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I'm working on this sponsored campaign for Bobs & LoLo, so I called on Nerdy Foodie Mom and her little minion, Audrey. Audrey's almost 2 now, so she's at such a fun age!

Bobs & LoLo DirtyFeet

5 Creative Play Ideas – at the Park with Dirty Feet

Looking for creative play ideas? The first step is to head outside. There are so many great ways to sneak creative play in while you're outside, because kids are usually playing anyway. So they won't even realize they're learning something when you add in a few props!

dirty feet album

1. Draw a hopscotch board. There are so many games you can create with chalk, but hopscotch will always be one of my favorites!

Creative Play Ideas

2. Play some tunes. I downloaded the newest Bobs & LoLo album, Dirty Feet, to my phone. Audrey had a blast jamming out while running around barefoot in the sand!

Dedicated to inspiring and educating kids through music, Bobs & LoLo teach kids to care about themselves, their neighbors, and the planet. Connecting with nature through creative play is something I've always enjoyed doing with my kids, and others as well.

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I only have a few memories of my Dad, and almost all involve music of some kind. He always loved listening to Rock N Roll, much to my mother's dismay.

I became a mom and knew that I'd make sure my kids loved music as much as I did. I would put the headphones to my belly when I was pregnant, and the girls always moved around and “danced”.

When listening to the Dirty Feet album, Hoot and Hop (Track #4), was Audrey's favorite! The upbeat music and lyrics kept her going throughout the entire song.

3. Hide and seek is an old favorite that can be played many different ways. We played hide and seek with some wooden blocks. We buried them in the sand and Audrey found them. Hands-on creative play is so important to a toddler's development.

Bobs & LoLo DirtyFeet

4. Tell a story. Audrey really liked picking up the little pebbles and sticks. Grab a few washable markers or paints and make story stones. Paint the rocks and tell a story with them.

Bobs & LoLo

5. Don't be afraid to get a little dirty! A little dirt never hurt anyone, right? Some kids don't like getting dirty, but if yours does, let them indulge a bit! Audrey had a fun time playing with her toes in the sand, even though she wasn't so sure about it at first.


Enter to win a copy of Bobs & LoLo's album, Dirty Feet, by leaving a comment below. Tell me what your favorite creative play idea is. Be sure to leave your email address!

Bobs & LoLo DirtyFeet

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This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Bobs & LoLo.

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  1. My two year old would love the cd very cute !

  2. I like that the very first entry is hopscotch. My daughter loved and still loves this game. If you can get them to play it early, I’m positive that it has to have some awesome effects on nailing down some of their motor skills/coordination between limbs.

    Good list… and that little one is so cute!

  3. I love to give my kids a huge pile of sticks or lumber scraps and see what they build.

  4. Nature Scavenger hunts are always fun. You can incorporate so many creative ideas into them. My four year old loves them. I give him a picture list of a couple things to find. He really gets into exploring them all. He also loves maps thanks to Jake and the Neverland Pirates. My husband makes realistic looking maps for him to follow to find his treasure. The maps include trees, bushes, etc so that he is interacting with nature while having fun.

  5. We play “Find 3 things” while taking walks. Find 3 things that are red. Find 3 things that are round. Find 3 things that start with the letter B. It can go on and on with all shapes, colors, and letters in the alphabet.

  6. My daughter loves watching Bobs & Lolo on tv and singing their songs. She would love this cd.

  7. my daughter and I love to play in the garden. I try to seek the vegetables and go by colours. shes two and learning colours.

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