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I'm exhausted so excuse the mess this post is sure to be. Sapphire has had allergy tests before, dating back to 2014 or so. She's always had a long list of what she's allergic to, including environmental and food allergies. Mostly, pollen and fresh fruit… and cats. Cats, her favorite animals, she is most allergic to. Thankfully we did not have cats when we found that out! :)

Anyway, onto the test. Then the treatment plan.

skin allergy test

The allergy tests we've done previously included bloodwork and skin tests. The skin tests are the worst, because there are dozens of allergens placed directly on the back (with plastic not needles). With how many things Saff is allergic to, this made for a very uncomfortable 15 minutes while we waited for the results to be interpreted. She was crying almost immediately. The kid who doesn't cry over shots or IVs, but this was different.

allergy test

Most of the positive allergies were only a “2” (on a scale of 1-4) so they weren't horrible.

allergy tests

The worst ones were cats (4), with birch, oak, grass, and weeds being 3s.

The plan is to do allergy shots weekly for about 6 months. Then, monthly allergy shots for 3-5 years. The allergist said allergy shots are most effective on kids, which is great, but that we have to stick it out for that time frame or they won't be as effective long term.

She will be on Xyzal at night, Allegra in the morning, with nasal spray twice a day until the allergies are under control. So far, it seems we are doing everything at home that we can. We are going to buy another hepa filter and make sure we change our air filters every 30 days in the house. :)

allergy tests

Saff was pretty miserable during the allergy test but afterwards, we went to get hot chocolate and she was happy again. :)

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  1. What a sweet heart. I am so sorry that she is going through all of this. But hopefully, these solutions will work for her.

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