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When I wrote the post about why I left LuLaRoe, I knew there would be some backlash. It was to be expected. What was not to be expected was someone who I thought was a friend making a video and talking about me. Saying everything I said was a lie, I was never a consultant to begin with, my blog was just clickbait, etc.

Of course when Brittanie Pyper of Simplistically Living did that, my friends noticed and started PMing me. I PMd her and she denied it, so I posted about it. There was no denying it then, so she started trying to ruin my new business.

lularoe cult

The look on her face when I thanked her for the “shout out” was priceless, and was almost worth being blocked for a week.

Brittanie then started reporting my post (even though I was simply returning the “favor” of giving a shout out), and having her LuLaRoe friends report it. That is where the cult mentality comes in. Facebook didn't do an investigation, or they would've seen I did nothing wrong. However, because of the amount of reports from the LuLa Cult, I was blocked from posting on Facebook for a week.

I contacted MommyGyver to see if she had similar experiences because she speaks out against LuLaRoe too, and she said they've reported her YouTube channel. Who knows what else they have done or will do.

Brittanie knows I do my business on Facebook and it's crucial for me to have access to it, but I left the LuLa cult so all bets are off. She is now determined to ruin my new business.

I will continue to post the truth about LuLaRoe, even if Brittanie and her fellow cult members want to report every post I make. You can't censor my blog now, can you?

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  1. This is a good reminder to folks doing business on Facebook to have someone they trust (like… REALLY trust… a family member, spouse, etc) as an admin on groups and pages. That way if you ever get locked out, you’ll have a way to access anything crucial.

    I’ll be really happy when this mean-girl cult goes away. I was a customer from Feb this year up until a couple of weeks ago, but the more I learn about this company, well, now I’m unwilling to give any of them my money. There are better, cuter, less expensive leggings and tunics out there these days that don’t come with the price of your soul from companies that don’t abuse consultants and customers.

    1. IMD, absolutely! I have a back-up profile where I’m admin on all of my pages, and I have trusted friends that are admins on my pages and groups, but it still brought my business to a screeching halt momentarily. :( They knew that and that’s why they did it.

    2. Could you point me in the direction of some good tunics? I really like the LLR tops but haven’t bought any because the prices are too rich for my blood.

  2. As someone who has been researching whether or not to start with LLR this is an enlightening read. Being a huge Disney fan, I was immediately drawn to this company strictly based on that alone. I wasn’t even interest in selling anything until I saw all the prints they had. That being said, would you recommend people to stay away from being a consultant for LLR? I read in another of your blogpost that you did have success regardless of you leaving. Just wondering your thoughts. Happy to discuss offline as well. Thanks!

    1. I would absolutely recommend you RUN, not walk, away from this horrible company. :(

  3. I’ve heard so much of this. I’m just wondering…. Why? Everyone says it’s bad but why is it so bad? It seems like you’re typical pyramid scheme to me….

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