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Unit Studies are a fun way to incorporate all subjects while learning about one broad (or narrow!) topic. Whether your kiddos want to learn about ocean animals or space exploration, Unit Studies can make sure all subjects are covered without making it seem like a lot of work. Please pin this post and share with your friends! You can also bookmark my new homeschooling page: free homeschooling printables. Printables are added weekly.

Free Unit Study Planner

We do a lot of lapbooking just for fun! It's nice to combine lapbooks and unit studies, especially when you're teaching different grades at once (or multiple children). This free unit study planner is super easy to print (no email sign up required!).


Free Unit Study Planner Printable

Print all pages or just some, or you can even print duplicates of the blank planner pages so you can make your own unit study subjects.

Free Unit Study Planner

There's a reading list and a media list printable. Use the media list for CDs, DVDs, or even websites.

Free Unit Study Planner - Science Lab

We try to work in a science experiment to each unit study we do.

Free Unit Study Planner Printable

There are two printable vocabulary pages: one for definitions and sentences, and another that is blank.

Free Unit Study Planner for all Grades

Day by day assignments can be listed in these boxes. There is also a blank assignment page.

Free Unit Study Planner Field Trip

If you do field trips, having a printable field trip planner page is always a plus!

Free Unit Study Planner Wrap Up

Write about what you've learned from the Unit Study on this page, or use one of the blank notebooking pages to write more (depending on grade/ability).


What would you add to the Unit Study Planner? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. This would actually help me keep organized for what my kiddo is doing in school. I’m in the process of getting a desk for him so that he can have his own space to do his homework and I think a lot of these printalbes would help for that.

  2. This is an amazing resource for anyone who home schools their kids. It takes a lot of planning, so anything that can make that easier seems like a plus.

  3. This is a very well thought out planner. I love that you can break down pretty much every part of the day, and you even thought of field trips. Nice.

  4. Oh..I will have to bookmark this, might use it during the school year. Thank you!

  5. I love this planner and totally could have used it when I used to homeschool my girls! Definitely pinning and sharing with all of my educational and homeschooling parents!

  6. I will have to try this out. It would make keeping track of the kids school work a lot easier.

  7. This is such a great planner. I have friends that have been looking for some easy and organized ones and these are perfect.

  8. These should be super helpful for organizing. They’re very clean with plenty of space! Great printables!

  9. This is a great resource! I am totally passing on to my homeschooling mamas. Staying organized is so important in the learning process.

  10. Awesome study unit! I’m going to send this over to my friend who is homeschooling. This will be great for her kids.

  11. This unit study planner is such a great tool when you are homeschooling. I’ll have to make sure to pass it on.

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