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UPDATE: Because I stopped selling LuLaRoe, the photos previously taken by Serena McRae (LuLaRoe consultant) have been removed at her request. She has reported this post and tried to get me banned from Pinterest, for using her images (even though I had her written permission to use them). This just proves more and more what happens when you leave the LuLaRoe cult.

Creative Ways to Photograph Clothing

These photos were submitted by my customers, and all use clothing from my boutique. You can obviously use your own clothing, or LuLaRoe if you're still selling it (if you ever wanna get out, let me know!).

how to take pictures of lularoe

how to take photos of lularoe inventory

how to take photos of lularoe clothing

how to take better pictures lularoe

how to take better lularoe photos

flat lay photos

flat lay photo tips

flat lay photo tips

lularoe flat lay clothing photos

flat lay clothing photos

how to photograph lularoe

flat lay clothing lularoe

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  1. Dude. So, I was looking up and grabbing some LLR links of yours, to share in a local networking group, for women who sell this. I found this and was interested, as I’m getting into more fashion posts myself. Brilliant. I need some bigger background vinyl and stuff. And I adore the addition of the books. And that each combo gives me a full picture of when and where I’d where this, tells the story. I love them all. Awesome post.

  2. I like the addition of footwear in the pics. Really creative.

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