25 Ways to Cure a Headache

Ways to Cure a Headache
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25 Ways to Cure a Headache

Escaping to a relaxing spa for the day is the perfect way to cure a headache. However, I know we don't all have that luxury (at least I don't – and I'm guessing you don't either if you're here reading my list instead of chillin' at the spa)… so I asked the Slap Dash Minions for their best natural ways to cure a headache. Some of the answers might surprise you!

Ways to Cure a Headache

1. Kale – There may be some truth to this one.
2. Hydration – This is definitely true. If you have a headache, you might be dehydrated. Drink up!
3. Vicks Vapor Rub around your hairline – Rubbing Vicks on your temples does help!
4. Coffee – or any large amount of caffeine. This one works, but isn't the best option because caffeine withdrawals actually cause headaches.
5. Gatorade – as long as it's not a migraine, Gatorade works in the same way water does… but better.
6. 2 teaspoons of hot sauce – Lifehacker says you can cure headaches with peppers. Try it and let me know how it goes. ;)
7. Eucalyptus and mint candle – scents like mint, peppermint, eucalyptus, etc help when rubbed on your temples or if you breathe them in (like with bath salts, candles, etc).
8. Lavender – This is a calming scent, so I'm assuming it works on stress headaches.
9. BC Headache powder – Yes! From experience, I know this one works. It tastes disgusting, but is 100% worth it. BC Headache Powder
10. The gym – Not sure how you can make yourself go to the gym when you have a bad headache, but if you can, it might help.
11. Sleep – I know it's not always an option, but sleep in a cold, dark room helps my headaches.
12. Divorce – Ha!
13. Sex – Not sure about that one, get away from me with that noise when I have a headache!
14. Hot shower – or a cold one, depending on your triggers/relief.
15. Hot rice pack on the back of your neck, or a cold one. I prefer cold.
16. Selling your kids to the gypsies. Then drugs and sleep. Yes this was an actual suggestion. #DontJudge ;)
17. Bloody Mary – or any alcohol. I'm not sure about this one… lol.
18. Ice pack on your head, eyes, and neck. <<< Oh yes. This helps! 19. Frankincense oil on your thumb pressed to roof of your mouth. I haven't tried this one but a good friend recommended it.
20. Yoga – Best yoga poses for headache relief
21. Comfort food – Obviously this isn't the best options, especially if you're trying to lose weight… but headaches suck! Eat some mac & cheese and call it a day.
22. Fresh air and sun. Though you might not feel like it with a headache, getting outside should help – unless you're sensitive to sun. Then, back to square one. :)
23. Acupuncture – I know from experience that this works! I use my Zensufu Mat for headaches often.
24. Silence! — Not sure what that is… ;)
25. Peppermint oil – This one is worth repeating. Peppermint oil is amazing!

What's your best remedy for headache relief?

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  1. I loved this! I will be trying some of these:-) I also drink peppermint tea….i don’t know if it helps me because I associate this with relaxation, or what?! I’ve also read that holding ice in your hand as long as you can will sometimes work. My fave though is to pinch the web of skin between your thumb and pointer finger. Works well….a massage therapist taught me that one:-) Thanks for your practical, yet hilarious posts!

  2. I have 50 years of headaches every day of my life, with the exception of 2 weeks on an Alaskan cruise, I could float at sea forever because there are no allergies there. Haha! SERIOUSLY I’m surprised to see that the #1 way of relieving headaches isn’t mentioned!!! It is a head, neck and shoulder massage. Many headaches are stressed related, or even muscle related, and that builds up in shoulders and necks and affects heads. Allergies and/or colds build up fluids in your sinuses and head, which cause a lot of headaches, and when massaged it breaks this up and can bring relief. There’s more… but this is a great start… I’ve already blabbed too much here.

  3. Hey there, I found your page while reading about headaches.

    I can’t say for sure about others, but sometimes caffeine like in fitness supplements may trigger headaches for me; but not very often.

    Standback is also great headache powder, along with Goody’s. As I rule of thumb I now keep some handy especially when travelling to ensure my trip doesn’t get ruined. Works quickly, too!

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