DIY Bird Nest Necklace

Creating a unique piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day, or any day really, can be difficult. You’ve celebrated several holidays with your mom, hopefully, so you’ve given her lots of gifts! Coming up with one she hasn’t seen yet… well, you may be left racking your brain a bit. Create this DIY Bird Nest Necklace with me and you’ll have no worries!

DIY Birds Nest Necklace

Very rarely do I have time to really read blogs, but this week I found a new blog I’m now obsessed with: Her DIY Bird Nest Necklace tutorial had beautiful photos, but the instructions left me feeling a bit lost. Making your own DIY Bird Nest Necklace is easy, so if you feel confused just grab your supplies and try it… you won’t be disappointed!

DIY Bird Nest Necklace Tutorial

DIY Bird Nest Necklace

You’ll need:

20 or 24 gauge wire (24 is easier to work with)
wire cutters
a few beads

DIY Bird Nest Necklace

Be sure that your wire is small enough to thread through the beads. Start wrapping.

DIY Bird Nest Necklace

Yep, keep wrapping… it’ll take a while. Try not to wrap too tightly. Think about how bird’s eggs just sit in the nest. When you have the nest the way you like it, wrap the wire around the entire thing 9 times – 3 times, then move over a bit and do 3 more. Move over a bit more, and do 3 again. Look at the photos for details.

Attach a jump ring (optional) and chain for a necklace, and you’ve got a unique piece of jewelry handcrafted by you! I’m going to make these for Rachel’s mom, and will be including one bead for each kid in the color of their birthstone!

DIY Bird Nest Necklace

If you like it, be sure to pin it! :)

DIY Bird Nest Necklace

And have fun with the leftovers!

DIY Bird Nest Necklace

Wear it proudly! And don’t forget to…



  1. This actually looks kind of easy to make by your directions, the finished result makes it look hard (that’s a compliment)! I might have to try this someday.

    – Layla

    p.s. thank you for commenting on my blog (about the vegetarian butternut squash chowder recipe). There’s another vegan site you might like that I plan to try some recipes from it’s:

  2. What a beautiful necklace! My mom would absolutely flip over this…thinking I may make her one for Mother’s Day!
    Cheryl recently posted..Texting? Not so MuchMy Profile

  3. Your nest necklace looks lovely! I’m glad you enjoy the blog :)

  4. Lovely necklace! I love those cute little beads! Thanks for sharing this project
    Beckie recently posted..5 Ways to Get This Look: Elegant White BathMy Profile

  5. Kylie at Reply

    That is so cool! Thanks for the idea and tutorial. My mom is still rather traditional and loves the birthstone jewelry. In my searches, I found some nice ideas here as well as an interesting bit of history behind the jewelry.:

  6. AJ at Reply

    I cant wait to try and make this, its so pretty, great gift idea. I also checked out the link above for birthstone jewelry, so cool, I like to know what they all represent. Great blog!

  7. Bri at Reply

    This is really cute! Thanks for sharing. :)
    Bri recently posted..New ArtFire Shop!My Profile

  8. Wow what a great site, glad I saw this it was so helpful. Have you read about, another great website! Keep up the good work!

  9. This is great!
    I have begun to make a blog post with craft inspiration for Easter. May I please share one of your pictures? Of course I will link it back to this post.

  10. Hi! May I please share one of your pictures in my upcoming blog post collecting my favourite Easter crafts? I will of course credit it back to this post.
    Alicia recently posted..what gave you away?My Profile

    • SlapDashMom at Reply

      Of course! Thanks! :)

  11. Jen at Reply

    This is so pretty! And your photos are really great here. I’m thinking this would also make a unique ring. Pinning!

  12. Sara Slater Syrett at Reply

    What a beautiful necklace! Thank you for linking up at #merrymonday!

  13. Dazzlewhilefrazzled at Reply

    I’ve never attempted to make jewelry like this but it’s a super sweet necklace. I have three kiddos as well so your design is perfect. Visiting from Live Laugh Rowe party.

  14. Ntina Ntonti at Reply

    This is so cute! Never worked with wire but you make it look so easy!

  15. Virginia Bittinger at Reply

    I love this necklace. Thank you for such detailed, easy to follow instructions!

  16. Michelle James at Reply

    Such a gorgeous necklace!! My friend made me a ring similar to this & I just love it! Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

  17. Amy at Reply

    That’s a very unique, lovely necklace!
    I’m definitely gonna try it, but hope so I succeed in preparing the same necklace as shown by you.

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