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6 Ways to Make Summer Learning Stick

Summer time is known as brain drain time for many kids, but not in our house! We've been playing with lots of play-doh (yes, even the 14 year old - it's fun!), and working on lapbooks together. Grace is working on writing her first book right now, titled Foodland. Something about food coming to life? I'm thinking Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs-ish.

Some of our favorite summer learning resources include:

-- lapbooks: let the kids pick the topic, and dive in!
-- book report alternatives: because nobody wants to write book reports all summer, but the kids still need to read.
-- play-doh, salt, clay: because playing with this stuff is fun.
-- building blocks: you're never too old to build towers!

ways to Make Summer Learning Stick

What are some other ways to make summer learning stick? With stickers, of course!

Get your kiddos interactively learning timely subjects this summer. I like these sets because they're fun, washable, and won't chip my paint... we did just paint our entire house!


Copycat Vincent Vega Iced Coffee Recipe

I didn't know who Vincent Vega was until we visited Mission Beach in San Diego. We found this little hole in the wall restaurant, and Rach asked for an iced coffee. They had tons of options, so she asked what the weirdest one was. The waitress told her it was the Vincent Vega, in honor of the Quentin Tarantino classic, Pulp Fiction. Rach is a huuuuge QT fan, so she knew she had to try it. She loved it so much, she made us go back the next day to get another. And as soon as we got home, she started making her own. It's a simple recipe, but one that's bound to impress your friends and make you feel like a bad ass.

NOTE: This post is sponsored by Bizzy Coffee through the Rise & Shine Network. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Copycat Vincent Vega Iced Coffee Recipe


Andrea B Cofman - I am so the caffiene craver..I always say go big or go home with flavor boosts!! I’d LOVE to try the Espresso Smoothie Bowl

Krysie SaLena Barnes - I want to try the coffee peanut butter cup smoothie

Patricia Cory Parsons - This sounds great! I have yet to find an at-home iced coffee option that I really love.

Amber - I love coffee, but I’m apprehensive to try it with soda haha. I could make so many drinks with this concentrate thought. Yum!

Jill McNamara-Twiss - That Vincent Vega sounds very strange, but I love caffeine, so I’d give it a try. ☺
The coffee hot chocolate sounds yummy and Bizzy Coffee sounds great!

Krystal Ladwig-Barndt - Soda & coffee?!? I’ve never heard of anything so strange! I wonder if you could do it with diet coke.

That peanut butter lover’s mocha smoothie sounds to die for.

I’ve been on an iced coffee kick as of late. I brew some the night before & stick it in the fridge. I just bought a bottle of sugar free Torani syrup from Amazon. I can only find the small bottles here & only in one store for over $6 a pop. Technically the Torani website has them cheaper than Amazon. But you know, prime shipping! Lol. I want it like, yesterday.

Cori Cambanes - I can’t wait to try Coffee Hot Chocolate!

Jennifer Allen Northcutt - I love coffee. I have cut back though lol.

Tracy - I love trying new coffee brands and that bottle is too cute!

Blue Apron Review: the Good, the Bad, and the Yummy

Have you tried Blue Apron? I'm doing a review for their food delivery service, and wanted to share my thoughts with you guys.

Blue Apron Review: the Good, the Bad, and the Yummy

The kids all gave our Blue Apron meals two thumbs up. We did, too.

blue apron recipe card

Recipe card that came with our delivery.


Debbie Campbell - I have heard a lot of good things about Blue Apron, and I appreciate your insights.

Bekki Frey - How many options did you have to choose from Sadie? They look really good and I absolutely despise the grocery store.

Wendy Wallace Brunell - I’ve been eyeing these and will be trying when I get back to work!

Theresa Sinks - Looks so good and easy to make

Anna Cockayne - I’ve been wondering about Blue Apron and how it would be. The meal you prepared looks absolutely delicious!

Dawn Jarboe Thomas - Sounds great for people who are super busy.

Amanda Wisby - Sounds awesome may try here soon

Katie - We love blue apeons, but green chef is better. Better choices too!

Gracie Hancock - sounds great & looks yummy!

Michelle Andoniello Ellis - It sounds good. We couldn’t use it because the kids and I are super picky! I wish we weren’t though!

Patricia Cory Parsons - Every time I hear about Blue Apron I am tempted to try it, the two free meals makes it even more tempting.

Stacy Witt - I would love to have food dilivered, but I find that it’s so much more expensive then if I go shop for the food. And the options are to limited for picky me.

Deborah Dennert - I’ve tried them twice. LOVE them and the whole concept but some of the meals were ‘too fancy’ for my kids. One box (three meals) was all Mardi Gras theme and my kids wouldn’t touch it but I loved it.

Jill McNamara-Twiss - If they have vegan or vegetarian options, this would be great for us.

Samantha Lynn Clostio - I love the portion control. But my main issue would be lack of choices since we are very picky eaters. Thanks for the post it is very informative.

Felicia Winnett - Sounds great. What were the other choices that you guys weren’t into, beef/pork stuffs? Otherwise, if it was super budget friendly, I’d love to do it. Portion control is a struggle here.

Dori Elliott - looks yummy would love to afford the service

Brittany Light - Wow… I didn’t even know something like this existed! Good to know!

Tabatha Heavner - Sounds like a great service if you can afford it! Portion control would definitely be a bonus for me.

Samantha Lynn Clostio - Thanks for the review of this service!

Elle - ooo that looks so good! I tried Hello Fresh once and it seems very similar. Blue Apron looks like they give you incredible food – it all looks so fresh. Looks like when I have the money, I might just need to be trying a week of BA!

Amber - I’ve been tempted to try Blue Apron, but I’m afraid my picky family would waste it all. Maybe one day I can have them get a little adventurous.

23 Summer Hacks You Must Try

I asked y'all to help me come up with some summer hacks using toilet paper and toilet paper rolls, and oh man, did you deliver! I listed my favorites - and yours - in this post. This post is sponsored by Charmin, so let's talk toilet paper for a minute before we get to the list.

23 Summer Hacks You Must Try


Anna Cockayne - Ummm in order to organize hair ties, you actually have to be able to find them! LOL But seriously, that’s pretty smart, if I could remember where all of mine are. I also use toilet paper roll tubes for the amplify since I’m too cheap to buy one of those wireless speakers lol. Oh, and did you know you can sell toilet paper rolls on ebay to teachers? LOL I apparently it’s a thing!

Angie West-Ellis - Wow… no idea I could use them for so many things. Definitely aywly trying thw essential oil on thw inside trick

Brittany Light - Lol I always use toilet paper as a nose tampon when I’m sick and my nose is running like crazy. Great hacks! :)

Lorena Cap - Some of these sound like great suggestions! Can’t wait to try!!


Gina Dungy George - #7 is a great hack – Why didn’t I think of that?! We have a septic tank and exclusively use Charmin.

Ly Dia - #18 is an great trick my son’s speech therapy uses this exercise & all the kid really get into it- expect results mamas!!

Antoinette Gonzalez - I’ll have to try the bird feeder

Melissa Owens-McKinney - Great tips for something that usually goes to waste anyway! I love the creativity! We tried “no roll toilet paper”…. I will take my roll any day!!

Danie Greenlee - We do the bird feeder one and I use cut paper towel middles to organize cords :)

Tiffany Cardenas - Ooh…I love #7 and #22! I’ll have to try those.

April Vaughan - Great ideas!! I love #1… Inwill have to try it during the winter too!

Jill McNamara-Twiss - I’m going to give the essential oil trick a try!

Felicia Winnett - We have BAGS of toilet paper roll tubes! We use them for a lot of these things and more. My husband made armor out of a bunch for my 3 year old. LOL

Stacy - Good ideas!