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This Easy Loom Scarf is perfect for everyone! My girls absolutely love to loom-knit. It's kind of an obsession. :) Here's how you can make your own beautiful creation, without tons of headache. :)

Easy Loom Scarf DIY

Easy Loom Scarf DIY

Items Needed:

Rectangular Loom
2 light weight Packages of Yarn (either the same color or coordinating colors)
Loom Hook
Crochet Needle (optional)

Easy Loom Scarf DIY


Pull the end of each ball of yarn and line them up. Create a slipknot and place it on the anchor peg.


Wrap the yarn in a figure eight pattern starting on the bottom row and wrapping up to the top peg and back down to the bottom peg.

Continue this process until you reach the width you desire. Push the yarn to the bottom of the peg.

Easy Loom Scarf DIY

Once to the end repeat the wrapping process going over the original pegs.

Easy Loom Scarf DIY

Using your loom needle, take the bottom row and pull it up and over the top loop on each peg.

Easy Loom Scarf

After the first sets of loops have been pulled over, start the wrapping process again. This time only wrapping once so that each peg has 2 loops again.

After a few rows have been completed, remove the original slipknot from the anchor peg.

Continue wrapping and pulling over the bottom loops until you reach the desired length of your scarf.

Easy Loom Scarf

To cast off, each peg should have 1 loop per peg. Starting on the bottom peg, remove the loop using the loom hook.

Easy Loom Scarf

Take the top row loop off of the peg and place it on the hook as well.

Easy Loom Scarf

Remove the first loop by pulling it over the second loop.

Repeat this process going from the bottom peg up to the top peg.

Once to the last peg, slip everything through the loom and set the loom aside.

Easy Loom Scarf

Cut the working yarn leaving about an 8-inch tail. Using a crochet needle or the hook, weave the tail into the scarf.

Easy Loom Scarf DIY

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  1. That scarf is gorgeous! It looks knitted. My mom used to make tons of crochet stuff but I’ve always liked the look of knitted items more. It look s easy enough to make, but I’m sure I’d screw it up! lol

  2. I’m a new knitter, and this is probably a dumb question. Can this be done on a round loom?

    1. I’m not sure, but it’s worth a try! :)

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