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SparkPeople Body Sculpting DVD Review

This is a non-sponsored review of the SparkPeople Body Sculpting DVD. I purchased this DVD for Taylor to try out and write about. :) Hey y’all. The Tailored Mama here to tell you all about SparkPeople Body Sculpting! I received the DVD a couple weeks ago and have been doing it once or twice a […]


Honey Maid Boycotts… Let the Games Begin!

Boycotts are a funny thing. I boycott Chick-Fil-A, Hobby Lobby, and other companies that work hard to ensure I never have equal rights (they’re losing that battle, fyi). When I decided to boycott these companies, I did some research to make sure the owners didn’t own other companies that I was giving my business to. […]


  • Leslie Dunn

    Absolutely love it!ReplyCancel

  • Kim

    Awesomely researched, awesomely written, and awesomely expressed and believed. Thanks for sharing, honestly… Appreciate you. :)ReplyCancel

Grace and Gusto DVD Review – Ellen Barrett Live

Grace and Gusto DVD Review – Ellen Barrett Live Grace and Gusto is a fun workout that is not overwhelming. I am overweight at 263lbs, so finding a workout that will work for me can be challenging. In the past 3 years, I have experienced both knee and foot surgery on my right side. Usually […]


Easy Easter Basket Cupcakes

If you’re looking for a delicious Easter dessert, look no further than these Easy Easter Basket Cupcakes with Key Lime Icing! Trying to avoid the candy and sweets this year? Try 50 Alternatives to Candy in Easter Baskets.


Christians Don’t Like Girls With Short Hair

I was reading this article about Timberlake Christian School, where the administration basically said that students were confused as to whether this 8 year old was a boy or a girl, so if they (her parents) couldn’t correct the situation, she’d be denied enrollment to the school next year. This is the little girl, Sunnie. […]


  • jaime hendrickson

    They shouldn’t call themselves Christian. Because nothing in what they are doing is “Christ like”. I love how they tried back_peddle with their statement they put out. “There is so much more to this story…” yet none of it was mentioned in the letter to home. Disgusting! Poor kid.ReplyCancel

  • While I agree that a child shouldn’t be suspended for having short hair, I have to wonder what the other side of the story is. The school says it’s not about the hair. Of course, they can’t announce private information about a student to the public, so there is no way for us to know what’s really going on.

    I think that where the school really went wrong is being too vague in the letter to Doris. What, specifically, was the rule that was broken and what, specifically, did the child do to break that rule? This information should have been included. How can you threaten to exclude a child for not following a rule without explaining what the child did to break that rule? Also, if the school administrator had been more specific in the letter and this case really is about something other than her hair, maybe the grandparents would have kept the letter quiet to avoid embarrassing their granddaughter rather than making it public.

    Bethanny Parker
    Bethanny Parker recently posted..Easter Egg-spiration! 82 Creative & Crafty Easter Eggs You Can MakeMy ProfileReplyCancel

  • Mitch Allen

    1) Why is it that ‘Christians’ who feel that the old testament was fullfilled by the death and resurrection of Christ start conveniently quoting Mosaic law when it’s convenient for their purposes. Let’s remember, Christ was a Jew. He looked around and the lack of focus of his people, and said in essence, ‘Let me make it easier on you. Instead of all those other things, just do two things. Believe in my father, and be nice to one another.’ Of course I paraphrase.

    2) They choose their hair style and their clothes style and their car style, etc. Why shouldn’t Sunnie be afforded the same rights.

    3) Would it seriously change another person’s life if, years down the line, Sunnie did end up being gay? I mean, seriously, man, if I have three hands, does that affect your f*cking paycheck one bit? Keep your nose as far out of my business as you’d want me to keep mine out of yours. And if you have a hateful thought, keep it just that. A thought.

    Sunnie is a BEAUTIFUL human, a BEAUTIFUL little girl, a HAPPY little girl… INSTEAD OF TRYING TO CUT HER DOWN, HOW ABOUT A HAND OUT SOMETIME TO HELP HER INSTEAD?????????????ReplyCancel

  • Karrie Smith

    Aw, man. I feel for her. She is in that awkward chubby phase when your body starts to turn on you (yeah, I went through it too but I was more like 11). And I got a HORRIBLE haircut in the 6th grade. I got my sides cut shorter and meant my bangs, and she cut sideburns. My cousins called me Bee’s Nest (yeah, we were very creative) and said I looked like a boy. A few people at school teased me, but I WAS pretty Ugmo at that time. I WAS scarred from being teased, but I will be the first one to say that I don’t have a problem giving anyone my opinion now.

    1. Who cares what gender she is? I know it hurts her feelings (?maybe… it’s coming from the letter), but there are other ways to announce gender despite her hair cut. What is confusing, is that when kids speak, you can usually tell when they are that young.

    2. Can she go back if she puts one of those retro barrettes in her hair?
    3. Does she WANT to go back? Because I will send her a bunch of super cute retro barrettes.

    4. Has anyone thought she might have a genetic disorder? Jamie Curtis wasn’t born with a uterus. Could it be something like that? So many people have androgynous features anyway!

    I’m sorry I’m all over the place, but this kills me!! She is being told she can’t come back because of how she looks. Because this isn’t a true gender identity problem. (which shouldn’t be a problem, but that’s where people get all butt-hurt and bring out the bible-because they are misinformed and ignorant)Not that is really has anything to do with her….but because other kids aren’t smart enough NOT to ask that question to her face.

    my heart hurts for her. She does look like a boy, but that’s because of the hair around her ears, not because it’s cut short. If she hair combed her hair or swept her bangs to the side, or if I saw her in real life, I could probably tell if it was a girl…And WHO CARES if people can’t tell if she’s a girl or boy?!!

    What I can’t get past, is how this relates to sexuality?!! Because she has short hair…she is a lesbian? When did that happen? Because I wore my hair short from 99-09, until my sister got cancer, and I started growing it out to donate. When she was diagnosed, I cut it almost ALL off, like Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Child. But most of the time I had it longer in the front and spiky in the back. It was obvious I was a girl. So by their logic, I’m a homosexual? Or I’m only a homosexual if you can’t tell what gender I am? I happen to be NOT homosexual, but I’ve had gay men and women best friends at various points in my life for years.

    I just started reading the Bible, for my own knowledge and for “fun” last year. I want to know what is in it, so when people spout off verses, I know what it REALLY means. I believe in a loving, caring God. I don’t think he punishes people on purpose, but I do think we are here to learn something. Whatever that “something” is, He knows. I don’t go to church. I don’t like religions, although I like learning about the differences. But I have always had my own special relationship with God.

    I’m pretty sure my God is shaking his head right now. Poor Sunnie. If I was her sub. teacher (bc that’s what I do), I KNOW she would be my fave kid in the class. All she needs is a one=liner to come up with to tell the other obnoxious kids. “My name is Sunnie with an “i-e”. Don’t you know it’s rude to ask a person something like that? Now you know”. Then smile and skip away.

    I guess I’m SO confused, because I can’t figure out what the REAL issue is. I don’t understand how they label a kid a homosexual THAT young (even though many people know by then, I don’t always think that they can process it and talk about it), BC of their haircut…then throw out horrible Bible verses…THEN say it’s bc kids can’t tell. I guess because it’s NOT logical…I guess that’s why I can’t figure it out. Much love to Miss Sunnie.ReplyCancel

    • Karrie Smith

      Instead of hair combed her hair, I MEANT side partedReplyCancel

  • My blood is boiling. I’m going to craft my own letter to that school.
    Jen recently posted..Earth Day Every Day Event and GiveawayMy ProfileReplyCancel

  • WOW. That’s so messed up! Why are people still this ignorant in 2014? I don’t understand. Kids should be allowed to have short hair if they like short hair. Who the fuck cares?
    Old School/New School Mom recently posted..Many People (Myself Included) Cannot Take a ComplimentMy ProfileReplyCancel

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Shit I Found This Week #3

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