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Summer Safety Travel Tips

Summer Safety Travel Tips

1. Visit a professional. Even if you’ve followed all of the installation instructions in your car seat manual, it’s always important to visit a certified Child Passenger Safety technician to double check. Visit the NHTSA's website for a list of child safety seat inspection stations and trained technicians by ZIP code.

Watch this video on how easy it is to securely install a Britax ClickTight car seat:

2. Maintain normal schedules on the road. Keep your child’s sleep and snack routine while on the road, if at all possible.

3. Smart Packing. Come prepared for your child’s short attention span with plenty of activities. This will keep your little one calm in the backseat and will give you peace of mind while driving.

4. Visit the backseat. If you’re traveling with your spouse or another adult, take some one-on-one time in the backseat with your little one(s) by playing a game or reading a story. Or, if you have more than one child, sitting in the back seat can break up all the fights they've been having. ;)

For parents who want only the very best, the Pinnacle ClickTight is the safest harness-2-booster car seat from the #1 brand in safety technology. It features the ClickTight Installation System for the safest installation possible so you can be sure your child is well protected. The ClickTight Installation System gives you the safest and easiest installation every time so you can be certain your loved one is safe Our only harness-2-booster seat that safeguards your child with 3 layers of side impact protection, an impact-absorbing base and steel frame Easily adjusts with the push of a button – no need to rethread the harness Wraps your child in comfort with premium padding and fabrics Includes car seat and removable harness padding.

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Save up to 25% on select Britax infant car seats, convertible car seats, and harness-2-booster seats from now until July 31st. Click here to shop.

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This car seat is designed for forward-facing children, 25-90 pounds. As a booster, 40-120 pounds. Please see the website for more details, and remember rear-facing for as long as possible is safest! 

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  1. Great tips! We could definitely use a new car seat! I have little girls that are 4 and 1. We’ve recently had to get rid of an expired car seat. Now my husband’s car has 2 car seats and nine has none.

  2. easy convenient and safer sounds wonderful to me for any one of my precious grand babies

  3. This would be incredible for my kindergarten sized 2 and a half year old. He is 42 lbs and no where near the mentality of being able to be without the 5 point harness.

  4. I need a car seat for my granddaughter that I can keep in my car.

  5. I don’t know who would love this more, my daughter or my nephew haha. This would be an awesome win either way.

  6. I would love to have this carseat for my granddaughter it would be perfect for our car so we are not trading her parents out all the time and I love all the safety features it has!

  7. I want to win this car seat because my son’s carseat seat will expire this year and it would help save us money.

  8. Britax is my FAVORITE brand and I had to get rid of my son’s due to an accident…so this would be FANTASTIC! :D Thanks!

  9. I have heard so many positive things about this brand that I would love to own one and brag also.

  10. My daughter has just about hit the rear facing weight limit on her current seat and I was looking at getting something like this for when I turn her around.

  11. I’d like to win because my current carseat is pretty basic and not as safe as Britax.

  12. My 4 1/2 year old has mostly outgrown her regular car seat and this is exactly what we’ve been hunting for! The belt-only boosters make me nervous at this age (even though she meats the requirements), but a lot of the 5 point boosters can get pricey.

  13. My son has outgrown his car seat and were actually researching car seats right now.. I forgot how expensive they are.. So i really would love to win this to save us some money.

  14. I need a new carseat for my 5 year old so I can put her 2 year old brother rear facing in her current carseat. He has out grown his!

  15. My son will need this soon. We don’t have a booster yet and we have used the b-safe and currently use the Marathon. Thanks for the giveaway

  16. My toddlers seat is about to expire and we need a new one but can’t afford the safest one right now. Would love to win to replace his seat with the best.

  17. We are adopting a baby boy and our older sons outgrew carseats years ago…starting over!

  18. This car seat is on my list. I would love to win one!

  19. Car seat safety is really important to us. Because we only have our one seat, we don’t take friends anywhere. This would let us bring a freind to the park or wherever.

  20. My little girl needs a booster seat and I love the 5 point harness and Britax!

  21. I would love to win so my husband could have a carseat for our daughter in his truck. We have to switch the car seats back and forth right now.

  22. I would like to have this car seat because I would like to keep my grandson as safe as possible while he is in the car with me and his parents.

  23. My daughter needs to graduate up to a bigger car seat soon, and this would be perfect for her!

  24. This would be the perfect seat for my 18 month old. He still needs to be harnessed but in a few years, he will be ready for a booster. His current (and aging) car seat won’t be able to provide him with safety for too much longer. With all of the deaths of bavies, toddler, and small children these days, car seat safety is no joke.

  25. I would like to have this car seat for my niece.

  26. Id love to win this for my daughter

  27. I would love this for my granddaughter who is 8 months old

  28. I would love this for both my 3 1/2 year old or my 8 year old. I would keep it in our 4Runner , so that I wouldn’t have to move it between vehicles. I have attended Britax webinars and they sound like an amazing company with excellent quality safety seats.

  29. I want this because my little guy is almost outgrowing his infant car seat and could really use this.

  30. I would love to win this, because I have waited many years to have children and its finally time! I would love to have something so nice and so safe to start this journey with!

  31. I have twin nephews that i take out with me all of the time. having atleast one carseat to leave installed in my car would be a huge help!

  32. my little ones seat defintiely needs an upgrade. this would be so wonderful to own so i know she is in one of the safest seats possible. Ive heard so many wonderful things about Britax

  33. Grand daughter needs a new seat because grandson will soon be here in September.

  34. My son needs a new car seat! This would be perfect :)

  35. D love to win because my daughter will soon outgrow her infant car seat!

  36. after 10 years, my brother and his wife are expecting their 2nd child – due in November. So I would like to gift this to them!

    Kathryn C

  37. My sister has this seat for my niece, and it’s awesome! I need to get one for my daughter!

  38. I want this carseat for our little one on the way. It would be such a blessing!

  39. We just found out we are expecting baby #2 just weeks after my little girl turned 4 we literally just got rid of everything baby related in June due to having a misscarriage in march it was to hard to have hope anymore ….so this would be beyond appreciated as we are going to need to get carseats, strollers, crib, clothes everything all over again

  40. I just had a baby, so this would be great!

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