Clean Living Tips for Teens + New House Pics!

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I don't know that I'm lazy, so much as I have zero motivation to clean my house. Don't get me wrong… I love a clean house! I just don't love the process it takes to get it there. In this sponsored post, we're going to talk about clean living tips for teens (because someone has to clean my house), and I'm going to share a few pictures of our renovation. :)

When we bought our new house, we had to clean it top to bottom. The previous owner was a smoker, so we painted all the walls, pulled up alllll of the carpet (2000+ square foot of carpet), and used lots of Unstopables™ spray from Walmart so we could breathe fresh air while we worked on the house.

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Before we moved out of our old house, we hired a cleaning crew. Unfortunately, they did a crappy job so I had to go in after them and clean up quite a bit. We relied on Bounty Select-a-Size and Swiffer WetJet to help us get all those haven't-been-seen-in-a-while places we tend to forget about, and Unstopables Air Refreshers to give one last “goodbye” spray as we walked out the door for the last time. Our hard work paid off, because we got our deposit back! Woo hoo!


We were so excited to be purchasing our first home. It isn't what we imagined, but now that we've been living here for almost two months, we know this is where we belong… at least for now.


Rachel painted all the walls, while I took on fun projects like redoing all the cabinets.

slap dash reno

I paid attention to every little detail, and it paid off!


We did a lot of little projects, but the cabinets were my favorite.

paper bag flooring

Once the carpet was pulled up, we started on the flooring. For our room, Sapphire's room, and one of the closets upstairs, we did paper bag flooring. We were going to do the loft the same way, but it's a lot of work, so we decided against it.

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Nell's room, Grace's room, and the loft are all painted subfloor. So, we tore the carpet up, pulled all the staples out, and used a shop vac to clean the floors up really well. Then, we sanded the wood and filled in holes with wood putty. After it dried, we painted 3 layers of black paint. Then, we covered it with 3 layers of polyurethane.

Anyway, enough rambling about the house! The reason for this post… I'm just guessing, but based on the state of my kids' rooms, they feel the same way I do about cleaning. Lucky for me, my dislike of cleaning trumps their dislike of cleaning, so let's talk chores for teens.

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Sort clothes – Mom clothes together, kids clothes together.
Load washer, start cycle.
Empty lint trap before loading dryer.
Hang all clothes up after finished drying.

Mom tip: Stock the laundry room with Tide PODS ® from Walmart to make it easier to keep clean! No laundry soap mess to clean up.


Clean the counters off.
Do the dishes.
Check the fridge: throw out any food that has gone bad.
Sweep and mop: Use a Swiffer WetJet for 2-in-1 action.

Mom tip: Clean up spills with Bounty®. You'll use less paper towels to clean up even the biggest messes, which means you'll save money, too.

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Clean the counters off.
Wipe down mirrors.
Check tub and toilet, clean if necessary (or once a week).
Sweep and mop: Use a Swiffer WetJet to clean fast.

Mom tip: Stock the closet with Unstopables™ to keep smells away, and Charmin® for comfort.



Pick all dirty clothes up and bring them to the laundry room.
Make your bed.
Sweep the floor.
Tidy up: books on bookshelf, homework in desk, closet floor picked up.

Mom tip: If you have stinky kids like I do, have them use Unstopables™ to keep their room smelling fresh.

Pin it, print it, whatever! :)

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  1. I totally understand you. I also love a clean house although the cleaning process is not what gives me a pleasure. Well, at least that’s what I thought until I changed my habits.. Now I try to clean right after. For example, if I just ate, I’ll clean my dishes right away. It helps not to stress that much about this job. I clean tub and toilet 2-3 times a week (right after I come home).. Also, when deep cleaning I always try to make it fun with putting on some music and just dancing and singing while doing it. It all helps :)

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