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Weight Watchers Freestyle Success

We are giving away an Air Fryer! If you already have an Air Fryer, or you don't want one, you will win an Amazon gift card! Scroll down for the giveaway.


Check out our Weight Watchers recipes:

Weight Watchers Breakfast Casserole
2 Ingredient Bagels
Weight Watchers Lasagna
Weight Watchers Quiche
Weight Watchers Pot Pie
Weight Watchers Taco Casserole
Weight Watchers Broccoli Cheddar Soup
Weight Watchers Pancakes
Black Bean Burgers
0 Point Chicken Taco Soup
Instant Pot Bread Pudding
Cinnamon Roll Casserole

Dessert Pizza from Jen.

Pretzel crusted chicken nuggets from my friend, Katie.

And Weight Watchers Lemon Pound Cake from my friend, Melissa!

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  1. I absolutely love my air fryer! I’ve made deep friend turkey burritos without the bad. Best investment hands down!

  2. I’ve been wanting one, great giveaway!

  3. Thanks for this awesome opportunity to win!

  4. I need an air fryer!! I hope i win!!

  5. I have been wanting one really bad . Thanks for the chance to win one .

  6. Thank you for this page and now a chance for an airfryer woohoo.

  7. I have a handicap son who has getd and air fryer is an awesome way to cook for him
    Please enter me in the raffle
    Meredith Colon
    Merecol5 @aol.com

  8. Awesome!! Just learning about the air fryer would be a great surprise and something new to play around with to go along with all these great recipes

  9. My mom got one of these for Xmas and has been raving about it. Love to be entered for a chance for one of my own. Thanks

  10. Love your site !! WW Lemon Pound Cake ?!? Really. I have been researching air fryers in my journey towards healthy tasty eating. Here is my shot at trying to win one. cheers !

  11. Would love to win the air fryer

  12. This air fryer would make me feel so wonderful to have! I’ve been on WW for a week and a half now & keeping on slowly but surely! I’m grateful for your offering us an opportunity to win! 💖

  13. Would love to have an air fryer!

  14. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes and running the giveaway! Your kindness is so inspiring!

  15. Thank you for all your support and suggestions it helps and means a lot.

  16. I would love to win the air fryer. Trying to get my diabetic 2 cubby body o a healthy weight Great recipes BTW.

  17. I would love an air fryer, I’m absolutely in love with my Instant Pots (I own 3) and this seems like the perfect cooking compliment.

  18. I would love to win an air fryer! It would be such a blessing on my weigh watchers journey.

  19. New to Weight Watchers, love new ideas and recipes. Air Fryer sounds awesome!!

  20. I would like to win the amazon card. I would buy kitchen accessories to help me on my journey to eating healthier.

  21. I would really Love to win the Aur Fryer. My husband is on a Gluten Free as he gets deathly sick and is very limited to what he eats, cooking with oil really hurts his stomach, If I could win this Fryer it would be so great. Thank you for reading. Anita

  22. I really like your recipes! I would also love the air fryer, TY Karla

  23. I’m trying one of your recipes tonightm! they all look great! Please enter my name into the air fryer raffle, thanks Karla

  24. I would love to have a fryer! I wanted one for Christmas but didn’t get one. I need to lose so much weight! I need all the help I can get. Thank you!

  25. This has been on my I desire really bad list…just have not been able to purchase…pick me please

  26. Love Weight Watchers down 52lbs. I don’t know much about the Air Fryer sounds like an amazing appliance!

  27. I love Weight Watchers down 52lbs now!!! I would love to win and use an Air Fryer!

  28. Just had a Pacemaker put in.. Need to make lots of changes in my life.. This would help.. Thank You..

    1. Be sure to check…I just purchased an air fryer and also have pacemaker. Third sentence in instruction book states “do not use if you have a pacemaker.” Haven’t talked to my doctor yet.

  29. Trying to win this for my husbands mom. She has Alzheimer’s. She has lost a lot of weight and could use this not only for cutting out the high fat but for how the air fryer just shuts off when the timer is up so she does not forget and burn anything or start a fire. Thanks for the opportunity!

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