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Half-Marathon Training Day 7

half marathon training
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I think it's Day 7 but to be honest I'm not so sure. It may be day 5? I just picked a number. I'm sick, and tired, so today's training was not a joy-ride at all. I've never walked any farther than 3 miles. Well, I take that back, I did 4 miles the other day while training. Today I did 6 miles. The last mile was my fastest, because I just wanted to get it the hell over with.

Some random strangers kept stopping and saying hi to us on our walk so that did slow us down.

Miles 1-3 were hard. I was tired and didn't even want to be outside walking. Miles 4-6 were easier because we were on our way back, and had an end in sight.

My goal is to do 15 minute miles (or less) at the half-marathon. The last mile of today's training was 14:53. I jogged a little and didn't get distracted as often, so that was a plus.

It's all coming together and as long as my body will hold out and my knees will hold me up, I know I can do this. My confidence is growing with each passing day. If you've never trained for something before, I definitely recommend it. It's uplifting, challenging, and crazy awesome all at once.

half marathon training

I am only half way to my goal of raising the $150 for the half-marathon, so if you want to donate to my 'cause' please let me know!

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