DIY Bird String Art

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DIY Bird String Art

This is going to be the perfect Mother's Day Gift!!

mothers day gift idea


Wood Pallet Board (mine measures 6.25″ x 11″)

White Acrylic Paint

Sanding block or sand paper

Paint Brush

Wire Nails (3/4″ x 20 gauge, 2 ounce box is plenty)

Tack Hammer ($7 at Lowes)

Embroidery Floss (used DMC 3844, Qty 2)

Pattern, printed on paper, not card stock


Old Towel (optional)
Painter's Tape (optional)
string art project


string art project
If necessary, use a sanding block to sand the rough edges of your board.
string art project

Use white acrylic paint to paint the board. Let dry. Gently distress the board by sanding in random places.

I like to place my board onto an old towel before I drive the nails into it. It softens the sound and protects the surface I'm working on.

string art project idea

Place your pattern (printable at end of post) onto your board. If desired you can affix it with a small piece of painter's tape. Drive a nail into the outline of the pattern. You'll want your nail about 1/2 way into the wood. Follow by adding a nail next to it, about 1/2-3/4″ apart. I usually just use a finger width when placing nails. Continue until the entire pattern is affixed to the board.

mothers day diy gift ideas

Hint: Pay attention to corners. If anything, do the corner first and then split the difference because there's a chance the space will need to be smaller than 1/2″.

When finished – wash your hands. Your hands will be filthy from the nails. And you don't want that all over your gorgeous white board.

I like to place my board onto an old towel before I drive the nails into it. It softens the sound and protects the surface I'm working on.


Remove the pattern. Pull your paper up and away from the base of the nails and then tear off. Use tweezers to remove those stubborn pieces of paper from the edges of the nails.

DIY Bird String Art

Begin to string your board. Do not separate the threads of the embroidery floss. You'll use all six of them. Begin by tying a double knot around one nail. Leave the tail of the thread there. Do not cut. I usually end where I began, so keep that in mind.

String Art DIY Idea

Zig zag your floss all around and across the nails. There's no right or wrong way and the coverage depends 100% on your liking. I like mine pretty dense, so they show up on the board, but you can do whatever you'd like.

Note: You need to keep the floss tight. If it begins to slip and unravel, zig zag about five nails, then wrap the floss around an entire nail head then zig zag again and repeat the process. Also, make sure all six strands are being wrapped around the nail head.

(I used one entire strand of floss for the bird, and finished by tying it together where I started. I began a second pkg of floss at the wing and continued around the bird for the outline.)

DIY Bird String Art

When you're happy with the look, you begin the outline. First we will start the outline around the wing then eye, and finish with an outline around the entire piece. It doesn't matter if you do the inside outline or the outside outline first. You simply wrap the floss around a nail head, and carry the floss to the next nail head, repeat and continue all the way around the outline. When you reach the spot you began, reverse direction. Now you'll be going on the opposite side of the nail head.

When you're finished with the eye, move to the wing by carrying the thread across the bird to a nail on the wing. When you're finished with the wing, return your floss to the area where you began (where you left the tail from the first double knot) and begin working on the outline just like the wing and eye. When you finish the inside and outline, tie the two strings together and trim.

easy bird string art

Bird String Art
Bird String Art
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