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Oh, hey there! If you're new here, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Sadie, and I'm a newly single mom to three girls (ages 16, 12, and 11). In this sponsored post, we're gonna talk a little about my crazy life and a lot about Intelligent Blends. Stay tuned.

get kids to get along

Lately, most of my time has been spent figuring out new routines. Our evening routine is pretty chill, but mornings can get hectic – especially if Sapphire is having an “off” morning. The biggest issue I have is the constant fighting! Thankfully, I finally figured out that the key to peace in the mornings is to have each girl get ready in a separate bathroom. Besides that, I've learned to make mornings happy by letting them make their own coffee. Whattttt?!

intelligent blends coffee

It sounds simple enough, right? Truly, though… investing in a single-serve brewing system and recyclable pods has been the number one way to get the kids out of my hair (and away from each other's throats) every morning. The girls know if they start fighting, the coffee maker is not going to get used! Some call it bribery, some call it positive reinforcement; I call it survival.

Then, after the kids are gone for the morning, you get to sit back and make your own with the simple press of a button!

shopblends coffee blends

Intelligent Blends offers pods that satisfy our desire to achieve sustainability, all while being safe and affordable. ShopBlends.com offers a wide selection of recyclable single serve coffee, espresso, tea, cocoa, and more, and they're Fair trade and Organic. Try a sample today!

Recyclable pods from Intelligent Blends produce 43% less greenhouse gasses than other pods, cost as low as $.36 per cup, and are made in the USA. Their pods are compatible with Nespresso®, Keurig®, and k-cup® brewers.

Use code SLAPDASHMOM to get 10% off AND Free shipping on everything!

intelligent blends recyclable coffee pods

With incredible quality and 100% Arabica beans, Intelligent Blends offers an award-winning eco-friendly USA made solution to single-serve coffee!

Our favorites so far are:

Intelligent Blends Gourmet Cappuccino in Recyclable Pods
Organic & Fair Trade Gourmet Coffee/Tea with Recyclable Pods
Espresso Capsules (Nespresso® compatible)

Not only is the coffee delicious, the customer service is great! I feel like this would make the PERFECT gift for any teenagers or Moms in your life this holiday season! Okay, okay, maybe dads too. ;)

Don't forget to use code SLAPDASHMOM to get 10% off AND Free shipping on everything!

Sadie Mae is an LGBT Lifestyle blogger living in Arizona with her three daughters. Her passions including traveling, healthy living, and teaching women how to work from home so they can spend more time with their kids.

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  1. My sister and I used to fight when we were growing up. We are great friends now. Hang in there!

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