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I hope rock painting and hiding is a trend that is here to stay. Spreading kindness and beauty through painted rocks is nothing short of amazing. It's a great mother daughter activity for the girls and me. Because of Saff's health issues, what she can do is limited… but she can paint rocks! And then we wait for the sun to go down and we can go hide them. Grace and Sapphire both had SO much fun with this project that I had to share it with you guys.

Mother Daughter Activity: Spread Kindness with Painted Rocks!

Why are people painting rocks?

The first question I got when I started looking into this was “why?”. For me, it's simple: TO SPREAD KINDNESS. That's how I first learned about hiding painted rocks (#thekindnessrocksproject), and that's our goal for the rocks we paint. We are all super creative, but not necessarily the best at painting LOL so these rocks are beautiful in their own way and are simply meant to spread kindness to whoever finds them.

rock painting activity
Sapphire painting her rocks.

Supplies Needed for Rock Painting

Rocks – Paints – Sealant

The best part about rock painting, besides bonding with the kids of course, is that it's practically FREE! The paints we bought were $.50-$1.97 each, but most people have paint sitting at home anyway, right? I've even seen folks use left over paint from painting the walls in a house. If you're on a budget, post an “ISO” in the local groups for paint. I promise you will find some!

Besides paints, you need rocks and brushes. We found rocks up the road from our house. You can buy them at Michael's if you don't have a source for nice flat rocks. Do not take rocks from parks, beaches, rivers, etc.

If you want to get fancy, I recommend these Posca paint pens.

To seal your painted rocks, use Mod Podge or a similar sealant (I found it was cheapest here).

rock painting ideas

How does it work? How do I get started?

Search Facebook for local rock groups. I searched “San Tan Valley rocks” and found a few. We live in a small town so if I can find some groups, you can too! If not, you can start your own (though it'll be a bit more work). Once you've gathered your supplies, painted and sealed your rocks, and written a note on the bottom (to tell the finder where to post their photo), it's time to “hide” them! We hide ours in plain sight so they're easier to find.

You can also post a photo of the rock on the page after it's hidden, giving clues about its location. Popular hiding spots I've seen include sidewalks (like in front of strip malls and restaurants), parks, playgrounds and family-friendly hiking trails.

Painted Rock Activity

Rules and Tips for Hiding Painted Rocks

Make sure you seal your rocks before hiding them!

Be careful not to leave rocks in grassy areas, as they may damage mowers.

Ask permission before leaving rocks at places of business.

Do not leave rocks in dangerous areas (kids are searching, we don't want them getting hurt!).

Please re-hide your rock!s If you find a rock that you or your child just absolutely LOVE, you can keep it! However, please hide new rocks to keep the game going.

I saw this tip in a group and I really liked it. If you aren't promoting a group itself, create a hashtag just for your family or neighborhood: Be specific. Choose a hashtag for your entire household and continue to use that same specific hashtag. Don't make your family hashtag specific to the rock. Don't make multiple specific hashtags. Make it specific to your family/household. You won't have to remember multiple hashtags when searching for your rocks.

rock painting ideas
She tried some drip paintings. Will take a lot longer to dry!

Rock Painting Groups

Join these national groups for ideas or to share the rocks you hide and find.

America Rocks

America Rocks – Glenda C
America Rocks – Glenda C
America Rocks – Kim W
America Rocks – Kim W
America Rocks – Laney S
America Rocks – Mandy Moon

Be Rad, Paint Rocks

Be Rad Paint Rocks – Aimee S
Be Rad Paint Rocks – Amy P
Be Rad Paint Rocks – Lori H
Be Rad Paint Rocks – Lori H
Be Rad Paint Rocks – Natalia F
Be Rad Paint Rocks – Padma

Rock Painting Ideas

painted rock found in pompano beach fl
painted rock found in pompano beach fl
Painted Rock – Kristine L
Painted Rock – Kristine L
Painted Rock – Kristine L
Painted Rocks – Amy B
happy rocks found in coral springs
happy rocks found in coral springs
happy rocks found in coral springs
happy rocks found in coral springs
Painted Rocks – Kathy B
painted rock – Lori M
painted rock lori m
painted rocks, Alayna
Painted Pokemon Rocks – Ariel S
Painted Pokemon Rocks – Ariel S
Painted Pokemon Rocks – Glenda C
Painted Rock – Crystal K
painted rock found in Kitsap Rocks
Painted Rock – Crystal K
painted rock – Susan W Kitsap Rocks
Painted Rocks – Adora H
Painted Rocks – Adora H
Painted Rocks – Adora H
Painted Rocks – Gen B
Painted Rocks – Genese A
Painted Rocks – found – Kitsap Rocks
Painted Rocks – Mark Smith

Piglet Rock Painting Tutorial

A fellow rock painter (who is WAY better at this than I am) graciously provided some step-by-step photos of her process for rock painting. This one is Piglet!


Painted Rock Ideas

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