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Can You See a Difference?

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10 week progress 7/23/13

This is why it's important to take photos. I kept thinking “Maybe I just look thinner because it's a different angle”. That's when my friend, Christine, told me she'd take the photos at similar angles and show me because she could tell a difference in me but I couldn't. So, here we go!

Can You See a Difference?

My Omron Heart Rate Monitor has made a HUGE difference for me. I was using a FitBit, which I LOVE… but the Omron tells me how many calories I burn and it makes me GO HARDER. For less than $30, it was definitely worth the investment.


Everyone asks, “What did you do?”

I track my calories on MyFitnessPal (I'm sadielankford on there if you want to friend me).

I work out at least an hour a day, usually 2 hours. When I say “work out” I mean sweating my ass off, and doing hard core work outs – not just walking.

For example, this morning I worked out with Christine at the gym for an hour. We rode a few miles on the bike, and then did arm exercises with weights for the rest of the time. Tonight, I'm going to the track. That means jogging 1.5 miles in 91 degree weather (feels like 100+ today), flipping tires (200+ pounds) for 30 minutes or so, and then possibly walking home (depending on how I feel).

I've made the time to work out. I never had the time. What I had was a bunch of excuses. I've ditched them, and you can see above that with ditching excuses comes RESULTS. There's no gimmick, there's no trick. I'm not selling you a pill or a shake. I don't eat great food all of the time (just had Mexican food for dinner), but I do limit my portions and try to stay under my calorie intake for the day.


I converted my living room into a “gym” and I ride my bike if I turn the TV on (which is just a few times a week).

how to do a squat properly

I do tons of squats – which are actually not bad on the knees if you do them properly.


Overall, I just

work really hard

If there was a magic pill, I wouldn't take it… because it would take away my bragging rights! I'm not taking any diet pills, I'm not doing the shake thing, etc. I'm just doing it the old fashioned way with eating ‘right' and exercise. If I can do it (with bad knees, a very slow thyroid, etc), anyone can.

Is today your day?

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  1. You look amazing! Great job! You will hit your goal weight in not time. VERY PROUD OF YOU! (People don’t say and mean that enough) so AGAIN….i AM VERY PROUD OF YOU! Keep up the hard work because it is really paying off.

  2. you should put on same shirt and get same will really see differences then…so proud of you…have kids seen you yet?

    1. I donated all of my XXL+ to a friend so I don’t have that shirt anymore, but I did the same pose.. that was the point of the side by side. :) Kids haven’t seen me yet.. nervous!

  3. Way to go Sadie! I think you are amazing and doing such a great job. I wish I could and I know you will say I CAN, but I suffer from chronic pain and there is NO way I could do what you do and walk afterwards. I stretch and stay as active as I can on good days. But on bad days, I can’t move. I wish I could. So I do the best I can with what I have, but I am also very careful what I eat and I am at a healthy BMI, so I will just keep on keepin on with the way things are. I am currently undergoing treatment for an intestinal problem and I am hoping that it will improve the way I feel and increase my energy level. Here’s hoping for a positive change.

  4. You are doing so great! I can see the differences in you face, belly, hips, chest, etc. you look great and you can tell that you feel better too. Keep up the great work!

  5. No……no difference at all, sorry! (totally being silly and sarcastic)! You don’t only look amazing, but you’re discipline is amazing! Keep up the great work, after I have my baby I want to follow in your footsteps. (Sorry but I can’t flip tires while pregnant; not safe), but I did walk today, I can still do pregnancy safe stuff!!

  6. I just found your website & think it’s great. I especially like the info on Weight Watchers. I’ve been thinking I should join but can’t really afford it. I was going to the gym for about 1 1/2 years busting my but in a ‘crossfit’ type class. I stopped going in June because I got really discouraged, wasn’t losing any weight but my eating habit aren’t that great.
    I feel out of control with my eating. I get all psyched up to start eating better, start a journal, use My Fitness Pal, I’ll be good for a few days then eat too much, feel sick, get upset with myself, eat more because I figure I’ve screwed up anyway & it starts all over. I’d be happy losing 10 pounds (just so I know I can do it) but need to lose (25-40).
    It’s so frustrating because I know exactly what I SHOULD be doing but I just can’t stick with it. I’m so stubborn with everything else in my life but can’t seem to get control of this. I’m going to keep checking out your site & trying the recipes & using the WW points system.
    I’ve tried everything else anyone can imagine; diet pills (prescription & over the counter), shakes, vitamins, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, Herbal Magic, I’ve tried cleanses, juicing, fruit/veggie smoothies…& on & on. I’m hoping that finding someone with similar issues may help!
    Good job, you’re exactly where I want to be!

  7. I really wished I lived out near you in St. Louis. I would gladly work out with you. I feel like I need to do a coordination workout where we contact each other to keep on target. I’ve got both a stationary bike and a orbitrek, a pilates video with equipment. It would keep me on target, especially since I am going to a semi Adkins and natural carb diet (chicken, fish, fruits, and green veggies…not canned but whole or at least cut and frozen), only consuming 1200 calories a day. My family tends to do well on this diet and this is the first time I’m going to try it.

    While I have lost 50 pounds… this year I have only walked and have done karate. So… its that time to step it up again with more than just exercise. I would go vegetarian, but because I am a former power lifter, I can’t… I need real proteins and not from pills, nuts or others. That amino acid is what my body craves to keep me a natural brute.

  8. I’ve just started following you and your progress is amazing! I’m lots older than you, but I do believe that I can do this – just maybe not as vigorously LOL. Thanks so much for the encouragement & keep up the good work

  9. Awesome! I have been there too. I’ve had 128lbs off for almost 20 years! I also proceeded to compete in bodybuilding and have been a personal trainer for 15 years. It’s amazing the opportunities that come your way once you jump over the first one. You can definitely tell. I’ll be subscribing so I can keep posted of your progress!

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