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For years, many of us have seen gift cards as impersonal gifts, when in fact I think it's the opposite! Gift cards are a great opportunity to allow the gift recipient to choose what they get. There's nothing more personal than that. Long gone are the days of giving an olive green turtle neck four sizes too small (Rachel's mom's first gift to me LOL), the future is here! Give a gift card, and make it personal with these special ways to dress up gift cards.

walmart mastercard gift card pack

Whether your gift recipient is a kid, teen, or adult, gift cards are the perfection option because they're easy, and you can still make sure they know you put thought into them – without going overboard and possibly missing the mark. For example, teen girls usually love makeup. But what if they changed their mind in the past month and are now anti-makeup? Crazier things have happened! Giving a gift card in a basket with a few little health and beauty trinkets is much safer than trying to pick out makeup for someone else.

Ways to Dress Up Gift Cards

I'm working on gift tins (instead of gift baskets, because they seal and are easy to mail!), and have stumbled across so many great ideas! I have some linked at the bottom of this post.

Ways to Dress Up Gift Cards

The first step in creating an awesome gift with gift cards is to head to Walmart. Right now, they have a HUGE display with tons of options! They have stocked everything from Regal Cinemas and Cracker Barrel to Disney and Google Play.

Ways to Dress Up Gift Cards

I wanted to make a cupcake and cookie decorating tin to give away on Facebook. Each tin included a $20 Mastercard vanilla gift card, a cookie cutter, some cupcake liners, holiday sprinkles, and cupcake toppers.

Ways to Dress Up Gift Cards

I filled each tin with gift wrap before adding the goodies, then folded it up nicely before closing the tin. These tins were less than a buck and already had bows on them! The other items I purchased were only a few bucks, and I divided them into three tins.

Walmart Holiday Gift Card Campaign

Other ways to dress up gift cards include:

Nesting Boxes

Whole roll of duct tape around a box

Cereal box with shredded paper

Gift bag with candy

Inside a snow globe

Gift card bouquet

In stockings or mittens

Ornament gift card holders

Mini wreaths with candies attached

Spa in a Jar from Growing Up Gabel

Christmas Snow Globes from Heather Disarro

Cracker Barrel Gift Basket for Mom from Kelli's Kitchen

Teacher Gifts in a Mug from Ever After in the Woods

Cute & Crafty Christmas Gifts from Espresso and Cream

Movie Night Gift Basket from Mommy Hates Cooking

Dinner and a Movie Gift Basket from Thrifty Northwest Mom

how to dress up gift cards

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