99 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

99 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Avoid the Online Graveyard, where thousands of traffic-less blogs go each year to die, by following these tips: 99 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

1. Truncate the Category page on your blog to only show 5 results at a time.

2. Interview someone important.

3. Try a "Top 10" post.

4. Add a category or tag cloud to your sidebar.

5. Engage your social network. If you don't have a Facebook page yet, you need to set one up - right now. Then, engage your fans and readers! Don't just post links and leave. Talk to them. Ask questions. Make friends.

6. Set up a newsletter. Send it out every week or so, include links to your blog posts, and make it fun!

7. Write quality posts. Even if you get the traffic, it's not going to stick around if your posts suck.

8. Reference your own posts. If you read my posts, most of the time I will link to another post on my site. Then that post will also reference another. That can turn one pageview into three, or four, or more, easily!

9. Install Google Analytics, and pay attention to what it tells you. What are people searching for? Which posts get the most traffic?

10. Use sites like StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and Reddit. Be careful with Reddit, though. It's easy to get banned, and I was actually told I should "have my ovaries removed" because of my 20 calorie dinner recipe!

11. Guest post for someone that has a bigger blog than you do. Getting traffic (and links back) from bigger sites will help yours grow at a faster rate.

12. Comment on blogs that have CommentLuv installed (like mine!). Also, install CommentLuv so other bloggers are encouraged to comment on your site.

13. Create an email signature with a link to your blog.

14. Submit your blog posts to search engines.

15. Be sure to add tags to your post. If I'm reading your recipe and it's tagged vegetarian, I'm going to click on that tag and check out the others that are tagged with that same keyword. Cha-ching! More pageviews.

16. Try a blogging calendar or schedule. These things don't work for me, but so many bloggers swear by them I thought it'd be worth mentioning.

17. Change your permalink structure so it's SEO friendly. Instead of URL.com/category/date/post-name, change it to URL.com/post-name

18. Post in forums. When I first started getting serious about blogging, I added my blog link to my Cafemom signature. Most of my pageviews came from my friends on that forum. If you're well known in an online forum, use it to your advantage!

19. Write shareable content. Great photos are more likely to be shared than if you post photos from your phone. Improve your photos and readers will share 100 times more than they are now!

20. Create a "how to" guide (like my How to Become a Virtual Assistant article).

21. Set up a FAQ page. Answer questions in individual posts, then link back to them on your FAQ page. If you set your FAQ page up with awesome SEO, your pageviews could jump substantially.

22. Link to your posts from your Squidoo or Examiner articles. Not only will you be getting a high-quality backlink, you'll be driving traffic to your blog from several sources while potentially making money off of them.

23. Respond to emails promptly. You're including a link to your blog in your email signature, so that means more traffic! I fail at this one, big time. My inbox is so overwhelming that sometimes I avoid it for days, so do as I say not as I do. ;)

24. Become a YouTube sensation. Easier said than done, of course, but if you create helpful videos and post them on YouTube, then embed them on your site, you could see a huge increase in traffic if one goes viral!

25. Write about topics that are trending. Check Google Trends, Twitter, and even Yahoo's homepage to see what is trending. If it interests you, write about it.

26. Try to respond to blog comments. I know this isn't always possible, but try to respond to comments as they come through on your blog so your readers know you're interested in what they have to say!

27. Set up an account on Flikr. If you host your images there, and link back to your blog, it could increase your blog traffic.

28. Have a "popular posts" section. Look over at my sidebar -- sometimes I will feature posts with images, and sometimes just with text. Either way, showcase your best posts on the front page of your blog!

29. Use the nrelate plugin.

30. Increase your site's loading time. Do a pingdom test to find out how slow your site really is.

31. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly. You may find 60% or more of your readers are actually viewing from their phones!

32. Take a poll. Ask an interesting question, and have the poll results posted publicly. People love knowing what others think.

33. Include a bonus (like I did at the end of this list)! If your post says "11 Ways to Lose Weight Fast", add a 12th one as a bonus. Your readers love bonuses, I promise!

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  • Well, I am certainly bookmarking this post. I have been wanting to improve my blog traffic since switching to my snazzy new WP site on Sunday. Thanks for sharing, Sadie!ReplyCancel

  • Sadie this is a tweet-worthy-share-worthy, pin-worthy post that must have taken a good deal of time to put together and there’s wisdom from start to finish. Bookmarking, tweeting, sharing and pinning this because you rock!ReplyCancel

    • SlapDashMom

      Thank so much, Marina! It took about 3 days but was so worth it.. I love how it looked when it was done!ReplyCancel

  • I am happy to say that I already do some of these. Of course, there are a fair amount of these I still need to do, l like cutting down load time. Grr!ReplyCancel

  • These are such excellent tips! The only thing I prefer is to have dates in the permalink so that I know how fresh the content is. I always look for that when I’m searching for info.ReplyCancel

    • SlapDashMom

      I think that’s part of the reason I don’t put dates.. because if I wrote a post last year I still want people to check it out.. dating it would give them a reason not to, ya know?ReplyCancel

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  • Wow!!! A lot of really useful info here. I’m going to have to do a “To Do List” and conquer these one by one! Thank you!ReplyCancel

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  • Jess

    Wow! These tips are awesome. I think I should do guest post and submissions more often.By the way I could not understand the role of nrelate plugin in this context.
    Your writing style is too impressive !! :-)ReplyCancel

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    Have a great day!

  • Thank you for the advice! :) I’m a new blogger, so I’m still figuring out things.ReplyCancel

  • Mike

    To get better response try posting during business hours and always post on weekdays. There is more possibility of someone checking out your blog during these times instead of a weekend. Post at different times and check between what times you get the maximum views. Once you figure that out post during those hours.ReplyCancel

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  • Just happened on this page via Pinterest and I’m so glad that I did. I will be favoriting your blog and I have already signed up for your email updates. Thanks so much for the info and I am going to attempt to complete all 99. I have already done some of these, but not nearly enough! Thanks again!ReplyCancel

  • Holy crap, that’s a lot of pointers. I’ll have to bookmark this one and keep coming back to make sure I try a bunch of new ideas. Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • I will be going down your checklist today! My traffic always drops during the summer so with Fall around the corner, I am hoping my traffic will bounce back. I recently added a pin that is taking off…which excites me! Thanks for the info!ReplyCancel

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  • Glad you linked to the 20 calorie dinner. That thread gave me a good laugh. And now i want to try those noodles. :)ReplyCancel

    • SlapDashMom

      Michelle, that thread was CRAZY. :) I love your blog name.. heading over now.ReplyCancel

  • Well, well, well! I tested my site on the pingdom you recommended. First try failed! 86% slower than all the sites tested. I went off and installed the WP Super Cache Plugin you also recommended, just tested it again, now my site is 36% faster than all sites tested! One happy lady here! I’m going to see what else I can fiddle around with, I have a lot to go, but this sure has been a good start. Thanks for the awesomesttttt post!ReplyCancel

  • Glad I found you on SITS! It’s amazing how much there is to learn about blogging/networking. I’ve had my blog for a year, and I’m still learning. Some of the things on this list I do, others I hadn’t thought of. Thank you so much!ReplyCancel

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  • This list is so awesome. I’m curious about this –> 21. Set up a FAQ page. Answer questions in individual posts, then link back to them on your FAQ page. If you set your FAQ page up with awesome SEO, your pageviews could jump substantially.

    Are you referring to general questions or questions you get asked?ReplyCancel

    • SlapDashMom

      You could list any questions – if you get asked certain questions over and over, you’ll put those on your FAQ page. Answer them in a post and you can link back to that post. If you have general things you want people to know, you could ask questions and answer them too. “What’s your favorite color??” :)ReplyCancel

  • How does #1 help with traffic?ReplyCancel

    • SlapDashMom

      They have to hit “more posts” to see more of your posts, which gives you more pageviews. :)ReplyCancel

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