m loving it. This is just so amazing for me at 60 yrs of age, wish I had found this years back!

  2. Wow! This is wonderful post and great advice to success Amazon business.
    If you don’t have a sufficient amount of reviews for your product you are missing out on important sales. You can Get Amazon Reviews for your products to ranking right keywords. Product Thrive can help you to get 4-5 Star real and 100% verified Amazon reviews.

  3. I would really like!e to learn as much as I can about this. It sounds perfect for me. I’m raising my granddaughter on my own and every penny helps! I haven’t written any reviews so I have no Previous history to go by. I’ve written àlot about DIY projects like soap and body products as well as other things of this nature if this might help me break into this market and become a reviewer! Thank you! Rhonda Maxwell

  4. I just signed up thru your link to TMZ and there are absolutely zero free items. Nothing even cheap.

  5. I am so happy that someone has set up this page to review a “review” website such as Amazon Review Trader.

    I have been with AMZ Review Trader for nearly a year now. Have done nearly 200 reviews for them so far. I think I am in the best position to talk about this company and how good they really are.

    The great thing about AMZ RT is the fact that you can get some good products at great discount. However, be aware that most all the products offered on sites like these come out of China. They are often cheaply made. They often initially work, then they end up breaking long after one has posted a praising review.

    Once in awhile, major companies offer products to review. However, those offerings don’t come often and they are usually hard to obtain as many people bid on those products. You see, it’s basically a bid war among other members to see who ends up getting a limited amount of review product. The better reviews you write, the better your chances are of obtaining product in a successful bid.

    The problem? AMZ Review Trader itself has a very hard time controlling problems with their sellers, Amazon itself, and their own website. Let me explain…

    Firstly, when you successfully bid on a product, the seller sends you a redemption code that you redeem when you place your code on Amazon. Chinese sellers purposely send out fake codes that don’t work knowing that the bidder will ultimately contact them asking “why.” That contact exposes your email address and gets you placed on spam lists. Despite bringing this issue to the attention of AMZ, they have refused to deal with the issue.

    Next, products you bid on and receive suddenly “disappear” from the AMZ Reviewer site so you no longer get credit for the review after you receive the product. I have had this problem happen many times, and again, AMZ refuses to even answer the issue. So, when everything you review earns you valuable credit, it’s very disheartening to see that products you receive suddenly cannot receive review credit because they have disappeared from the site queue.

    Next problem is Amazon itself. Their review system is rather sloppy. Countless times I have sent them reviews along with images and those reviews never get posted. I end up having to write emails to Customer Support asking where those reviews are. Most of the time the reviews get restored, but not always with the images I uploaded.

    While AMZ REVIEW TRADER offers the opportunity to get products for free or at a reduced cost, they run the site like the old “Wild West” where anything goes. They know there is the potential for private email contacts to cause spamming issues. They know that there are issues with their website and bid products disappearing from the queue. However, they gloss over those issues in their BLOG section which they make you lead to believe that they are on top of all these problems.

  6. No doubt, it worth 1500 $ every month if I try it. The suggestion is really helpful and only some people know that you have something. Anyway, great work!

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