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Eating at Chipotle on Weight Watchers doesn't have to be stressful. I've written this post as a reminder to myself – and hopefully to help others – that I can eat out without blowing all of my points. And, I can eat at places like Chipotle with large servings and low point options. Join our Facebook group for more great tips and recipes!

{Burrito pictured above is featured on Chipotle's website – it's at least 24SP}

Weight Watchers Chipotle Survival Guide

Making healthy food choices while eating out is easy with Weight Watchers. Unlike with other diets, WW doesn't limit you on what you can and can't eat. Yes, you have to stay within your points, but you have complete freedom over what you eat. The only limitation I really worry about setting for myself is carb intake. I tend to go overboard with carbs (even when staying within my points), so at places like Chipotle I do skip the rice and tortillas. I sure love the chips, but at 17SP for an order, I skip those also. I'd much rather have a delicious chocolate dessert (or even some Deep Fried Oreos from the fair) than blow half my daily points on chips. If I really want chips, I'll make them in my Air Fryer.

What to Eat at Chipotle When You're on Weight Watchers

You have many Weight Watchers friendly options at Chipotle. Remember your zero point foods list and don't be scared to load up on protein! I question the accuracy of some of the items in the WW app because it shows the kid's Barbacoa is 0SP but the regular is 4SP. Beef is not 0SP so I'm not sure where that calculation came from. When in doubt, use Chipotle's nutritional calculator. Then, calculate points in the WW app. Kind of a pain in the butt, but I figure we don't eat out very often and I may be eating 50SP instead of 10SP if I don't calculate it, so it's worth it for me.

Building a Weight Watchers Friendly Bowl at Chipotle

Start with a bed of lettuce (0 points, 10 calories).

Load up on pinto beans (0SP), black beans (1SP), salsas (0SP), and veggies (1SP).

Skip the tortilla (7SP for 3 flour taco tortillas, 6SP for 3 corn tortillas, or 9SP for burrito), rice (6SP), vinaigrette (9SP for 2oz!), and chips (17SP – kids menu chips only 4SP) – unless you have the points left… then by all means, dig in! :) It's crazy to me how I used to eat chips and queso AND a burrito bowl.

Chips and queso alone = 26SP! Being mindful of what we eat and tracking every bite is why we are so successful with Weight Watchers.

Rice (6SP)
Steak (3SP)
Chicken (4SP)
Barbacoa (4SP)
Sofritas (5SP)
Queso (5SP)
Cheese (4SP)
Guacamole (8SP)
Sour Cream (5SP)

Ideas for What to Eat at Chipotle

What you eat at Chipotle depends on how many points you have allotted for this meal. Here are some ideas of Weight Watchers friendly meals at Chipotle. Some are low point meals, while others are higher… that is why I love WW, though, the freedom is all yours!

2 Freestyle SmartPoints: Lettuce (0SP) + Corn Salsa (0SP) + Black Beans (1SP) or Pinto Beans (0SP) + Fajita Veggies (1SP) + Salsa (0SP)

4 Freestyle SmartPoints: Steak (3SP) + Corn Salsa (0SP) + Pinto Beans (0SP) + + Fajita Veggies (0SP) + Lettuce (0SP) + Salsa (0SP)

6 Freestyle SmartPoints: Double Steak (6SP) + Corn Salsa (0SP) + Pinto Beans (0SP) + Salsa (0SP)

8 Freestyle SmartPoints: Double Chicken (8SP) + Pinto Beans (0SP) + Corn Salsa (0SP) + Lettuce (0SP) + Salsa (0SP)

10 Freestyle SmartPoints: Rice (6SP) + Barbacoa (4SP) + Pinto Beans (0SP) + Corn Salsa (0SP) + Lettuce (0SP) + Salsa (0SP)

12 Freestyle SmartPoints: Brown Rice (6SP) + Corn Salsa (0SP) + Black Beans (1SP) + Fajita Veggies (1SP) + light Guac ( 4SP) + Lettuce (0SP) + Mild Salsa (0SP)

I tried to use this list to find the Freestyle Point Values for all foods at Chipotle, but I noticed the values were off (by a point on some) compared to the Weight Watchers app – so be careful. If all else fails, use Chipotle's nutritional calculator and plug that info into your WW or iTrackBites app.

Weight Watchers Chipotle Survival Guide

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Notes about Weight Watchers Chipotle

A lot of people think the chicken, veggies, and black beans at Chipotle are zero points, but they're not! I saw this note from a worker at Chipotle who does Weight Watchers: The chicken is thigh meat, marinated in adobo, honey, and oil. It’s grilled on an oiled flat top grill (so the fat isn’t dripping away). The fajita veggies are cooked in oil. The rice is tossed in oil, salt and citrus juice. There isn’t a single item at Chipotle (other than lettuce) that I would count as 0 points.

According to various calculators, the salsas and pinto beans are, in fact, zero points. Other than that, I feel like her statement is pretty accurate! I always figured it was breast meat used at Chipotle so I would have counted it as 0SP. That is why it's always good to double-check rather than assuming.

Weight Watchers Desserts

Save points at Chipotle and you'll have some left for dessert! Here are some of our most popular Weight Watchers FreeStyle Recipes. There are so many great ways to lower points on your favorite foods, and we have tons of revamped recipes you are going to enjoy!

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