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Looking for a last minute Halloween costume? What about a unique childrens costume that is sure to make your child just spooky enough for the party but not so spooky that they scare themselves? :) Look no further — this Easy $3 Medusa Costume and Makeup Tutorial has you covered.

Medusa Costume and Makeup Tutorial

Easy $3 Medusa Costume and Makeup Tutorial

There are so many ways to do a Medusa Costume… just use your own creative abilities and talents to put something awesome together. I'd love to see what you come up with! Email me your photos to slapdashmom@gmail.com and don't forget to follow my Halloween Pinterest Board!

You'll need:

  • White or gray makeup (on-hand)
  • green eye shadow or face makeup (on-hand)
  • plastic snakes ($2 at Dollar Tree)
  • rubberbands and bobby pins (on-hand)
  • cream colored pillowcase ($1 or on-hand)

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    Medusa Costume

    Medusa's hair is kind of messy and crazy so this part doesn't have to be perfect – or even close to it. We just put Saff's hair up in a few loose braids and then pinned them to the top of her head. We added in some plastic snakes and secured them with bobby pins as well.

    Medusa Costume

    There are several ways you can do Medusa Makeup, but we did a basic green coat and then added white Manic Panic Goth on top.

    Medusa Costume

    Add some scales with an eyeliner roll-on.

    diy medusa costume

    The actual costume is a cream colored pillowcase with a slit cut in the top and side for arms. :) We tied a few pieces of yarn around the waist so it isn't SO big. You could also cut and sew it but I wasn't putting that much effort into it.

    You can create this Medusa Costume look for FREE if you have these items on-hand, or for as little as $3 if you have to buy some of the supplies.

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