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Bullet Journal for Weight Loss: Layout Ideas + FREE Printable

How do you use a bullet journal for weight loss? That might be the question that ran through your head when you saw this post. I've already posted about how I use my bullet journal to help with my anxiety, and about bullet journaling for teens. Weight loss is a bit more specific, and so much more fun to draw the layouts for!

My friend Amy has a great post on how to use a bullet journal if you're a total newbie. Stay tuned for a bullet journaling challenge coming your way in September.

P.S. There is NO REASON to spend $20+ on a bullet journal. I found this one for $12, and it is the exact same thing as the $20 ones I was buying. In fact, I'm using it in this post!

Bullet Journal for Weight Loss Layout 1

Bullet Journal for Weight Loss

What I'm tracking:

  • Couch 2 5K training
  • Hydration - at least 10 glasses each day (yes 5 before coffee; I don't drink coffee til about noon)
  • Good choices for both food and fitness


Weight Watchers Lunch Ideas (That Aren’t All Salads!)

When you think diet and lunch, I bet you picture a boring, green, leafy salad - hold the cheese and ranch of course - choking it down with some lukewarm water, because, you know ice water doesn't burn as many calories. Or something like that.

Well, good thing Weight Watchers isn't a diet, because these Weight Watchers Lunch Ideas are anything but boring.

Weight Watchers Lunch Ideas


How to Homeschool With The Magic School Bus

We are working on a science lapbook right now and I thought it would be fun to incorporate The Magic School Bus. I don't know if you watched it religiously like I did when I was a kid, but they're cool shows that are educational as well. Ms. Frizzle takes the kids on field trips in the magic school bus so they can learn about science in a "hands on" way. If you're interested in homeschooling with The Magic School Bus, I've found several resources for you to use!

How to Homeschool With The Magic School Bus


Bullet Journaling for Teens

Bullet Journaling for Teens

Let me preface by saying that I call this bullet journaling, but bullet journaling by definition is very simplistic (aka boring). Our bullet journal experience is a bit more colorful than what the originator intended it to be, I think. However, like I said in my other bullet journal post... bullet journaling is about making it yours. So if you like a plain bujo, that's fine! If you want to washi tape the heck out of your bujo, that's fine, too.

Bullet Journaling for Teens


Lisa - Janice Wald at Mostly Blogging (Bloggers Pit Stop) left me a comment to check out your post. So glad I did. I just shared the heck out of this! Great use for anxious kids–brain dump. Wish we’d had that term about 9 years ago when my son was struggling so much. I hope your daughter reaches her dreams!!

M.J. Rutell - Thanks for linking to my monthly layouts! I love bullet journaling, and there are so many applications for it, from teens to moms, to CEOs. Great post!

Jessica - Self care – way underrated! I’m so glad you can sneak some of those in to your teen :)

Jill McNamara-Twiss - I am going to start doing this. I have a lot of anxiety. I mean a LOT. I often lie awake at night thinking about what I need to get done and repeating the thoughts over and over in my head because I think I’m going to forget (because 99% of the time, I do). I recently bought a little journal, maybe 5×7, and I started writing things down in it as I think of them. That totally helps me quit thinking about them and relax my brain, and SLEEP.
Plus, I am absolutely addicted to office supplies, so any excuse to buy more is good by me. <3

Summer Safety Travel Tips + Britax Car Seat GIVEAWAY

Are you traveling anywhere this summer? Be sure to check out my Arizona bucket list if you are.

Summer Safety Travel Tips

Summer Safety Travel Tips


Leela - I just had a baby, so this would be great!

Katyann Marne Driver - We just found out we are expecting baby #2 just weeks after my little girl turned 4 we literally just got rid of everything baby related in June due to having a misscarriage in march it was to hard to have hope anymore ….so this would be beyond appreciated as we are going to need to get carseats, strollers, crib, clothes everything all over again

Laura - I want this carseat for our little one on the way. It would be such a blessing!

Shehzad Lakhani - My sister has this seat for my niece, and it’s awesome! I need to get one for my daughter!

Kathryn Duryea Cort - after 10 years, my brother and his wife are expecting their 2nd child – due in November. So I would like to gift this to them!

Kathryn C

Janine H - D love to win because my daughter will soon outgrow her infant car seat!

Steph D. - My son needs a new car seat! This would be perfect :)

Jill Rivera - Grand daughter needs a new seat because grandson will soon be here in September.

Sherry Conrad - I would love this for my daughter so they don’t have to play musical car seats toting the grandson around.

Sarah Hayes - my little ones seat defintiely needs an upgrade. this would be so wonderful to own so i know she is in one of the safest seats possible. Ive heard so many wonderful things about Britax

Jaime Smitte - I have twin nephews that i take out with me all of the time. having atleast one carseat to leave installed in my car would be a huge help!

Nicole GW - I would love to win this, because I have waited many years to have children and its finally time! I would love to have something so nice and so safe to start this journey with!

Natalie Schilla - I want this because my little guy is almost outgrowing his infant car seat and could really use this.

Kari Frank Barone - I would love this for both my 3 1/2 year old or my 8 year old. I would keep it in our 4Runner , so that I wouldn’t have to move it between vehicles. I have attended Britax webinars and they sound like an amazing company with excellent quality safety seats.

Kathy Pease - I would love this for my granddaughter who is 8 months old

Angela Winesburg - Id love to win this for my daughter

S Riches - I would like to have this car seat for my niece.

Rebecca Orr - This would be the perfect seat for my 18 month old. He still needs to be harnessed but in a few years, he will be ready for a booster. His current (and aging) car seat won’t be able to provide him with safety for too much longer. With all of the deaths of bavies, toddler, and small children these days, car seat safety is no joke.

Jessica Herring - Perfect for our growing family!

Dandi D - My daughter needs to graduate up to a bigger car seat soon, and this would be perfect for her!

Kathy Tracey - I would like to have this car seat because I would like to keep my grandson as safe as possible while he is in the car with me and his parents.

Sara Abernathy - I would love to win so my husband could have a carseat for our daughter in his truck. We have to switch the car seats back and forth right now.

Jacquelyn Cannon - I would love to win this for my granddaughter!

Sonya Morris - My little girl needs a booster seat and I love the 5 point harness and Britax!

Penny Watcher - Car seat safety is really important to us. Because we only have our one seat, we don’t take friends anywhere. This would let us bring a freind to the park or wherever.

Kelsey Warner - This car seat is on my list. I would love to win one!

Amy - We are adopting a baby boy and our older sons outgrew carseats years ago…starting over!

Nichole Lynn Driggers - My toddlers seat is about to expire and we need a new one but can’t afford the safest one right now. Would love to win to replace his seat with the best.

Kelley Larsen - My son will need this soon. We don’t have a booster yet and we have used the b-safe and currently use the Marathon. Thanks for the giveaway

Brittany Lee Schacht - I need a new carseat for my 5 year old so I can put her 2 year old brother rear facing in her current carseat. He has out grown his!

Kristy Potter - My son has outgrown his car seat and were actually researching car seats right now.. I forgot how expensive they are.. So i really would love to win this to save us some money.

Lisa Montgomery Hagy - My 4 1/2 year old has mostly outgrown her regular car seat and this is exactly what we’ve been hunting for! The belt-only boosters make me nervous at this age (even though she meats the requirements), but a lot of the 5 point boosters can get pricey.

Karen David - I’d like to win because my current carseat is pretty basic and not as safe as Britax.

NickyJ - My daughter has just about hit the rear facing weight limit on her current seat and I was looking at getting something like this for when I turn her around.

Katie Usher - I have heard so many positive things about this brand that I would love to own one and brag also.

Brianne Armstrong - Britax is my FAVORITE brand and I had to get rid of my son’s due to an accident…so this would be FANTASTIC! :D Thanks!

Sarah Sobocinski - I want to win this car seat because my son’s carseat seat will expire this year and it would help save us money.

Stephanie Phelps - I would love to have this carseat for my granddaughter it would be perfect for our car so we are not trading her parents out all the time and I love all the safety features it has!

Amber - I don’t know who would love this more, my daughter or my nephew haha. This would be an awesome win either way.

Ellie Wright - I need a car seat for my granddaughter that I can keep in my car.

Amanda Florio - This would be incredible for my kindergarten sized 2 and a half year old. He is 42 lbs and no where near the mentality of being able to be without the 5 point harness.

Rosanne Clark - easy convenient and safer sounds wonderful to me for any one of my precious grand babies

Dana Marie Smith - Great tips! We could definitely use a new car seat! I have little girls that are 4 and 1. We’ve recently had to get rid of an expired car seat. Now my husband’s car has 2 car seats and nine has none.

Susan Devaux - What a great car seat. I love how safe Britax car seats are! I would like to win this for my youngest.

Nicki Joseph - I would like this car seat because I am expecting my 2nd baby in the fall. My oldest could use this one :-)

Denise Konkle - I would love this for my son who is outgrowing his infant car seat!

Tammie Davis - We go on lots of long road trips. A more comfy, safer seat would be awesome for my 7 year old.

Valerie Gill-Corner - As the mom of 3 kids under 5 this seat would be amazingly easy to transfer from car to car! No more wondering if it was installed correctly!!

Jennifer Michael - My little guy is about to hit the weight limit for his current seat. I would love to have this seat to transition him to.

Jillian Too - I’d love to win this for my nephew who is ready to transition to a harness booster.

Shannon Campbell - I would use this for my daughter since the seat we have is our back up seat and isn’t big enough for her to last much longer :

Tara Beara - This would be great and bring such peace of mind knowing my child was safe and secure! We will be ready to move up from a convertable seat soon!

Polly King - Id love it for my granddaughter who is due in september!!

Kris Garvey - About 4 years ago I did a car seat study at a local hospital and this was one of the seats they had us try installing. It was super easy and I have totally wanted one since then for my mom since she has 2 different types of arthritis and isuses with her shoulders and back so it’s difficult for her to deal with my son’s seat. But the cost has always kept us away. I would love to win this for her!!

Gabrielle Marie Tietz - I would love to win this for my daughter she is almost grown out of her top stats for her carseat now and will need a new seat soon :)

Tessa Beowb - I would love to win this for my almost six yr old! He would LOVE this seat!!!!

Carly Haden - Great giveaway!! I didn’t realize how easy it is to use britax car seats!

Cassie M. Dow - We are getting a new “to us” second vehicle that fits the whole family….finally! And will need a second seat for it. At the moment, when my husband takes my four yr old from me when we are out somewhere he takes her and the seat together and somehow buckles her into his 2 seater with her inside…I dunno how…I’m guessing not the correct way. Can’t wait for a car that would mean not being stuck on this mountain for the duration of my vans repairs eVerytime it has an issue. (I can’t drive his old stinky(think it’s all the old vinal) standard mini truck) and you never feel as stuck as when you literally cannot leave the house. Safer child seat for a safer (4 wheel drive for our hole filled winding mountain road in the winter) vehicle sounds just about right

Patricia Anne Barnes - I would love to win this for my autistic 5 year old who is 58pounds and almost 47 inches tall. He does not ride well without a harness and is almost outgrowing the seats we currently have.

Noraliza - I would really love one of these car seats because my son would be so safe and comfortable. We do a lot of driving and comfort and safety our are biggest priorities.

Stacy Calhoun - I would love to win this for my niece. The best safety is what i have in mind for her.

Amanda Foster Knotts - Definitely could use this for my tiny 4 yr old. He is the size of a 3 yr old and just small. I need one that will last a while

LaTanya - I love this brand and the quality. My son needs a larger seat, so this would be a wonderful upgrade.

Melissa Johns - Thanks for all the tips. I would love to win a new carseat for my munchkin

Jeni Kinney - Would love this. .my children tend to be very big boys, I love that it harnesses longer. My oldest isn’t mature enough for a booster, but since he has maxed out his weight limit for the other carseats, he is in one…and I hate every second of it.

Lori Vincent Compton - This carseat looks awesome and safe. I’d love to try it with my kids

Sara duarte - Thanks for the opportunity!! We love Britax seats… just wish we could afford them lol!!

Dana Nagu - I want this seat for my four year old son!!

Tanya Momoffour - I woud love this for one of my twins that is too tall for his old carseat

Angel Marie - i need a safe booster seat for my son. This has it all !!

Karen Herrera - This carseat wold be perfect for my son to grow with

Shannon Faerman - I need a new seat for my growing toddler. I would LOVE to try this brand, I’ve only heard good things about them.

Kim Malone Ghee - I have 8 grandkids and there are definitely a couple of them that could use this car seat!

Julie Haynes Shuemake - We would love this for our growing boys. I love that Britax has higher weight and height limits so this seat will be the last seat we need….and it has cup holders.

Stacy Castro - This would be a huge blessing for my family! I’m having our 6th kiddo soon and my 5 year old daughter is not ready to booster! So I could put her in this, pass her down rear facing to my 2.5 year old son, and his seat could go to the baby rear facing after the infant seat we just saved up for is outgrown! I am a child passenger safety technician so it would be awesome to have first hand knowledge of full time use of this seat to educate other parents. Thanks Sadie & Britax for the chance!

Kailee Bowman - I would love to win this and use it for my son. As he is quickly outgrowing his current onw

Lauren Jankowski - Thanks for sharing the tips! Would love to win this!

Denise Lavender Fields Taylor - My kids are growing far too fast. I keep safety at the very front of my mind and despite my 4.5 year old still being rear facing, she’s about to outgrow that seat and need a long term booster. This seat fits that perfectly!!

Erika Fultz - This would be awesome to replace the seat in my mom’s car as its his previous seat and is getting QUITE small!!

Jaime Strabley Bratton - We had a Britax Marathon when my oldest was a toddler, would love to try this brand again! I also love the idea of built-in cupholders, because someone always ends up with a sippy spilled in their seat since our kids currently have no ‘safe’ place to store them!

Pamela Brown Jablonski - I would love this for my grand daughter!

Stefanie Magruder Beirley - I would love this car seat to use for our youngest daughter. I’ve always heard great things about Britax but have never been able to afford one when we’ve had kids that would use them. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway. :)

Maegan Davies - A new car seat is always welcome.
Great tips!

Kimberly Ann - I have two boys who could use this, but I would probably use it for my oldest as a booster.

Kisa Johnson - I would like it and use it for my VERY tall toddler!

Tracey T - I love how easy Britax car seats are to install. We need a new seat as ours expires in December!

Charity Gorman - I would love to win this car seat because I have a little boy that is 1 year old that is getting to big for his infant seat. I would also love to win this because I know Britax is a reputable company that makes safe carseats.

Samantha Clostio - I would love to win this for my tot. We need to upgrade her car seat soon!

Tabatha - I’d love to win because I have a son who is small for his age and needs a new one and a daughter who can use it when she’s too big for her current seat.

Jill McNamara-Twiss - I would LOVE to win this for my grandson! He’s quickly outgrowing his infant car seat and I know Britax car seats are very trusted by professionals. This would be amazing.

Danielle Martinez - Having 4 kids in car seats, it would be nice to have a new one. This would be great to have in my van for the kids.

Melanie Morin - I would love to win this car seat because my almost 8 month old will need to upgrade car seats soon (she has a bucket seat that we click in a base right now) and Britax is a great brand with an awesome reputation!

Brittany Light - My daughter would love a new car seat. Thanks for the opportunity.