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How to Use Real Time Analytics to Increase Blog Traffic and Income

Folks land on your site every day, either by searching for keywords or by being referred (like via social media). Many times, you don't even really have posts about those keyword phrases they're looking for - or you post isn't titled anything like it should be, but somehow they still end up on your blog. Yay!

However, if they are looking for something and you don't have it, they're going to click the "back" button in about 5 seconds if you don't give them a reason to stay.

So, let's figure out how to keep them on your website for as long as possible! This will increase your pageviews and your income ... I'd say those are both good things. ;) While some things are more important than blog traffic, your blog needs a solid foundation (of pageviews) before you can begin to make the big bucks.

Step 1: Improve your sidebar.

Step 2: Dive into Google Analytics.

Step 3: Update your posts to increase your income.

How to Use Real Time Analytics to Increase Blog Traffic and Income


101 Blog Post Topic Ideas In An Hour

Whether you're a brand new blogger, just dreaming of setting up your first blog, or you've been blogging for years and years like I have, there's always a chance you'll experience writer's block when trying to come up with blog post topic ideas. This post is going to bust you out of that creative slump faster than you can say rainbows and unicorns.

101 Blog Post Topic Ideas In An Hour

101 Blog Post Topic Ideas In An Hour

Facebook Groups & Twitter Feeds

Log into Facebook and go straight to the groups that have to do with your niche. You have five minutes. So if you're a blogger that writes about gardening, head to your garden groups. See what people are posting about, what questions they're asking, and what problems they need solved. 10 ideas.


3 Ways I Fail at Being a Wife and How I’m Fixing It

When you think about what a wife should do, how a wife should act, what a wife should be ... I pretty much fail at it all. Rachel and I have been together for a little over 7 years now, and have lived together pretty much the entire time. You know how lesbians do it, U-Haul style on the second date and all. Anyway, I've never been in a relationship where I gave a shit to make the other person happy, so I didn't have any practice being a good partner when Rachel and I got together. I knew I needed to get it together, but it took way too long and I regret not vowing to be a better partner sooner.

I didn't have much of an example of what a wife should do while I was growing up, because my Mom was a single mom and working two jobs so there was nobody for me to learn from. We lived off of Hot Pockets and Spaghetti O's, and the house was always a mess. When I became a single mom of 3 kids, I was so overwhelmed that cleaning was the least of my concern. I know I should've cared about it more, but I've always been a slob so cleaning to pushed to the bottom of the list (which means it never got done, because I was too busy working and taking care of kids).

Rachel is a clean freak, so our styles clashed from the get-go. She also had never been a mother, so the learning curve for both of us was huge. Our parenting styles are just as opposite as our cleaning styles. We've done well together over the past 7 years, but towards the end of last year, I realized I wanted to work harder at being a better wife and parent. I didn't tell Rachel, but I did tell my Mom because I knew she'd keep me on my toes. Mom has no problem reminding me of how much I suck at being a wife. :)

3 Ways I Fail at Being a Wife


Savanah @ Midwest Modern Momma - I love your description of your bedroom! Cleaning doesn’t come naturally to me at all, but I’ve had to get the hang of it since my husband works out of the country. My side of the bed…still a disaster area, but at least you can see the floor in the rest of the house & everyone has clean clothes!

Leslie Johnson Dunn - Your side of the bed sounds a lot like mine! I am not great at cleaning, but I have improved over the last year. I am trying to be better,clutter stresses out my husband, but he doesn’t help clean until he is upset about it and then he just throws stuff out! I cook, except on Friday’s when he is off from work. It took almost 15 years of me asking “What’s for dinner?” when I came home from work on his day off for him to get the idea, lol! We both do laundry. He is definitely more like you in the paying the bills and planning things department. He really does appreciate me and tells me he loves me everyday. He also supports me in anything I want to do. (Mary Kay, Avon, Creative Memories. I am not good at selling!) Marriages take work, no one is perfect, it sounds like you are doing a great job!

Shanda Singleton Johnson - Wow! I have never read something that has hit me as hard as this is hitting me. My marriage is good but i see now that i have so much improving that i need to focus on. Thank you!

Sheila Edens-Brown - Thank you? I love this and I can relate and can take pointers for you.

Apple Pie Monkey Bread Recipe

This ooey, gooey delicious Apple Pie Monkey Bread Recipe is to die for. Ya'll know I love chocolate, and pretty much only chocolate, when it comes to my desserts. But this apple pie monkey bread has changed my mind. I've come over to the dark side! 

apple pie monkey bread READ FULL POST »

Akaleistar - Oh, that looks so good!

Teri McNeal Schuler - Love this! It looks like Ooey, Gooey definitely describes it! Stopping by from Delicious Dishes Recipe Party! Thanks!

Sandra - This looks delicious and I wish I had some right now!

Stacie Vaughan - You had me at Apple Pie!

Patricia Cory Parsons - How did I not know that caramel chips existed? I feel like my life is a lie.

Jennifer Pierce - Looks delicious!! I love using caramel chips in my recipes.