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That Time My Dog Ate a Bee…

Even though I haven't written a blog post about it, you guys have seen me spam Facebook and Instagram with a gajillion photos of our adorable new dog, Apollo. We got him just about 2 weeks ago, and he is fitting right in. Isis and Titus tend to gang up on him a little bit here and there (like the time they pushed him in the hole in our yard and wouldn't let him get out), but it's all in good fun and nobody has gotten hurt. They play and wrestle but no growling, biting, etc.

Anyway, Apollo likes to think he's an only child dog. He wants all of my attention, and spends most of his days sleeping under my desk, on my feet. This morning, he wasn't laying on my feet so I looked around for him. He was laying on the kitchen floor. No biggie, I just kept writing and figured he'd come over later. Then I heard him making a snorting noise, which he does often. Again, no biggie.

dog bee sting

When I finally looked over at him, his face looked a little swollen. A few minutes later, I went over to check on him. His face was REALLY swollen and I freaked out. I squished his cheeks and they were hard! He was wheezing and struggling to breathe. I was hysterical, but thankfully able to hold it together until after I took care of business. We have a pet plan through Banfield, so I called them to see if I could bring him in for an allergy shot. Despite paying well over $200 a MONTH for a plan for our dogs, Banfield was too busy to give him an injection. Assholes. Anyway, I couldn't find any Benadryl, and he was getting worse. I couldn't even see his belly move when he took a breath, he was limp.

Lyssa King - Omg he is adorable Sadie!!! I feel the same way about my boys! They are like my children, I feed them, clean them, discipline them and take care of them… sounds like a kid to me! Thanks for sharing!

Carly Haden - Awww poor baby!!! He’s one loved and lucky puppy! I would be having a word with ban field

Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening

Before we get into this and before you need to head over to Google what hydroponics are, let me explain. A hydroponic gardening system is a type of garden that uses no soil. That's right, NO soil. Instead, the plants get all of their nutrients from an oxygenated nutrient enriched solution. The systems can be as simple as you want or can be as crazy as a fully recirculating system where the water flows from plant to plant over and over again.

Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening


Joshua Nyamache - I have come across people who are using hydroponic and I have seen how they have benefited from it like hydroponic fodder to feed animals.

When I retire, hydroponics is one of the things I will be doing.

Your Mommy Blog DOESN’T Suck … and Here’s Why

Some people can be real bullies, and bloggers are no exception. There's no shortage of awful posts towards other bloggers out there, and I'm sure I've been guilty of doing it at one time or another as well. My hope with this post is that you'll see how cruel some bloggers are, and vow to never BE like those bloggers. Today's post is about one post specifically, written by Josi Denise. I realize the point of her writing the post was to be cruel, to hurt people, and most of all to get attention. Most of her posts have zero interaction, so this post has definitely accomplished what she set out to accomplish.

I'm giving Josi that attention and I'm okay with it because I hope this helps her understand why she should step back and look at herself instead of projecting onto all mommy bloggers. I'm not the only one:

Dear Josi Denise is another blogger's response to Josi's hate.
Someone Tried to Throw Us Under the Bus is a great post about how Josi's post failed on a huge level.
I'm a Mommy Blogger and I Effing Like it sums it up nicely: what you say about others, says more about you.

Josi admits her blog has sucked for a long time. That's depressing, man. Putting all that work in and still having a sucky blog will bring anyone down... but that doesn't mean you need to try and bring others down with you. Discouraging moms (or anyone!) from starting a blog is so not my thing. I want everyone in the world to start a blog! Blogging is my jam, man.


Heidi Ann Williams - She sounds insecure honestly. The truth is the Blogosphere is so huge there is room for everyone and fyi the mommy blog network is huge! I enjoy engaging with all different bloggers and blogs. I read a few mom blogs eventhough I am past that stage in my life, they are so funny. I’ve never openly hated on anyone in blogging because I’m mature and professional. Don’t sweat it. Haters gonna hate. I have a facebook group where we embrace all bloggers I know blogging can be cliquey.

Denise - Thanks Sadie. You’re my hero.

Cara Achterberg - Yay for you. Standing up to the haters. I teach creative writing and one thing I tell writers who are just starting out (many creating their first blog) – you have to be brave and you have to write for you and nobody else. Putting your insides on the page is risky, but real writing requires that you check your ego at the door and you make yourself vulnerable. Sadly, some people don’t appreciate or respect that (or practice it themselves) Thanks for this post and for encouraging bloggers/writers/moms everywhere. You rock.

SlapDashMom - “Grow up”, funny how your IP matches Josi’s city, and I used her name in this post SEVERAL times yet you still said “josie/joni” as if you’re trying to go above and beyond and prove that Josi and yourself are not one in the same. Move along.

SlapDashMom - Kecia, that’s epic. She is a hypocrite x1000. She’s got ads all over her blog while she’s talking about how mommy blogs suck and they’re all sell outs. Crazy.

Kecia - I read Josi’s post over the weekend and was seriously appalled. Such a narrow-minded person lumping everyone into the same box. She is no doubt tired of the mommy blogging scene, but damn…exit gracefully!

What’s really funny, is I actually met her at a conference a couple years ago. She was there, sponsored by a brand!

Jack - I remember the same criticism and comments from when I started blogging in 2004.

Blogging has been a wonderful experience and changed my life in a million positive ways. I have learned about myself, made good friends and had some great experiences.

I have kept at it because I love to write and it is fun. Fun is the key word, it’s why we last or don’t.

Find the fun in blogging and ignore the naysayers.

Jaime Jenkins Hendrickson - I found you from giveaways and you are the only one I still follow,interact with and love. I want to look at this bitch’s page so bad but don’t want to help her get page views or whatever at all. Sadie you are awesome. I don’t always agree with you but you are always honest and I’ve never seen you be cruel.

Megan Hambly - ALL of the blogs that I read are written by mother’s. Yes, people do read them. My favorite ones are The Bloggess (not really a mommy blog, but she IS a mother), This is Mommyhood (funny!), and Mommy Shorts.
….Oh, and, err, slapdashmom!

April Vaughan - I’m not even going to get started on that other chicks blog post. “She who shall not be named or linked back to” is a hypocrite of the highest order. I read mom blogs all the time. Like you said… Many have made me laugh, cry, turned my day totally around from sucking to feeing a lot better. When I’m so mad at my husband I could just cry or hit him in the head with something big… I will see a post about marriage or relationships that will calm me down and realize relationships just suck some times and it WILL be okay. I was seriously contemplating divorce a few months back and I ran across a mom blog & the post was titled something along the lines of “I’m not perfect but I forget my husband isn’t perfect either”. That post saved my darn marriage. It was a religious post sprouting bible passages, it was a post that was simple and REAL! I live in a house with all males. Hubby and 3 boys (plus 1 more son comes over part time) and a boy dog! That’s a lot for any woman to handle. I’m the sole female.. Well besides my girl cat who does her own thing. Anyways..these men like men stuff. I fee left out, over worked, and never fee appreciated. So when I see a post that a mom blogger writes about the SAME THING I appreciate it and I do read it! Anyways… Thanks Sadie!

Rowelyn Baysa - Guess im a sucky mommy blogger! Didnt know her then don’t care to know her now! Anything for page views and interactions I guess and so much for being humble and kind. Xoxo from Roe over at peace out!

Grow up - Reality check: there are more people out there who click + scroll away than there are people who actually see any type of ‘value’ in mommy blogging. The fact that you latch on to one person just goes to show how desperate you all are to maintain your echo chambers.

I also find it incredibly ironic that a vast majority of those offended by josie/Joni? Whatshername post are raising hue and cry over her use of profanity as if it was the first time someone has done it, or as if it was a big deal. It’s not. I guarantee every single one of you has been profane and innapropriate and yet here you all are tittering like shocked third graders whispering “did she just say the F word!?!” Yes she did. Get over it. There are bigger problems in the world than what the world thinks of mommy bloggers.

Shaunacey - I LOVE other mom-bloggers because of posts like this, because MOST of us are trying to support, empathize with and encourage OTHER moms.
Posts like Josi’s cause us all more self-doubt and that’s certainly something none of us need more of. I think the thing that irritated me most about her post was the irony of it. Like she and only she is the exception to all of these things. Oh and the email pop-ups and ‘support me’ link at the bottom were just icing on the ironic cake.

Thank you, for being that voice of encouragement!! I’m going to share this in my post! (hope that’s okay!)

Lindsey Goodson Paris - I needed this. I was so personally sad after her post; I took it personally. Thank you for building back up the wall she took a wrecking ball to.

Naturale Stellar - I didnt read Josi’s post because well…I was too busy living my fabulous life of poopy diapers, running my blog solo dolo and making sure my black doesn’t crack any time soon. That shit is hard son! No not really, I have great genes. But seriously, I’ll never apologize for posting about my dope marriage, that actually IS good because we work hard at it or actually being happy because I actually am. Not every friggin’ day, but most days Im genuinely really good. Im blessed and have been through some thangs that make me greatful for the time I have with the people I love. So Eff all the Josie’s that want to throw salt in my game. Hopefully when they’re done sippin’ on those haterade margaritas, they’ll check out my superficial blog where I write about stuff like beauty, life and women in business

Eva McMahon - I am a newer mommy/nonnie blogger 47. I was suprised to see such a Blog post,wow that woman’s post was very harsh. You would think companies wouldn’t want to have her do anything after a post like that ?

Carla Bushey - Sing it Sister! Great post.

Chantal Steele - I love what you have to say but I wish you would unlink her post – that’s how bad I hated it! lol.

Jill Robbins - Oh but she’s SO EDGY AND RAW because she uses “fuck” 12 times in her 3 jillion word blog post.

Angel Perdue - Keep telling it like it is…

Yah'Zahra Adira - This was awesome and I love you for it! I share about my colorful family life at and I thought her rant was just a show of how badly her life is falling apart. “No ones husband can love them that much cuz mine left” type sh*t…but it’s all good. I think she lit a torch in all of us. I’ve come up with at least 5 transparent blog titles today alone… So thanks Jo, I hope somebody hugs you…soon!

Kim Logan - Thank you thank you thank you!

Ashley Winters - I just started blogging. I have always been just the ghostwriter, but I read blogs. I love reading and learning new things. If it wasn’t for the internet I would be lost;/ Thanks for sticking up for all us “sucky bloggers” out there.

Kristin Mae - Bravo! I’m not a Mommy Blogger, but that post was just harsh. It wasn’t honest in the least, it was being a bitch calling it “honesty” — super unappealing. This post? That’s what honesty looks like. Far too many people get “being an ass to people” and “honesty” mixed up.

Becky Willis - Preach. I drink your kool-aid. I’m a mommy blogger who sometimes think I SUCK but reality is I don’t. My WHY is kid memories…and so what if sponsored posts sometimes make really awesome memories. Love it.

Adelina Priddis - I could about cry right now. Thank you. I JUST read Josie’s post 5-10 minutes before coming across yours. Hubby was talking to me, and I said “I’m just re-evaluating my life. Maybe bloggings not for me”.
But you said it – blogging has opened up an amazing number of doors for me that wouldn’t be there otherwise. It’s helped make some real honest to goodness friendships I wouldn’t have otherwise, and it got me through PPD twice.
SO Thank you, for helping me re-evaluate my re-evaluation. Time to make my blog a bit less sucky, but I’ll still be blogging.

Herchel S - Loved this, Sadie! I feel so bad for that blogger. She must be feeling terrible about her life to want to tear everyone else down. She’s sad to me. If blogging makes her so unhappy then her ass needs to find something else to do. I love my sucky blog :)

Jess Benoit - I had to go read her post to see what the fuss was all about. I do agree with you about her having some great points BUT she went about it all so wrong and very cruel. The ending was especially cruel and any new blogger reading it will feel beaten down by time they get to that part and WILL quit. I know I have fallen into the sponsored/review posts pit many times and I always try to pull myself out so I don’t look like everything I write is paid for. We are supposed to be lifting each other up, not bringing each other down.

Ninjamommers - My mommy blog does not suck either. I have written some pretty tounge in cheek sponsored posts and I am over all proud of who I am. Thank you for writing this. This Blogger vs blogger bashing is old.