5 School Supplies Your Child’s Class Needs Mid-Year

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Tracking PixelWe're approaching the halfway point in the school year, and I know school supplies are running low in the girls' classes. We sent a note to each of their teachers, asking which supplies are most needed so we could provide them. In this sponsored post on behalf of Kleenex brand, we'll show you which ones ranked highest on the needs list!

Show the teachers – and kids – that you care, by bringing in a box of school supplies. If you buy extra at the beginning of the year, it costs a lot less. If you're caught unprepared this year, just buy a few things and remember to stock up ahead next time! We just spent about $50 at the store last night buying extra supplies, so it definitely pays to shop when back-to-school sales hit instead. Also, check out how you can get a $5 VUDU Credit on Kleenex facial tissue (#5).

School Supplies Your Child's Class Needs Mid-Year

5 School Supplies Your Child's Class Needs Mid-Year

1. Crayons and markers. It's been a few months, they're all worn down, dried out, broken, and/or lost. During back-to-school sales, they're a quarter a box. Now, they're almost a dollar. Of course.

2. Highlighters and dry erase markers. The highlighters are no longer yellow, they're almost black, and barely working. The dry erase markers, well, they're dry – which, contrary to their name, is not how they're supposed to be. Get the best deal on these by buying in the big/bulk packs.

3. Pencils and notebooks. Sapphire loaned out most of her pencils, and lost the rest. We just bought her a box of pencils, and the two older girls asked for mechanical pencils so we got some of those. We sent an extra box to their classes, since our kids can't be the only ones that are penciless by now. Gracelynn goes through a notebook a week, so I'm really glad I bought 100 of them during the back-to-school sales. They're $1 a piece now!

4. Hand sanitizer. The teachers love this stuff, and since it's always running out, I'm guessing the kids do, too.

Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues

5. Kleenex facial tissue. Duh. We all know that cold and flu season arrives shortly after we get back from Fall Break. The kids are all sharing school supplies, coughs, and germs. The sniffling and sneezing starts, and nobody wants to use a bargain brand tissue to wipe their nose (you might as well be using sand paper). Instead of starting a classroom brawl over who gets the last Kleenex facial tissue, we figured we might as well help the teachers stock up with a few boxes ahead of time. The teachers ask for Kleenex brand by name, so that's the brand we get. Stocking up ensures they have enough for everyone, so they can share when someone needs it. I'd rather share a Kleenex facial tissue than a cold, but maybe that's just me.

Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues

When you want softness, Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues are there for you with a little extra TLC; they’re the #1 preferred Ultra Tissue – and are especially wonderful for delicate skin. Preparing for cold and flu season shouldn't be a last minute thing. Who wants to run to Walmart when they're sick? And please stay home if you have the flu! If the cold/flu shows up at your house, it's better to be prepared by stocking up ahead of time, right? Right.


When you purchase either a 4-pack of 75-ct Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues or Kleenex Lotion Tissue, you can score a FREE $5 VUDU Credit! Some packages will have stickers that denote a coupon, and some will not, but all of the Lotion/Ultra Soft 4-packs are eligible! All you have to do is take a clear photo of the entire receipt with your phone, marking a star next to the Kleenex brand purchase.. Then, text CAREPACKAGE to 811811 for submission instructions. Please allow 48 hours for processing. See full details.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kleenex Brand.

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  1. It’s a shame the schools can’t supply these items for the teachers, that they have to rely on parents helping or paying out of their own pocket! This is a great list and though my son is only in pre-K I’m sure his teachers would appreciate some Kleenex and other items that disappear or get worn down. I have a lot of friends that are teachers and I’m sure they wish their kids’ parents were as giving as you and Rachel!

  2. It’s great to help support teachers! I was just having a conversation with my friend who is a teacher about what items she needs for her class. Most of the supplies are bought with her own money.

    1. Sapphire actually asked about that the other day, because I told her teachers don’t get paid a lot. They do it because they love the job. She said, “Well how do they get ALL THIS COOL STUFF THEN?” lol unfortunately it usually comes out of their pockets.

  3. I love helping my daughters teacher and class with supplies as much as I possibly can. My daughters class goes through a lot of crayons and dry erase markers.

    1. I swear, I could buy 50 boxes at the beginning of the year and they’d still be out by Christmas lol.

  4. Teachers are a very special breed of people. If a few extra supplies make their lives easier, why not?

  5. Thanks for the reminder! I always stock up during the BTS sales and I have tons of stuff I can donate. It’s too bad teachers end up bearing the cost of this stuff. I know how hard it is to keep a box of Kleenex on my desk at work, so I can only imagine how fast they go in a class full of kids during cold and flu season.

  6. I never thought of doing this..I am going to ask my kids teachers if they need anything so I can help..great idea.

  7. Kleenex always great to send a box or two to teachers throughout the year…they will love you

  8. Id be lost without Kleenex Tissues. It’s a staple here at my house during the colder months. Im sure teachers would love some help, since they have to surprisingly pay out of pocket for a lot of supplies like this.

  9. I always send zip lock baggies too! They are good to keep the kids projects safe upon returning home. And kleenex is always a must have in this house! <3

  10. I’m a substitute teacher, so I know how vital carrying Kleenex is, especially during cold and flu season. Not only do I always have to be prepared for myself, but I also need to have them available for all the little runny, stuffy noses.

  11. I don’t always buy Kleenex because of the higher price, but it really is the best facial tissue on the market. There’s a reason its name has become the word to use when referring to all facial tissue, and not just the ones from Kleenex.

    I use facial tissue so much I have a box in almost every room of my house and sometimes multiple boxes because I’m lazy and don’t want to get up to get a tissue. It’s always in arm’s reach.

  12. Kleenex really is the softest brand. It’s not worth the saving to buy an off brand. As for btss, I always pick up a few extras, but never enough for the whole year.

  13. I love buying a big pack of Kleenex from the giant superstores and sending it in with a small holiday gift at the end of year. This time of year the runny noses are abundant and the teachers need all the help they can get to control spread of germs.

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