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Because of my slight purse addiction, I'm always looking for new ones. I bought one this weekend that is SUPER cute, and posted about it on my Facebook page. When I got home, though, I was inspired to make another. Because my boobs are way too big to use my own bra for this project, I headed to Goodwill to find the perfect bra to use to make my bra purse tutorial.

DIY No Sew Bra Purse Tutorial

At the end of the tutorial, I included a photo of Rachel wearing one of the bras… which I think is quite adorable. ;)

DIY No Sew Bra Purse Tutorial

DIY No Sew Bra Purse Tutorial

I love this bra purse project because it doesn't require any sewing. You can sew if you're a seamstress an overachiever or whatever, but it's not required. ;) This type of purse is only to carry small stuff, like money, etc. Because you're using hot glue to secure it together, you don't want to weigh it down.

You'll need:

— bra with underwire
— hot glue and hot glue gun
— scissors
Optional: ribbons, beads, buttons, or other embellishments

diy bra purse tutorial

First, cut the bra up. Basically, you're cutting the cups out. Cut close to the underwire, but don't cut the fabric around the underwire open or it will end up poking out. Save the scraps for later.

diy bra purse tutorial

Use hot glue to attach the cups. If you use too much, it'll ooze out the bottom – so be careful.


At this point, if you don't like how the bottom of the purse looks, cover it with some ribbon, beads, or fringe.


Next, you're going to add the straps. This bra only had one short strap (because it was a halter-style), so I made it like a little handbag instead of a purse with long straps. If your bra doesn't have long enough straps, you can use yarn or ribbon to make them (or lengthen them).


Add embellishments to the outside of your purse, if you'd like. I think buttons and beads are cute. You can sew them on, but hot glue should be fine.


It looks like this on the other side (without the button). You could put a button on each side and close it off with elastic.


This is what the longer strapped bras look like. I cut the straps off of the bra, then cut the ends off and hot glued the straps together. It's long enough that it could be worn on the shoulder or across the body.

Closing the purse


The type of bra you use will determine which type of closure you use. With the light pink and black bra purse, I used the regular bra closures.

diy bra purse tutorial

For this pink bra purse, I glued a button on and used some of the elastic left over to use it as a closure.


And with the blue and white bra purse, it was a bikini top so the closure is different but I actually prefer it to the others.

Oh, and I promised a photo of Rachel wearing a bra… so here it is!


Yeah, so she wasn't too impressed when I asked her to hold my bra purse for photos… but she was a good sport and did it anyway. :) I love how she even did her little foot kick.

So, what do you think? Would you use one of these bra purses?

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  1. Rachel is the best! This is the cutest DIY project I’ve seen in a while! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Think that’s what I’m going to do with my bras that don’t fit right.. Oh and wooohooo Rachel!!!! Lol

  3. I’m not too sure about this one – it still kinda looks like a bra, even after the reconstruct. I can see why Rach is opposed to ‘wearing’ it! I guess it depends on the occasion for which you carry it. I’m going to have to stay on the fence until I see the whole outfit and occasion for which this bad boy is carried. Or maybe if I used a different closure button – something shiny and gaudy?

    Elizabeth T, Early Rise

    1. You can definitely make it look less like a bra, but me being a lesbian and all… I was kinda okay with it looking like one… lol

  4. I don’t think I would wear a “purse” one out in public, but one as a change purse or makeup bag for my purse would be cute. Then I wouldn’t even need the straps.

  5. I think theses turned out really cute! I’m not quite brave enough to carry one, plus I can’t fit my kindle in it, so that’s a deal breaker for me. Hehe

  6. Imagine fund raising free breast cancer with these?

    1. That is actually what this project started out as… but I couldn’t find any breast cancer awareness ribbon. :(

      1. You can make a breast cancer ribbon…pretty easy, just buy ribbon and fold it over…! I think it is a cute idea~!

  7. Yeah Rachel doesn’t even look like a purse kind of girl, lol. I am impressed that she did this for you though. I do think you could make a much bigger one, if you go to the store and look on the sale rack! There are all kind of things you can do with this craft project. I might actually give this a try myself. I am definitely brave enough to wear it in public. I also like the idea of making these to carry cosmetics inside your regular purse, that’s a GREAT idea.

  8. I think its bad a$$!! I’d totally sport it!

  9. This is great for a dirty santa party. I am filling mine with little liquor bottles for Fireball. Our favorite. I hope it is a hit. Wish I could add a pic.

  10. I love these!! I’m having my Brownie Girl Scout Troop make them on a Monday as a Breast Cancer Awareness Craft. Thank you!!

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