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Core Fusion Cardio Pure Intensity Review

Core Fusion Cardio Pure Intensity Review Slap Dash Fitness Ambassadors are sent DVDs to review them in an honest and informative way. This review was completed by Tabatha. Check out all of the Fitness Ambassador Reviews here. Description: Fusion Cardio Pure Intensity is a power-packed workout combines focused strength-training and flexibility moves with high-intensity cardio […]


Mentos Diet Coke Experiment with Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments

Pretty much everyone has done the Mentos Diet Coke Experiment, right? But what about Chemistry with Soap, or maybe Physics, with Straw Balloon Rocket Blasters? Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments has those projects, and more! I was sent this book for review, but all opinions are 100% my own. I’ve never really been a […]


Beginner Baby Yoga With Mom to Mom Diapers

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mom to Mom. #MomtoMomdiapers My girls have been potty trained for quite some time, but I stole borrowed baby Audrey and her mom for this post, because Baby Yoga is so stinkin’ fun, I just had to share it with you guys! Beginner Baby […]


  • Omg this is the cutest idea ever awesome job with your pics and the diapers are too cute!ReplyCancel

  • Yoga was something I could do with my daughter when she was young, and we did it together for a while. I love this post. I also love that nowadays there are alternatives to the diapers that had the market cornered when my kids were babies. Good for Mom to Mom for offering an option.
    Elizabeth Towns recently posted..Big Color, Big Fun, and Big Clean-Ups!My ProfileReplyCancel

Weight Watchers Jalapeno Poppers Recipe 1 PP

Whether you’re a Weight Watchers vet, or you just started following the Weight Watchers Simple Start program, these Weight Watchers Jalapeno Poppers will make you happy! Broke? Do Weight Watchers for FREE! This isn’t the best picture, but because these jalapeno poppers taste awesome, and are only 1 PP on Weight Watchers, I had to […]


Woman Leaves Kids in Car and It’s Okay Because She’s Black

Obviously the title was a bit of an attention-grabber, but seriously. Shanesha Taylor, of Scottsdale, AZ, left her children in a hot car for an hour and many are trying to justify it. People are feeling sorry for this woman, saying “she’s a poor, black woman just trying to better her situation” – yet her […]


  • Aaron

    Actions (should, but don’t always) have consequences irrespective of race.

    You summed it up nicely.ReplyCancel

  • Linda

    this woman’s actions are horrendous. Your race, age, ethnicity, religious affiliation, or economic status does not change the fact you left your children in a hot vehicle. I’ve worked in a children’s hospital and have seen children die from this stupidity. I’m tired of people’s excuses. A child’s best interest should be considered.ReplyCancel

  • I don’t care who you are, that is just wrong. You dont’ leave your kids and I am SO irritated that everyone is giving her money….
    Amber @Thrifty Ninja recently posted..Beauty Box 5 – April 2014 ReviewMy ProfileReplyCancel

  • Rachel

    THANK YOU! This is the first blog post I’ve seen that doesn’t justify her actions. There is no excuse for child neglect and abuse. She deserves to lose her children and spent a long time in prison.ReplyCancel

  • Sherri

    All that money raised ????
    Should go to homeless shelter . Splits amoung them !
    No lawyer, cpc, no one else should get money ?ReplyCancel

  • Khalimah Holland

    Now Im black and leaving kids in the car is wrong for any race. So I agree no excuses. My problem with this situation is the action being taken by the justice system. This is where race comes into play. Some may not remember Catalina Clouser also from Arizona who FORGOT her 2 month old baby ON TOP OF THE CAR! Its assumed she reached her destination BEFORE she realized the baby was not IN the car. She back tracked and found the baby still in car seat in the middle of the highway! Now this young lady got PROBATION! She was later found to be high on drugs. PROBATION! Taylor is facing 8 YEARS! in jail. Not probation. Tell me where the justice is? As a black woman I feel they are handing down a harder punishment BECAUSE she is BLACK! Why the WHITE girl get probation for attempted manslaughter? If that baby had of died would the outcome have been the same? Yeah Taylor was dead wrong an she should be punished not glorified. But race says she worse than the white girl that was high and FORGOT about her baby! Just my thoughts on such tragic judicial system that was setup against blacks. The laws against blacks never changed they were just re worded.ReplyCancel

    • SlapDashMom

      This woman already has an open CPS case… the other woman did not. This woman knowingly and willingly left her children in a hot car for over an hour… the other woman “forgot” her baby on top of the car, and drove for a block. Huuuuge difference, and nothing to do with race.ReplyCancel

  • Khalimah Holland

    Here is the link to the report about both women. I think they both need to go to jail and both need to be charged with attempted manslaughter because in situations children could have died!


    • SlapDashMom

      I agree that they should both go to jail.ReplyCancel

How to Host a Successful Blog Giveaway

I don’t do many giveaways here at Slap Dash Mom, but I am constantly hired to help other bloggers make sure theirs are successful – for the sponsor(s), their readers, and their blog. These easy to follow tips will help you host a successful blog giveaway. If you have questions, just ask! :) How to […]


Free Kindle Kids Books 4/17

Free Kindle Kids Books 4/17 All in a Jam Pandas! Learn About Pandas and Enjoy Colorful Pictures – Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Pandas) Hummingbirds! Learn About Hummingbirds and Enjoy Colorful Pictures – Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Hummingbirds) Dinosaurs! Learn About Dinosaurs and Enjoy Colorful Pictures – Look and Learn! (50+ Photos […]


SparkPeople Body Sculpting DVD Review

This is a non-sponsored review of the SparkPeople Body Sculpting DVD. I purchased this DVD for Taylor to try out and write about. :) Hey y’all. The Tailored Mama here to tell you all about SparkPeople Body Sculpting! I received the DVD a couple weeks ago and have been doing it once or twice a […]


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