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What to do When the Weight Watchers App isn’t Working

How to stay on track without the Weight Watchers app

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Just because the app is down doesn't mean you've gotta freak out, or that you get to stop tracking! Stay the course with these great tips.

Continue tracking.

When the app goes down, it may be tempting to start eating crap food or sneaking in a few things here and there without tracking. WRONG ANSWER. You've gotta keep tracking what you eat, even if you don't know the exact point value. Use your phone's notepad app or even an actual notebook to write down what you eat. Heck, you can even use a post it note if you don't have anything else to write it down on… just make sure it's logged in one way or another!

Stop trying.

No, this doesn't mean stop trying to eat healthy or stop trying to track. Stop trying to access the website or app for a bit. Depending on the issue, an overload of people trying to visit could just make it worse. There's no need to report the bug, either… someone else already has (ten times over)!

Get back to basics.

Use this post on how to do Weight Watchers for free for some tips.

If you've been doing Weight Watchers for any amount of time, you have a good idea of how many points your “regular” foods are. You have a list of 200+ zero point foods that can tide you over until the app comes back online, too.

Say you're going out to eat for lunch. Just use your best guesstimate on points, and try to order something healthy. High protein low carb is usually your best bet! Think chicken, salad without dressing or cheese, etc. Remember to watch the breading, and method of cooking (avoid fried if at all possible). If you eat something that would probably take all of your points, just stick with zero point foods the rest of the day and drink lots of water!

Keep eating.

This goes without saying, but make sure you keep eating. If you wait too long to eat your next meal or snack, you could end up binge eating when you do finally get something to eat. Drink more water to hold you a little longer if you need to, but you've gotta have healthy food going into your body every few hours if you want to stay on track.

Use my favorite Weight Watchers recipes for a fall back if you don't have anything planned for dinner! Points are listed in each recipe.

Keep moving.

Worried about overeating when the app is down? Go for a walk! The best way to stay on track is to keep moving forward – literally!

Visit your support groups.

Everyone needs a support group! If you aren't part of my free Weight Watchers group yet, make sure you join. There are tons of recipes, tips, and just overall support that you'll absolutely love.

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