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Are you ready for a challenge? You keep saying “tomorrow”… “Monday”… “when I have more energy”. Well, guess what? That time is NOW! Did you know that walking can actually give you more energy? And who couldn’t use a little pep in their step?! So, I need you to join me in this 100 Miles in May Challenge. Why? Because I can’t do it alone!!

slapdash 100 may 2015

Tweet it! — let me know how you’re doing! Use hashtag #SlapDash100 to connect with other 100Milers!! There will be an EXTRA prize at the end of the month for one random person that tweets with this hashtag.

Instagram it! — post your awesome photos! Hashtag #SlapDash100

Facebook it!— brag all about it! Make your 100 Miles posts PUBLIC and tag them #SlapDash100 so I can see them!

The Challenge

The challenge is simple! Complete 100 miles in May. That’s a little over 3 miles each day. The goal is to push yourself. If 100 miles will be too easy, do 125.. do 150.. but you will complete the challenge as long as you log 100. You CAN do 100. I have faith in you.

How You Can Complete it

You can complete your 100 miles in many ways! Walk, jog, run, crawl, swim, bike, skip, hop… you name it, you can do it. If you don’t have a pedometer, you can get one from Walmart for $5. If you don’t have $5 to get the pedometer, drive your car a mile up the road. You now have your mile marker. Drive it another mile. That’s your two mile marker. If you walk there AND back, that’s 4 miles.

Think you can’t do it? Send me a message! I will walk “with” you.. just let me know when and I will lace up my shoes. We might not be in the same city (or even the same state), but I will encourage you every step of the way.

What’s Up for Grabs

Everyone that completes and logs their 100 miles will be entered to win one of 3 prizes! In the past, we've just done one prize but I want MORE of you to be able to win… so 3 prizes are up for grabs!

1. YOUR CHOICE of Fit Bit Zip or Polar F4 Heart Rate Monitor

2. $25 Paypal CASH

3. YOUR CHOICE of a Jillian Michaels DVD – whether you want a 6 Week Six Pack, or to do the 30 Day Shred, we've got you covered. YOU choose the DVD, YOU get the results.

Our AWESOME Sponsors

Please like ALL of the sponsors pages! I cannot afford the prizes without them!

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NOTICE: You can enter starting TODAY … but you are only eligible to win if you do your 100 mile check-in. So don't forget!!


How do I actually enter? – This post is the whole shebang! In past months, I’ve done two posts but people got confused. So, every time you complete a milestone (get it.. milestone?!), come enter that on the Rafflecopter. Leave a comment each time too if you want… but it’s not required… just appreciated! Thank you!

You can also enter on Facebook.

What do you mean by “log” my miles? – You keep track of how many miles you complete. I trust you. At the end of each week, you can comment on the 100 Miles post – or you can wait until the end of the month to let me know you did the 100. I’m keeping it simple. You can do more by tweeting, FBing, and instagramming with the hashtag #SlapDash100 but it’s not required.

Does the elliptical/treadmill/insert other equipment here count? – Yes, it all counts. If it doesn’t tell you how many miles you’re doing, though, you’ll count every 20 minutes as one mile. This includes exercise classes.

How do I track my miles? – Use a notebook, use an app, use whatever you need to to keep track. You can use a pedometer, a Fit Bit, a gym machine read out, or something like

What if I join late? – You’re welcome to join at any time, but you are only eligible to win if you complete 100 miles in MAY.

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  1. Hit and went past 25 miles last night! I am truly shocked at myself for doing it, so excited!

  2. Can’t believe it. I hit my 25 mile mark on May 6th. Super excited to be doing this with everyone.

  3. Just hit my 100 mile mark!!! Walked some laps around the track while my daughter was running a practice mile. Still going to keep it up through the end of the month though. :)

  4. I am sooooo thankful for the Slapdash100, it got me motivated to keep on moving. I finished with 119 miles for the month, which is less than my personal goal, but still more than all the previous months! Thank you Sadie!!!!

  5. I am super excited. I made it to 125.55 miles in a month on the 31st of May. It has really gotten me motivated to do more. Thank you for this!

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