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13 Quick Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

13 Quick Easy Ways to Lose Weight fast
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13 Quick Easy Ways to Lose Weight fast

Fast weight loss isn't always healthy, so when I say “fast” I mean 1-2 pounds per week. Why? Because that's the magic number that you need to lose to keep it off. Use these healthy tips to help you lose weight effectively.

1. Eggs for breakfast.

No, not scrambled eggs slathered in butter. Try hard boiled eggs, an egg substitute, or even egg whites. You can make a low calorie, low fat omelet that will fill you up. Add spinach, mushrooms, and even salsa. Yum! The high protein count in eggs keeps you full longer.

2. Fill your plate!

A small plate, that is. Filling our plates up helps us feel more satisfied, but you don't want to over-do it. So take a saucer and fill it up with healthy foods like chicken breasts, broccoli, and sweet potatoes.

3. Skip the toppings.

Well, not all of the toppings, but skipping the mayo and ranch dressing can save you hundreds of calories at each meal.

4. Skinny up your coffee.

This one needs no explanation. How many calories are you adding to your coffee with the cream and sugar? ‘Nuff said.

5. Don't pig out on the weekends.

Many times we like to take weekends “off” from healthy eating and exercise, but the damage we do in just 1-2 days can ruin all the hard work we did for the entire week. So instead of taking the weekend off, considering having one “splurge” meal once a week. Don't eat like 5,000 calories, but if you want a slice of pizza, have it! And don't feel guilty about it.

6. Reward yourself – but not with food!

I know this is a big issue with me. Sometimes I will do well on a weigh in, or will realize I've gone down a size, and my girlfriend will suggest that we celebrate. That's great! But she always wants to take me to a buffet or some place that I really don't need to be going. :( So instead of rewarding yourself with food, find something else you love. I like jewelry, and I love to go shopping, so when I go down a pants size I will reward myself with a new workout shirt.

7. Nuts. In your mouth.

Snacking on nuts is a great way to stay satisfied without feeling overly full, and without going over your calorie count for the day. They're much more filling than other snacks, and even if you don't like the healthier choices like almonds, peanuts are a good alternative.

8. Walk it off.

After you eat, take a walk. Even if you don't have time for a long walk, it's something nice to look forward to and it will give your body some help with digesting. Drink water while you're walking – it's important to get into a habit of always drinking water!

9. Fiber, fiber, fiber. Fiber!

Increasing your fiber intake will not only help you feel fuller longer, it will help your digestive system… and when poop goes out, weight comes off! Make sure you're drinking enough water to even it out, though, or it will have the opposite effect.

10. Get out of here! No, really, get out.

I absolutely hate being outside. I don't care if it's perfect weather, I just don't like it. I'd rather be inside 9 times out of 10 (or more like 99 out of 100). Once in a while I will enjoy it, but it's very rare. I've been this way for years, and I think it's contributed to my weight gain. You have to get outside! Try to get outside every day. If you can't, go to the park (or somewhere outside) at least a few days a week. If you have to, start small and walk around your yard. But soak up some sun and move around a bit. It will help your mood, which will in turn help your eating habits.

11. Grocery shop like a healthy person.

The food around the perimeter of the grocery store is the healthiest. To be honest, I do most of my shopping at the farmer's market just because the grocery store is full of so many temptations… but if you can handle it, just stick to the outside aisles. The produce, the meat (if you must! :)), and the other non-boxed items. Once you start trekking up and down the aisles you're going to get the processed junk that none of us need, so just keep that in mind while shopping!

12. If you must…

If you insist on eating out – or just get stuck and need something to eat while you're out driving around, order a kid's meal. Honestly, most of the salads at fast food joints have like 300-600 calories. So enjoy your burger and fries, but get a kiddie size. It'll save you tons of calories.

13. Be stubborn.

Today, I was on the elliptical and just really did not want to be at the gym. How is that different from any other day? Oh, wait, it's not. I freakin' hate the gym. But I go, because I need to. Get to the gym and make a deal with yourself that you will stay on the machine (elliptical, treadmill, etc) for 30 minutes. No matter what. I don't care if you feel like you're going to DIE (okay, maybe not actual death… don't die on me…), stick it out. You will be so stinkin' proud of yourself after that 30 minutes that you may even go another 30! Or, at least next time you will know that you can do it. Be more stubborn than the fat. Get through that 30 minutes, burn those calories! Don't give up at 20 minutes (like I almost did earlier!). Go the extra mile, do the extra 10 minutes. And then reward yourself (with a non-food item!) afterwards.

What's your favorite weight loss tip?

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  1. Really practical tips, however the one about shopping from farmer’s market is something i never considered before. Hope i will add to my weight loss plan

  2. Wow. This list is awesome. I have been struggling with Food for a while and it seems like i just can’t get enough.

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