Underwater Photo Shoot with Nell

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Today is Nell's 14th birthday! And while I will definitely be writing a birthday post later, we just got back from shooting some pics at the pool and I just had to share! Vivitar sent me a DVR786 action camera to try out, and we had a blast doing so!

The DVR786 is available at Wal-Mart (and Amazon!), and is only $59.99 – which is a fraction of the cost of other action cameras. This one does photo and video, and both are pretty darn awesome. While using the waterproof enclosure (included), it's submersible up to 30 feet. Also included are a bike/ATV mount and helmet bracket. No need to buy expensive add-ons … they're all included!

Underwater Photo Shoot

Designed to capture all family adventures in dynamic, full high definition 1080p at 30 fps, the Vivitar DVR786 will also capture 12MP still images and includes an easy-to-use remote control.

The remote allows for easy on demand recording so consumers capture only the footage and still shots they want with the touch of a button, without having to stop or fumble with the camera. This conserves storage capacity and saves time in the video editing process.

This camera is rugged, and versatile. Take it on your hikes, strap it to your kid while they're riding their bike! The possibilities truly are endless. You've seen the amazing action footage others have taken … now it's time to take your own.

The images are crisp and clear, even underwater. It was overcast today but we were still able to get some great shots.

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But wait, there's more! You can ENTER TO WIN a Vivitar DVR786HD of your own. You'll get the camera, bike mount, helmet bracket, etc. The only thing you'll need to buy is a microSD card and adapter.


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  1. to start off, let me say I’m jealous you still have swim worthy weather. We are definitely in fall here in Georgia! ;)

    How cool would it be to be underwater, and snap pics of what it looks like to see someone diving from that way? From them being blurry before they jump into the water, and all the way to the crystal clear bottom! I see a project in my (warmer) future!

  2. I would love to take underwater photos here in the Gulf especially when we snorkel. Also to be able to take it onto water rides at wet and wild near our timeshare!

  3. If I had this camera I would make my kids to the lake and and do lesson on under water animals.

  4. I would LOVE to win this as a Christmas gift for my son! He is always doing fun goofy stuff and wanting to have a go pro for it. I like this one better for the extras that come with it and it looks like it takes great shots. I know we could get into all sorts of fun with this.

  5. I would be taking pictures at the beach(once the red tide dies) and the pool with the kids!

  6. Omg this would be great for my little family! I would use the Vivitar Action Camera to capture the amazing emotions, actions and imagination of my 3 beautiful kids. It would help me to capture the fun a see them having on the trampoline. It would also help me capture the mile stones my 1 year old will be completing now that she is into everything and going everywhere. :)

  7. If I were to win this, it would be a fight in our house for sure. Both of my boys and my husband (I should just say, “all three boys” ?) want one. Knowing my husband, he’d probably strap it to his remote control truck. The boys would strap it on their bike handlebars. Actually, my 21-year-old son had a bike accident last month and it would have been helpful to be able to see exactly what happened.
    This is really cool. Less than $60 makes it a potential Christmas gift.

  8. I would use it in my pool and at the beach. I get very few pictures of my kids in the water because I am afraid of my phone getting wet.

  9. My kids would love to have underwater photos of them in the pool! I really like that this camera comes with all of the accessories too!

  10. If I won I would take my son and nieces and nephews on an adventure. To a swimming pool for fun underwater shoots, then out into the gorgeous Oregon forests for a fun fall hike with awesome pictures to capture it all. So many options

  11. I would love to win this, for when my son so we can take pictures of hid first time swimming.

  12. I would use this to help my brother with visuals to help with skills. Being able to take pictures and videos underwater would be awesome and would allow us to show him nothing is underwater that will hurt him. Being able to take a camera near the wayer without worrying about dropping it in or ir getting wet is amazing and would really help. Thank you for the amazing opportunity to win one.

  13. These photos are adorable!! If I won this camera boy would I have fun!!! My family is into hunting,fishing and traveling anywhere you cannot get a camera wet and of course swimming in the ocean and pool we’d get some great shots…I wonder if we could take photos of trout in the river and rainy day pics and snowstorms too like we get in Connecticut…this would be a great fun way for me and my family to photograph our the love of the outdoors life???☔️??????thanks for the opportunity to register to win! Lisa

  14. This sounds like a wonderful present for my boys. They’ve been getting into photos more. Especially action shots while camping!

  15. What a way to create memories! Since i have a camera, this would go to my daughter, so she can capture all those important moments

  16. High school seim team is starting. This camera would be amazing to take photos of the swimmers to show form, and of course, amazing water shots. Plus this camera would need to go on our hikes with us. All those waterfalls, creeks, rivers, rocks under water, minnows, etc. can you imagine taking pictures of all those rocks and indian beads under the water? It’d be incredible. Plus I wouldn’t fear letting the kids take control of the camera. Then when we actually get to go zip-lining – this camera wiuld be strapped to me or my helmet. Heck yeah!

  17. If I were to win this I’d let my twins play with the camera. If it’s water proof it has got to be drool proof right? Things still go right to the mouth, but right now, but they are definitely starting to get interested in things such as photography (or at least selfies!).

  18. We are hoping to take the kids to Florida in the next couple years. Three of us including myself have never seen the ocean! This would make for some fantastic memories!!

  19. This camera looks amazing. I would use it to capture my children playing in the fall leaves as well as the snow then it starts to fall. I do not have any pictures on my walls right now because I dont have a camera and with this I can fill my walls with pictures of all 3 of my children. Thank you so much for the chance.

  20. Since we do a lot of day and weekend trips, I’d document our shenanigans. We plan to live and travel in an RV soon, and it would be great to have a camera to capture the places and scenery wherever we go.

  21. We would use this for underwater photography anytime we go swimming. I think it would be really fun to take hiking or use as a helmet cam while my little one learns to ride her bike! I think the options are really pretty limitless.

  22. I want this camera – it looks absolutely amazing! It’s simple: I want to be able to post pictures of my cute kids swimming. And an affordable camera that is also waterproof: genius! I’m tired of putting my phone in a ziplock Baggie in order to take pics at the water park. <— ok, so I don't really do that, but I've considered doing that.

  23. Since I live in sunny Florida I could think of so many possibilities to use this camera! I would take it snorkeling down at John Pennekamp in Key Largo, go to my local beaches out to the man-made reef, take it in my pool, when I go on vacation which I do frequently, etc! I would get a lot of use out of it while having a lot of fun!

  24. I would use it to get some great shots of my kiddos. Being it is no longer warm out I would have to wait for underwater pictures til we open the pool in the Spring. My kids live in the pool when it is warm.

  25. we love to swim and play in the water! I am a photographer and having an underwater camera could increase my availability to do even more types of photos!!

  26. We go on vacation to Florida and if I had this camera, I can film myself swimming with dolphins, or snorkel in the ocean. and many more thing without worrying about a camera getting wet.

  27. This would save me so much money! Any time we go to the beach I buy 2 (or more) waterproof disposable cameras. I have gotten some of the best memory shots with these! But they end up being pretty expensive :(

  28. I would give this to my step kids for Christmas so they can start a You Tube Channel. My step daughters struggles with school. She’s got a feature of success. So over the summer she set goals of things she wanted to accomplish during the summer. She achieved all of them EXCEPT starting a You Tube Channel because our old camera broke and we couldn’t replace it. I’d love give her the chance to finish her list. She wants to create softball tutorials and record her crazy brothers stunts.

  29. Hi, We just brought home our 5th dog. Now our son is married and the occasional trip to visit at college our furry friends are our day to day fun. Our new Stanley is just a delight he is fun and has the other four playing every day and he just goes and snuggles with the others. I would use the camera in getting action shots of the dog. All of my dogs came of way of needing a home. Our last owner was elderly and moving, sounds like he was not at home a lot. So like our children we can never have to many pictures.

  30. I could do sooo much with this camera!! I’ve got 3 kids involved in lots of things: dancing, cheerleading, soccor, football, swimming. I have my niece and nephew that are involved in dance and hockey. I would be a picture taking fiend with this camera!!

  31. We are in The process of buying a house with an in ground pool. I would take pictures of my grandchildren ages 6 (boy) and 1 (girl).. How cool would it be for them to look back at pictures of them learning to swim in mommom and poppop’s pool?

  32. What wouldn’t I do with this camera?! We are a very active family and I normally don’t take my expensive camera with me to the lake or pool or out for a bike ride or hike. This camera is rugged enough to handle all of my family’s crazy moments.

  33. I’d share it with my little girl. She’s so creative and wants a camera or a video camera so bad.this sounds like an awesome buy for all that it has. I’m a little broke this year (who isn’t lol) so Christmas is going to be a lot of little things, but things I know she’ll love (amazon jewelry for 1.99 :) )I would love to have this awesome present to go along with the little ones. Even though there is no way I could wait that long to give this to her. No matter who wins I just hope they love it and put it to use. Because that’s the one thing I can promise, it will get used and we would be so grateful!!!

  34. if I had that Vivitar camera, I’d use it while mountain biking! some of my friends have the GoPro which starts at 100 bucks and up. I’m not quite at that price point where I’d splurge on one without guilt. Mountain biking in the Bay Area is so…much…fun! the hills are rolling enough to be thrilling but not so hard that I have to get off the bike and walk. I’d put the videos on my Facebook page for everyone to enjoy.

  35. If I were to win this Vivitar Action Camara I would use it to capture everything about my 10 month old daughter who is just starting to take steps. It would be amazing to strap this to her walk behind toy and see the world from her perspective. I could use this to capture her first steps alone, all the play time between her and big sister, and just her growing up! My kids don’t like to sit still so this would allow me to document the little moments that happen daily!

  36. I’d give the camera to my son to take some awesome pics and videos while he’s snorkeling in the Gulf.

  37. This camera would be amazing in so many different ways. For the pool, like you showed; hiking, bike riding, I’d even love to take it on my run so my friends could “run with me”. I could find so many uses for this great camera!

  38. I love to do videos for youtube as does my youngest, I could see this camera getting a lot of use with our family, especially during the summers. Pool time, theme parks, and all the other running around we do.

  39. With the DVR786 I would be able to take pictures and video of all of our adventures. … everything from camping in the forests around Oregon, going to one of the many rivers, lakes and beaches, rafting, our spontaneous road trips, the great wild life that walk through or city streets such as deer, foxes, geese and turkeys etc. .., all of the crafts i do with my children’s group, even the fire pit my husband is planning on making. I now have a new idea for him after reading Rachel’s post on the do it yourself fire pit, maybe showing him that it is about 82 paving stones may get him thinking about his project a bit more… how about all of the cakes i bake, ask of the reviews that a picture or two maybe even a would be a great value to the review. Thank you for the opportunity to win this camera and the many accessories it comes with!

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