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Slap Dash 100
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Are you ready for a challenge? You keep saying “tomorrow”… “Monday”… “when I have more energy”. Well, guess what? That time is NOW! Did you know that walking can actually give you more energy? And who couldn’t use a little pep in their step?! So, I need you to join me in this 100 Miles in May Challenge. Why? Because I can’t do it alone!!

TWEET TO ME — let me know how you’re doing! Use hashtag #SlapDash100 to connect with other 100Milers!!
INSTAGRAM IT — post your awesome photos! Hashtag #SlapDash100
FACEBOOK ME — brag all about it! Make your 100 Miles posts PUBLIC and tag them #SlapDash100 so I can see them!

Slap Dash 100

What's the Challenge?

The challenge is simple! Complete 100 miles in May. That’s a little over 3 miles each day. The goal is to push yourself. If 100 miles will be too easy, do 125.. do 150.. but you will complete the challenge as long as you log 100. You CAN do 100. I have faith in you.

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Please visit these pages! I cannot afford the prizes without them. ;)

Ramblings of Mama on Facebook
Michelle Bowman on Twitter
You Brew My Tea on Pinterest
You Brew My Tea on Facebook

How Can I Complete My Miles?

You can complete your 100 miles in many ways! Walk, jog, run, crawl, swim, bike, skip, hop… you name it, you can do it. If you don’t have a pedometer, you can get one from Walmart for $5. If you don’t have $5 to get the pedometer, drive your car a mile up the road. You now have your mile marker. Drive it another mile. That’s your two mile marker. If you walk there AND back, that’s 4 miles.

Think you can’t do it? Send me a message! I will walk “with” you.. just let me know when and I will lace up my shoes. We might not be in the same city (or even the same state), but I will encourage you every step of the way. If you DO happen to live in San Tan Valley, Arizona, hit me up! We will walk together!

What's Up for Grabs?

Everyone that completes and logs their 100 miles will be entered to win a Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Strap! This watch has helped me every step of the way on my fitness journey.

AND… two iBitz trackers from Best Buy! One person will win the Polar, one will win the iBitz trackers.

slap dash 100

If you already have a heart rate monitor, you can give it as a gift to a friend (I can ship directly to them), or you can choose another prize from with a similar value. Item MUST be fitness related!


How do I actually enter? – Rafflecopter will be live by 5/5/14. The only required entry will be to agree that you’ve completed your 100 miles. Extra entries will be given for liking the sponsors pages, tweeting, etc. You are allowed to enter the giveaway BEFORE completing your 100 miles, to keep it simple – but be honest!! Don't enter unless you're going to finish the 100 miles!

What do you mean by “log” my miles? – You keep track of how many miles you complete. I trust you. At the end of each week, you can comment on this post! I’m keeping it simple. You can do more by tweeting, FBing, and instagramming with the hashtag #SlapDash100 but it’s not required.

Does the elliptical/treadmill/insert other equipment here count? – Yes, it all counts. If it doesn’t tell you how many miles you’re doing, though, you’ll count every 20 minutes as one mile. This includes exercise classes.

How do I track my miles? – Use a notebook, use an app, use whatever you need to to keep track. You can use a pedometer, a Fit Bit, a gym machine read out, or something like A fellow Minion even made a free printable log that you can use!

What if I join late? – You’re welcome to join at any time, but you are only eligible to win if you complete 100 miles.


ibitz activity tracker

Like THESE PAGES, then leave a comment letting me know how your 100 miles went (how'd you do it? how many miles did you do? will you join next month?) and you'll automatically be entered to win the prize! This giveaway is open world wide and closes JUNE 7 2014 at midnight

Ramblings of Mama on Facebook
Michelle Bowman on Twitter
You Brew My Tea on Pinterest
You Brew My Tea on Facebook

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  1. Woo! I am so excited. I have never done anything like this before. In the middle of February I started changing my eating habits & throwing in bits of light exercise here & there. I have lost 33lbs so far, but I still have a good 66lbs more to go! Thanks for creating this challenge & for the chance at that really awesome prize! I’ve been stalking that heart rate monitor for a good month now, but just can’t afford it at the present time! Anywho, I’m rambling!

    Day 1, 7.5 miles.
    Day 2, 11.03 miles.

    (I am starting to think I might actually be able to do this!)

  2. So week one is up! Woo hoo! Longest week ever! Haha. :) Just checking in with my miles!

    A tad over 42 miles for me! :) Almost half way there in only 7 days! I honestly didn’t think I would even make it to 100 when I first decided to start this challenge. Now, I’m pushing for 150! :)

    Thank you so much Sadie! You rock my socks lady! This #SlapDash100 came at such a perfect time, as I was wanting to start exercising! You’ve given me something to work towards & for that I must thank you whole heartedly!

  3. Just wanted to say Thanks again for this great challenge that had been fun to do and connect with my daughter across the country but also had given me the encouragement and motivation to try and get myself moving, and moving more than I have since my disability began. 39 miles 11 days in. If I can do it, anyone can! Best of luck to all who start and congrats to all who finish (hopefully the same number in both groups) :-)

  4. So week two is over! I pushed myself through the heat & humidity here in Pennsylvania to get my miles in. I busted my ass & got over 15 miles in today just so I can tell you that I made it to 100 miles! :) Woo hoo! I never wanted a shower so much before in my life. So much sweat! But… I didn’t die! Lmao.

  5. The month is coming to an end and I’m happy to report that I am at 142 miles so far. I will get probably another 20 miles or so before the month is over. I have accomplished this on the bike, a little running and time in the gym. This has been one of my busiest and most challenging months but I still got it done!! It is doable!!

  6. With all my workouts- by my calculations I still only made it to about 50 miles :-(
    Really wanted to win that Polar!
    Good luck to everyone’

  7. Between my workoutsand walks my 100 hundred miles are done! I didn’t know to log them for an exact count but they are definitely done! Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Ok so even with all our rain down here these past 2 days I got my miles in!!!! My girls wanted to know why I was walking so much…well I told them and they asked if they walked could I count there walking too. I said no but I’d love the company while walking. They ride bikes and I walked or rode my bike too!! Weather has been beautiful lately not too humid so we have enjoyed each others company!!!! They think the ‘watch’ is awesome too!!!!

  9. Woo! I can not believe how fast this month went by! I plan on doing a few more miles tomorrow, but, I have completed over 143 miles to date! I’m so incredibly proud of myself as I had no idea I would even get to 100. Talk about couch to __________. I have enjoyed keeping you updated on my progress through twitter, Facebook, & here on the blog. I have a date with my treadmill & cycle tomorrow so I can reach 150! Perhaps 175 will be my goal for next month! I’m excited! Thanks so much for the chance to win that awesome HRM. I’ve been lusting after it for a couple months now. It would be such an awesome tool to help me in the continuation of my journey to lose 100+lbs. You rock! Can’t wait to start a new month!

  10. I have to say I was more of a silent walker but I went to the gym for the last 3 weeks and worked my a$$ off to get this 100 in!!!!! My sister-in-law and I both did it!! Will definitely be doing it again next month!!!

  11. When do the months start over is it from thwarting 1st to the 30/31st i want to start i walked 3 miles today just wanted to know if that counts as the start of my miles

    1. It’s during the actual month. So May is from 5/1 to 5/31. June’s will be the entire month of June. :)

  12. I havnt been able to make it into the gym this past month as much as I’ve wanted to but I have been getting some extra movement in each day. whether is Zumba at home with my crazy daughter or football down at the green belt with my son – sweat everyday and the weight will go away — well atleast that’s what I keep telling myself :-)

  13. I have walked around 2 miles every day monday-thursday and weekends I have gotten a little more or a little less than 4 miles. Add in 20-30 minutes of 30 day challenge exercises and hip hop abs and yay I did it. Can’t wait to start next months.

  14. Well, please put me down for my 100. Was a great challenge and did a lot for us both!

  15. Did my miles via exercise bike. 5 miles a day on average. Walking some days for 1-2 hours at a time, walking the kid around town in his stroller. More than likely to do again in June. It gives me a goal to work on. #SlapDash100

  16. I’m so happy to have won last months challenge! I’ve been slacking the past couple weeks, but I have made it to a little over 90 ½ miles for June! Not as great as my 150 from last month, but not too shabby for two months in a row! :)

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