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Each of the freebies for bloggers listed in this post is 100% free! You just have to sign up for each blogger's newsletter. Just want the productivity tools and not the free blog theme? How about the blog stat tracker, but not the seasoned blogger ebook? Totally fine! Just click the links for the ones you dowant, and subscribe to their newsletter(s). You don't have to sign up for all of them if they aren't a good fit for your needs. I don't personally know any of these bloggers, I just put this list together after downloading about 50 freebies and really loving these.

Freebies for Bloggers

15 Freebies for Bloggers

Each blog will either have a pop-up subscription box, or a subscription box in their sidebar. Some will be instant downloads, while others will be a password protected page. If you have any problems locating the freebie, just send me a quick tweet and I'll help you out!

1. Ebook + Worksheets: How To Make Money As An Infopreneur

I am still not sure how much I love – or don't love – the term infopreneur. It's like, I want to use that word… but I feel like it's one of those made-up catch phrases that I'm not quite cool enough to use yet, you know? Whether we like the term or not, many of us are, in fact, infopreneuers. We're selling our knowledge, our blog followers read our posts every day because we're giving them information. So, in a way, I guess it fits. Right? Right. The point is: Download the ebook + worksheets. They're awesome.

2. 23-page guide: Tips & Advice From a Seasoned Blogger

Getting tips from a seasoned blogger is always nice. Having it delivered in ebook format is even better. Download it to your tablet and read it while you're waiting for your kids at the bus stop, or even at the doctor's office. It's a quick read, but you might want to have a notebook handy to take some notes.

3.12 Month Blog Stat Record Sheets

If you've read my post about How to Create a Successful Blog for $30, you know I'm super strict when it comes to a blogging budget – but I also believe stat tracking is one of the most important parts of starting a successful blog. Getting a stat tracker for free makes me super happy.

4. 50 Productivity Tools for Bloggers

One of the questions I'm asked daily is about productivity. “How do you get it all finished? How do you juggle it all? Do you still have time for (XYZ)?” Yes, yes, yes… you still have time for everything you want to make time for when you're a blogger! Sometimes, priorities get shifted and blogging takes the back (or front) burner for a while, and that's okay. Using productivity tools will help you avoid burn out, and keep you on track to making more money for the time you put in. While we're talking about productivity, take a few moments to read my post: How to Increase Productivity and Get Shit Done. Let's keep moving with even more freebies for bloggers:

best blog freebies

5. Tons of freebies! A free THEME, social media icons, blog headers, style guides, and wallpapers.

Rarely do freebies impress me, but this huge collection from Lily Liseno is enough to make anyone feel like they hit the freebie lotto! I've literally never seen anyone just give a blog theme away.

6. Blog Goals Planner + Password Organizer

One of your goals for 2016 is probably to get more organized. This blog goals planner will help you do just that! And the password organizer, well, I signed up just for that one. Why? Because I literally have to reset my passwords EVERY month to pay my credit cards. I keep forgetting the passwords, and then I have to change them, and then of course I forget the new ones, too. So, here's to hoping this free password organizer saves my ass – even just a little.

7. How To Have A Kick Ass Sales Page E-book

Hillary Roberts gets brownie points just for using one of my favorite phrases ever, “kick ass”. I use it dozens of times throughout my Virtual Assistant Training Course, and pretty much every day in real life. If you're looking to create a kick ass sales page, download her ebook.

8. Effective Goal Setting in 3 Steps Ebook

Setting goals effectively is a must when it comes to creating a successful blog. I downloaded this freebie but haven't read it yet. Let me know if you like it!

Freebies for Bloggers

9. Goal Setting + Stress Worksheets

Stressed out? Don't be! Stephanie hooks you up with this great 2-for-1 freebie, covering goal setting and dealing with stress.

10. Beautiful Tools to Help You Organize Your Day

I'm so unorganized it's not even funny (yay, ADD!), but when I download tools to help me get organized, it makes me feel like… I don't know. Maybe, just maybe one day I'll be one of those organized people that I stalk on Pinterest. Probably not, but it's still fun to grab ALL THE FREEBIES!

11. 10 Essentials for a Professional Website Ebook

You want your website to look professional, right? Of course you do! So, this is probably one of the freebies that you should grab. Also note that this blogger does freebies on a regular basis, that you can only grab if you sign up.

12. Free Social Media Strategy Ebook

Social media is legitimately the cornerstone of your blog foundation. You can crank out great blog content all day long, SEO the crap out of that shit, and still fall short of your traffic goals because you're not utilizing social media to its fullest potential. While there are several things that are more important than blog traffic, social media can help you increase pageviews – and revenue.

13. Blog + Business Monthly Planners

There seems to be somewhat of a theme with these freebies, huh? Planners are gold, yo.

14. Pinterest Scheduling Spreadsheet

If planners are gold, a Pinterest Scheduling Spreadsheet is… what's better than gold? Diamonds? Yeah, diamonds. This is one of my favorite freebies ever.

15. Copy Editing Checklist

If you're a writer – which all bloggers are! – you need this Copy Editing Checklist. Print it out and tape it up on the wall by your desk for quick reference.

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