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We are getting family portraits next week and are SUPER excited about that, so make sure you watch the blog for those. :) Lots of changes are happening in the Slap Dash household, so I wanted to write a quick blog post explaining them all. Mostly to keep you guys up to date but also because when I post about certain things, many people are confused because they never get a full update. Facebook likes to hide half of my posts, so then you guys are like “wait, what did I miss?!” so I'm hoping this helps! Another way to make sure you stay in touch is to sign up for our weekly emails. I send out family updates as well as freebies/printables and recipes once a week.

The kids…

Jenelle is doing well in school. She loves most of her classes and is passing all of them, so that's a plus. Tonight is her last volleyball game of the season. She's going to take a little break, then she might start playing Club volleyball to prepare for next year. Her anxiety has been under control for the most part, and she's learning coping mechanisms (while I'm learning alternatives to “calm down”, because nobody wants to hear that).

Grace has been doing well with homeschooling, but I feel like we've been holding back because when she's in public school, she gets in trouble because she's too far ahead. She gets bored and doesn't know when to shut her mouth (I always had the same problem!). Because we planned on sending her back to public school next year, we didn't want her to get too far ahead. We've worked on lots of fun projects, and she's learned tons about designing online, but academically I want her to learn more.

Sapphire LOVES homeschooling so much. Way more than we thought she would! Her health has improved overall over the past few months since she started taking CBD oil, but this past week was quite rough (I think due to the barometric pressure changes, and her increased tolerance to the CBD:THC drops for treatment).

We have decided to make a HUGE, unexpected change in the homeschooling department: we're sending the girls to the school Jenelle goes to. It's not something we planned, and we don't even necessarily believe it's 100% for the best as far as their education goes, but for right now it's what we need as a family. I need to be able to focus on work during the day while they're at school, because homeschooling while working this much means I'm online way too much. I do get to spend time with them during the day, which is great, but I'm exhausted and working until midnight to catch up on everything.

The blog and our business are making more money than we ever have, which is amazing… but I have to focus in order to keep it growing. It seems selfish to send them to school for this reason, but my mental health is something I absolutely NEED to nurture right now, and this is the only way I see it working at least for the time being. I'm sure people will have their judgments about it, but Rachel and I have discussed it and we both feel like depression is kicking our asses so we've gotta step back and figure it out together.

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Rach is getting back on track with her art now that we're making the garage into a little art studio for her. She's been stir crazy because it's still 100 degrees and is just sick to death of summer already. She's hating Arizona and ready for winter. With the kids going back to school, she will have a lot more free time so I'm hoping she will take some classes or get a part time job doing something she loves, like gardening. We live in the middle of nowhere so jobs are hard to come by, but she just wants something new to focus on and will have that opportunity once she's ready.

As for me…

I've been focusing on the future, and only the future. It probably stems from being homeless and never wanting to go back to that, but I realize it's not healthy to ONLY focus on the future. If I could work 24/7 for the next 10 years so we could all live better through the kids' adults years and through our own retirements, I would. But what I don't realize while thinking this is that I'm not living in the present. And the present is something you can never get back. So while I enjoy working, and love every moment of what I do, I realize I have to learn how to take a step back and focus on the here and now at the same time as I'm building for our futures. Balance. It's not something I've ever been great at (I'm an all or nothing type person), but I know I can and will work on it for my family.

Thank you!

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for actually giving a shit. :) There are SO many blogs to read, so many to follow and support, and you choose to make our family a part of yours. It means so much to us. Thank you!

P.S. I'm going to Las Vegas next week with my best friend to see HANSON!

In a recent interview: MMMBop is a measure of time. Zac said that “The whole song is about the fact that almost everything in your life will come and go very quickly,” he said. “You've got to figure out what matters and grab onto those things.”


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