Our Simple Garage Makeover: Art Studio!!

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Arizona summers are hot. Very, very hot. Much like folks from northern states getting stir crazy in the winter, we tend to get stir crazy come September (and sometimes even October!) because the summer has lasted for what seems like years. The first few months aren’t bad, so we go hiking and get outside and stuff. Come August and September, we are hiding inside and praying for “winter”. Winter for us means temperatures in the 70s, which means we finally get to open our doors and enjoy the weather.

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Our garage is where we enjoy most of our time when winter comes, especially now that we have a new LiftMaster Garage Door Opener! We moved our huge sectional into the garage, and when we got a new refrigerator, the older one went into the garage. Everything started to get kind of cluttered because we were using it more as storage than anything, but we wanted to do a garage makeover and turn it into an art studio and relaxation space.

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Part of our garage makeover included a huge industrial shelf, and a new rolling toolbox. We hung the bikes up on the ceiling (coolest invention ever!), and of course added the necessary pops of color!

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

With our precious art, bikes, and other valuables, it was important that we installed a garage door opener and automatic garage door lock from a brand we trust: LiftMaster. There are two LiftMaster installers in our area (which is awesome considering we live in the middle of nowhere!), and our experience with the install was great (read my post here).

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The peace of mind our automatic garage door lock offers is priceless. Now we get to use our garage as the relaxation and art space we’ve always wanted! The girls are super excited to make it their own with spray paint, paints, and whatever else they think up!

Simple Garage Makeover

Whether you’re considering a garage makeover of your own, you’re moving into a new house, or you’re just wanting to upgrade the safety and security of your garage, LiftMaster has you covered. Pair up with LiftMaster to get a new garage door opener as well as an automatic garage door lock today!

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  1. We REALLY need an upgrade of our garage door and opener, so I appreciate this info! I love the idea of making it into a hang out/art studio space but I think we have waaayyyyy too much stuff in ours to do that. I’d be thrilled to just get it organized!

  2. Nice studio. I’m a photographer also. As a photographer, I would like to say that, your studio looks like a great!

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