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10 Classic Toys You Loved As a Kid

10 Classic Toys You Loved as a Child
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Do you remember all of these classic toys you loved?

10 Classic Toys You Loved As a Kid That Didn't Require Batteries

Some kids don't even know how much fun they are missing out on. There are so many incredible classic toys that would just baffle them. Most of them didn't require batteries, yet they kept us busy for HOURS! Of course, there were a few of them that frustrated the crap out of us, but we seemed to come back for more. So, did any of the classic toys you loved make the list?

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Toys that were FRUSTRATINGLY Addictive


Etch A Sketch required a steady hand and a great hiding place so your brother or sister wouldn't “accidentally” bump you right as you finished your masterpiece. I was a bad ass with the Etch A Sketch, writing my name and all kinds of other things!

Labyrinth Board Game

I swear we drove ourselves INSANE playing The Labyrinth Board Game. Taking a break meant turning the platform just right so the ball would sit perfectly in the corner so we wouldn't have to start all over again. Just between us, I may have “skipped” a few holes after too many failed attempts.

Rubiks Cube

The revered Rubik's Cube! That thing had me stumped for days…DAYS. Just when you thought you were close to solving it, you realized you had to move 5 spots out of place to re-work it. Ugh! The kids now play with a Rubik's Cube on a regular basis! Grace is the best at it, but none of the girls have mastered it yet.

Retro toys that don't require batteries.

These ridiculous handheld water toys didn't even have a brand name connected to them. They were just inexpensive time sucks, that drove us bat shit crazy!

Now These Were Seriously Fun!

Come on now, some of these toys were so simple in design. Our kids would probably take one look and break out into an uncontrollable fit of laughter…for days. Seriously, though, look at this list! You know you loved these growing up.

Wooly Willie

Wooly Willie entertained us just long enough for our parents to enjoy their own meals at the restaurant. Forget electronics, we got to transform Willie a bald, red-nosed cartoon man into a hairy clown in no time. However keeping the toy leveled at all times was a challenge within itself.

The Duncan Yo-Yo

The Duncan Yo-Yo challenged us to try new things even it meant getting injured. Yes, we were brave and practiced “rocking the cradle” or “walking the dog” for hours on end. We walked away with a few bruises, but they were just badges of honor.

Lincoln Logs

Lincoln Logs were harder than they look. Do you remember trying to expand your log cabin? Those extensions were tricky when your green roof panels didn't cover the expanse of your imagination. When we used to babysit Adam, he played with Lincoln Logs and LEGOs all day long!

Classic Games: Jacks

Jacks! Come on now, if these were introduced today, I know there would be a few parents up in arms. We loved them and we survived, enough said!


This was high tech stuff growing up! Click, click, click…suddenly the View-Master took you to far away places. Fun times, except if you had that friend that marked the eye area with a pencil leaving you with circles on your face. Yeah, I was that friend!

Fisher-Price television and other classic toys we loved as kids.

Every time I see this toy make its way back to store shelves, I'm amazed how much things have changed. The pictures appeared to move on this Fisher-Price television and it was magical.

“Seriously, Mom?”

“Yes kids, MA-GI-CAL!”

Okay, Let's Not Forget!

There were some that entertained us for hours that did require batteries. You guys, if toys truly come to life and pull our heartstrings, I would be crazy not to mention at least a few of them. I can't have it on my conscience if they walk away feeling unappreciated.

Lite Brite and other toys we loved as kids!

Lite Brite was as futuristic as you got when it came to new toys. Toys suddenly needed batteries, giant ‘D' batteries. Then over time we lost the little bulbs and stuffed it in our closets, where we'd find them a year later as a hot corroded mess. YUCK!

Operation and other classic games.

This is another game our girls love and play with on a regular basis! Operation is like a Jack-in-a-Box on crack, that has the potential to shock you. Think about that for a second. If it wasn't for that red plastic tweezer cover, there would be pitchforks…oh, would there be pitchforks.

What were your favorite classic games?

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