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Breaking News: Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting – 27 dead, at least 18 children – ages 5-10. Shooter is Ryan Lanza.

Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting


I'm guilty.

Guilty of taking my children for granted.

Guilty of taking the TIME I have with my children for granted.

I'm guilty of taking motherhood.. life.. everything for granted.

When I sent my kids off to school, I always hug them and say “I love you”, but mornings are hectic. Sometimes I yell, sometimes I say “Oh my gosh can you please just STOP TALKING FOR TWO SECONDS?!” — when in reality, the parents that have lost their children in the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting (and parents that have lost their children – ever) would give ANYTHING to hear their children talking again for just two more seconds.

While I jokingly jabbed those “annoying pregnant women” a few weeks ago, I just took for granted that I had healthy pregnancies without many issues, and that I delivered healthy children. I had no idea that two of my good friends would both lose babies at 18-20 weeks within the last few days. I had no idea that they would not get to “suffer through” 40 weeks of pregnancy. I had no idea that their babies wouldn't make it.

Today is a new day. No matter what yesterday was like, no matter what the last few years have been like, start living each day like it is your last. Getting frustrated with your children is normal, but remember the next words you say to them could be your last – they could be their last… so please, hug your kids. Let them know how much you love them. Let them be kids! Hold them a little tighter, because if today is their last day, you don't want to live the rest of your life with regrets.



Sadie Mae is a Lifestyle blogger living in Arizona with her three daughters. Her passions including traveling, healthy living, and teaching women how to work from home so they can spend more time with their kids.


  1. Well said Sadie, and sadly I am guilty of the same. I am going to copy and print the last part of this post if you don’t mind to remind me in those times of hectic ness and frustration!! What a sad thing to happen today or ever, especially before the Holiday!

  2. I was finishing up some special birthday cake pops for my daughter this morning when I read the news. It was all I could do to finish and package them ready to ship without losing it. Not being able to hug my daughter until she gets here Christmas day is killing me, but today, my heart aches even more.

    What you said….”Let them know how much you love them” is so important. Even on the difficult days, they still need to know.

  3. This made me tear up again. I am guilty as well… and today, my four year old is probably wondering why I’m hugging her so much. Thank you for posting this.

  4. It seems so cliche, but ‘try a little tenderness’ is so right for this comment. When I looked at my kids in all their busyness and doing, I had that thought in my head. I knew i had to explain to my 8 year old what happened at Sandy Hook before he heard about it anywhere else. He is overly sensitive to this kind of news and it throws him into an anxiety driven depression. I told him something happened today in a far away city and some children lost their lives, and that we needed to talk about it, because it was going to be on the news for the next few days, maybe weeks. He stopped everything he was doing and said ‘what happened Mom? Why did the children die?’ I told him about the Sandy Hook massacre. I asked if he had questions and how he felt. “I’m so sad, Mom. I’m really sad. Those kids are younger than I am and they never get to go home again.” We hugged for a long time. I asked him where he thought the children went when they died. He said he knew where they went, they went right home to be with God, but he was still sad about how that happened and that their parents don’t get to see them again. “I don’t want anything like that to happen to us, Mom”.
    And that is where immortality invaded our home yesterday. It could happen to us. It could happen anywhere. Because this is America.

  5. Well said Sadie! So true, I felt so bad this weekend when my kids were getting on my nerves that so many families would never tuck their babies into bed again. Perspective………. certainly changed the way I felt about things, even those things that were getting on my ever last nerve.
    So sorry about your friends losing their babies – it’s a very difficult hard to understand grief. At least for me it was, after losing a baby at 12 weeks. Thank you for the reminder to hold our kids a little tighter. May we be purposeful to remember to do so months and years.

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