I am kind of picky when it comes to what I let my kids eat. There are exceptions. Birthday parties are a huge overload of sugar and caffeine in our family, something we all look forward to every year. Even with Halloween, I only let them keep a handful of candy. The rest we donate to the local dentist's office in exchange for toothbrushes, toothpaste, and stickers (yay!).

easter basket ideas without candy

50 Easter Basket Ideas Without Candy

Things I've put in Easter baskets instead of a ton of candy:

  • stickers
  • sugar-free gum
  • hair bows
  • trail mix
  • money (change in an egg is fun!)
  • play dough (make your own!)
  • baby doll accessories
  • Barbie clothes
  • pens/pencils/crayons
  • coloring books/art supplies
  • makeup (lip gloss, nail polish)
  • bracelets, rings
  • coupons for getting out of chores
  • mini scrapbooks
  • puzzles
  • flash cards
  • magic trick play sets
  • bubbles
  • stamps
  • chalk
  • grow-dinos (capsules that you put in water and watch grow)
  • erasers
  • sun glasses
  • bouncy balls
  • balls and jacks
  • mini travel games (checkers, chess, etc)
  • magnets
  • snow globe (weird? yes.)
  • cars (construction trucks were a hit)
  • mini figurines – dinos, army men, etc
  • trail mix, healthy snacks
  • food and cooking utensils for their play kitchen
  • mini flashlights
  • keychains
  • bead necklaces
  • finger paints
  • yo-yos
  • DVDs
  • bubble bath
  • bath paints
  • yarn (my kids love to knit using these things)
  • fancy duck tape (Hello Kitty, zebra, etc)
  • sports balls – basketball, baseball, football
  • jump rope and other outside play toys
  • personalized water bottle
  • shoes (if they needed them at the time)
  • socks, undies
  • toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss

Many of these will not fit inside the little Easter eggs so we create little tickets and each ticket matches a prize. They come to the prize table after the egg hunt and cash in their tickets for the prizes they match up with. It's super fun, and is a great way to avoid sugary treats.

Some of the ideas above may sound boring but it's all in presentation. If you present these items to them in a bland fashion, your kids are going to look at you like “what the heck?”. If you dress it all up a bit – create the prize table and put streamers and a pretty tablecloth on it – put balloons and ribbons throughout the house for the Easter egg hunt, and make sure the socks and undies you get them are awesome, they'll love it!

What do you like to add to your kid's Easter basket?

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