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How A “Tropical Island Loophole” Obliterated My Stubborn Flab & Reclaimed My Life

My name is Linda and I genuinely appreciate you taking your valuable time to read my story…

I remember back in my 20s and 30s when I used to:

  1. Have plenty of energy from morning to night
  2. Keep a trim figure even while living on burgers and donuts
  3. Eat what I wanted…WHENEVER I wanted, without gaining weight
  4. Stay in perfect shape even though I barely went to the gym
  5. Feel young and fit while wearing tight tops, tanks and shorts

That was me. UNTIL, I hit my early 40’s.

After 40, it ALL Went Downhill, Quickly…

My once thin and petite body became a magnet for extra pounds. My health was worsening and I had little energy throughout the day.

In the hope of making it through the day, I would go to sleep earlier at night.

Sometimes I would stay in bed for over 20 hours and then drag myself the next day.

It was terrible.

This was until my husband and I visited his family in Florida for the holidays. He had booked an Airbnb condo for us to use.

I noticed a fancy digital scale in the middle, as I entered the bathroom.

In years past, we hadn’t had a scale in our home.

I hesitated and decided to try… just to check what it said.

335…What? It was surely broken.

This was hard to fathom.

I was ashamed to look in the mirror in the bathroom.

I looked so tired, puffy and…ahem…”round”

How could it get so bad? How could I have let myself get so far?

I was thinking about the “scale experience” for the rest of the day. As I was getting ready to go to bed that night, I made a decision.

I wanted to Get My “ORIGINAL ME” Back!

When I returned home, the first thing I did was start walking.

However, my joints weren’t going to withstand all the weight that I was carrying.

After that, I began a detox using salads and smoothies.

It worked well initially, but I was too hungry, and it stopped me from achieving my goals.

I even tried some strange home remedies recommended by a woman at my local health food shop.

Including concoctions in my kitchen like pickle cider vinegar, apple cinder vinegar and lemons, as well as other yuck ingredients.

I tried foot detox pads and put a peeled onion inside my socks while I was on the “natural home remedies” kick.

(…I’m embarrassed to admit that I slept with an onion inside my sock…) Crazy, right?

Next, I tried Keto, While there were many delicious meals, I was missing bread so much.

Next, I counted calories and tried Paleo. I even went Vegas for a month.

But, my scale numbers didn’t change?

I thought…

“Could there be something wrong internally?”

So, I booked an appointment to see my doctor.

He sighed and calmly said, “Linda, there is nothing to worry about. This is not something you did wrong.”

He explained to me that my weight gain over time had NOTHING to do with what I’ve been eating or how much exercise I do.

Then he lowers his voice and looked down the hall as if he wanted to check if anyone was listening.

He said quietly, “Linda, you and I have known each other for a while. This is not something I share with anyone. But I want to tell you something I just learned recently that will benefit you.”

“At first I was skeptical. But after seeing people lose weight in stubborn areas, after trying everything else, I became convinced that is was a valid solution.”

Although it’s unusual, it has a lot of science backing it up.

He also told me a story about Anna, a mother to 4 children, who gained unhealthy weight after each child.

“Anna was in the same situation as you. She was able to lose six inches in just six months by following a morning routine that balances the gut and metabolism.”

He continued, saying that Anna had discovered 3 amazing benefits from this method.

  1. She could eat whatever she wanted
  2. No exercise
  3. It worked really quickly

“It takes only 12 seconds per day.”

He stated, “All of the details are here.”

He then handed me a slip of paper with the website address printed on it.

Well, it’s obvious I couldn’t get home fast enough to check out this website.

Truth be told, I didn’t even wait to get home. I just pulled it up on my phone in the Doctor’s office parking lot.


I was just BLOWN away by everything I just learned.

Could something so simple really deliver those results in such a short period of time?

I had questions in my head, but my heart said, “YES! This is your answer!”

Needless to say, I followed my heart…

98% Of People Have Never Even Heard Of This…

So, I’ve been using this “Tropical Island Loophole” for a while now, and I am absolutely THRILLED!

Almost immediately, I started seeing results. Just like Doc said I would.

The scale numbers started to drop on Day 2 and have been falling ever since.

Every other week it seems that I am replacing a part of my wardrobe.

As I walk through the petite section for women, I find myself pinching my skin and thinking that I am in a dream.

My husband also noticed the difference…right away…if you understand what I mean. Let’s just say that there is anew spark in our relationship. Even at our age!

He is also now using the loophole. It works for men, too!

Other things I’ve noticed since I began using it is…

  1. My energy has skyrocketed. If you ask me, 59 now feels more like 29!
  2. I feel satisfied after eating and don’t crave snacks all day.
  3. I’m eating more of my favorite foods. Even homemade cheesecake and brownies. All Guilt-Free.
  4. Despite eating more sweets, my blood sugar levels are better. Who’d of thought it?
  5. These days I can sleep better and wake up feeling more awake.

I am SO GRATEFUL I followed my heart and not my head

When my Doctor told me about the unusual “tropical island loophole”, I could easily have just sworn him off. I remained skeptical.

Now, I love who I am. It’s like I am the “REAL ME”, again.

I won’t have to worry about how my health will be in the future because I took the time to find out about this amazing 12-second “Tropical Island Loophole”.

Who would’ve thought?

Naturally, I am starting to be asked questions about how I got my results so quickly.

Below is a link to the video for website I found out about the ritual. Be warned, the video is a bit shocking and emotional – at least it was for me.

I guess the smart thing would be to go ahead and check it out and see for yourself!