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“Knock, knock.”

“Who's there?”

“Kirk Cameron.”

“Kirk Cameron.. who?”

Haha. Get it? Okay, so I really do know who Kirk Cameron is – and Mike Seaver was one of my first TV crushes. But the guy who played that character, Kirk Cameron, is a royal douchebag.

Why Kirk Cameron Can Kiss My Ass

I absolutely loved that episode, by the way ^^.  I always wondered if someone could really get away with writing the test answers on the bottom of their sneakers. Knowing my luck, the answers would rub off before I got to class.

Anyway, the people that actually know who Kirk Cameron is know that he is a self-proclaimed Jesus freak (hey, I used to be one of those, too!). I have no problem with those that are passionate about their god. No problem at all. The people I have a problem with are the ones that use their god as an excuse for hate. Kirk Cameron does just this, and the worst part is… he's raising his kids to be bigots, too. Watch the interview here.

Let's talk about what exactly Mr. Douchebag said in his interview with Piers. Kirk Cameron, when asked if he thought homosexuality was a sin, described gays as destructive to civilization's foundations. Now why the hell couldn't you just say “Yes, according to my religion/Christianity, homosexuality is a sin”? That would have been perfectly acceptable. But to go on a freaking tirade and say that gays are destructive? To the foundation of civilization?!

Gays. Are. Destructive.

How are gays destructive, exactly? My dog, she's destructive. But gays, what makes them destructive? Detrimental, even?

Wanting equal rights? Is that destructive, Kirk? What the hell is destructive about two consenting adults loving each other? Please tell me what. makes. love. destructive?

Your words, Kirk Cameron, they are destructive.

de·struc·tive: tending to destroy; causing destruction or much damage (often followed by of or to ): a very destructive windstorm.
Synonyms for the word include: 1. ruinous, deleterious. 2. unfavorable, adverse, negative. Antonyms include: 1. creative. 2. constructive. (source: dictionary.com)

I know this guy doesn't know that many gay men, but all of the gay men I know are clearly creative. Have you seen them decorate houses? Wowza. That's creative.

Gays are “tending to destroy”? What? Oh, let me guess, the sanctity of marriage, right? Marriage is a freaking joke in this country. The divorce rate is through the roof. Civil unions only grant a small fraction of the rights that marriages do, and they aren't even legal in all 50 states yet. It's pathetic.

Know what else is through the roof? The suicide rate of homosexuals, especially those that are teens.

Numerous studies have shown that lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth have a higher rate of suicide attempts than do heterosexual youth. The Suicide Prevention Resource Center synthesized these studies and estimated that between 30 and 40% of LGB youth, depending on age and sex groups, have attempted suicide.

A U.S. government study, titled Report of the Secretary's Task Force on Youth Suicide  found that LGBT youth are four times more likely to attempt suicide than other young people. This higher prevalence of suicidal ideation and overall mental health problems among gay teenagers compared to their heterosexual peers has been attributed to Minority Stress. “More than 34,000 people die by suicide each year,” making it “the third leading cause of death among 15 to 24 year olds with lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth attempting suicide up to four times more than their heterosexual peers.”

In terms of school climate, “approximately 25 percent of lesbian, gay and bisexual students and university employees have been harassed due to their sexual orientation, as well as a third of those who identify as transgender, according to the study and reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education.”

LGBT students are three times as likely as non-LGBT students to say that they do not feel safe at school (22% vs. 7%) and 90% of LGBT students (vs. 62% of non-LGBT teens) have been harassed or assaulted during the past year.” (Source)


There are no other words right now.

I am simply disgusted that a man who calls himself a christian… a man who is raising six children… a man who is supposed to be someone we can look up to… is spewing such hate. The worst part, I think, is that he is receiving so much support from those in the christian community. I was on his Facebook fan page and the comments just appalled me. Yes, he has the right to voice his opinion. Yes, he has the right to follow his religion. But his rights should stop where mine begin, and him calling me destructive because of who I love, and him (and others) preventing me from having equal rights should not be allowed in the United States of America. He needs to own up to his statements being hateful. Kirk Cameron has the right to be as hateful as he wants, but to lie about it and act like saying those things isn't hate… to hide behind his religion… to raise kids in such a horrible way? NO. Not acceptable.

kirk cameron anti-gay interview

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  1. I can’t believe what this guy said! I really don’t understand people that seem to treat homosexuality as a disease or something. His line ” just because we feel one way doesn’t mean we always act on it.” Basically saying if his child felt he/she was gay they were to ignore those feelings. Well, why is that true about whom you are attracted to anymore or less than say your religious beliefs. If what we feel in our hearts is right isn’t to be acted upon, then we ALL are in trouble. Great post!

  2. I agree with you 100%
    The scariest people in the world are those who hate ‘everyone’ who is ‘something’ they are against… I moved to the South five years ago from Toronto, where there were people from 27 different nationalities living on my street and the 3rd grade class I taught had 22 kids in it, again from over a dozen backgrounds and it was great and everyone learned from each other… down here there is a culture of distrust and institutionalized racism that is really scary…
    Homophobia is also rampant here and people justify their lack of understanding and compassion by hiding behind words that were written thousands of years ago and copied and translated by hundreds of thousands of people… it’s already been proven that varying copies of religious texts have different wording… and what’s scary is that people interpret what they read as giving them the right to hate…
    sad really that in this global age there isn’t a way to show and teach tolerance to even the hardest headed people…

  3. I can’t stand him. I must admit that I did have a crush on him as a tween…..ugh. Makes me sick to think about it now. It seems that 90% of my friends are LBGT……I love them all. Kirk Cameron is a douche.

  4. Where to start… I loved loved him as a kid/teen whatever I was back then-ofcourse it was his character on Growing Pains I loved, obviously not him. I think when people who are in the public eye say such terrible things without thinking-they alienate themselves from a majority of their fans. Although I am a Christian I guess I am more open-minded than many. My feeling is or the way I was brought up- not to judge. I am not perfect and I guess I just choose to love people because they are that-people, not because of their lifestyle, whom they love etc. As my 15 year old daughter said once- it is not gay marriage, gay driving, a gay relationship…etc.. it is marriage, driving, relationships… Thank you for having the guts to post this!

  5. your dog is destructive? maybe the dog’s gay too…because isn’t it contagious? you know, the gay? ha!
    but seriously, don’t let Mike Seaver upset you, he’s obviously a douchecanoe…just remember, not everyone thinks that way…even church goers…

    1. Thanks for the reminder, Holly. :) It is hard to remember when almost every christian you encounter behaves that way, but many of my friends are christian so I try to keep in mind that if they can be open minded and accepting, so can others. :)


  6. I can NOT believe that he thinks this is ok. I just don’t understand. To not agree with someone’s lifestyle is everyone’s right as an American and as a human. There are a lot of things that people do that I don’t agree with. Just because you don’t agree with someone doesn’t mean that you get to spout off hate. I could have sworn the bible says not to judge. That is what gets me the most. These people want to go around talking about the bible but they only choose to listen to the parts that fit their personal beliefs. If your going to listen to one part then why not the rest??? Because it doesn’t fit your agenda?? I know a person who is very anti-gay. She just doesn’t believe in it but she does it in a respectful way. I have asked he what her position on my relationship is. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 13 years we have 3 kids, a house. Just your basic family minus vows. This person says that it is fine that I have chose to live this way. How is ok for me to “live in sin” but not be gay??? The bible says that both are sins. Why would one be ok and not the other?? See what I mean???? If your going to let the bible decide your views then why some and not all??

    1. I agree with all of that, Jenny. If one is “not okay” then the other isn’t. I will never understand how someone can be anti-gay in the first place. Against gay marriage? Then don’t get one. #duh ;)

  7. There is SO MUCH wrong with what he says.

    Even if you claim to be a Christian you’re not suppose to hate or judge. Plain and simple! Gays are not destructive, what a dumb-ass thing to say. What an idiot. UGH!! My hear is beating out of my chest just reading your post. I’m glad you put it out there though. I feel bad for close minded people like him. Good thing I never really cared for Kirk! I’m so glad I’m not one of his kids.

    I LOVE gays!!

    1. Tiffany you have me LOLing at “I love gays!!” haha we love you too!

      And I’m glad I’m not one of his kids too.. UGH.

      1. ;-) LOL. I just wanted to put that out there! I would rather be the child of a gay couple than his child.

        1. Amen! Tiffany-I just thought the same thing. :) (as far as if I had to choose between him being my parent and a gay couple I would choose the gay couple)

  8. As the bisexual mother of a bisexual (at least) or gay (more probable) preteen, this absolutely freaking disgusts me…My son is bullied relentlessly every single day of his life because he is “different”. No doubt, the parents of the bullies hide behind their God. Well, I have faith, too…MY God loves everyone equally…Gay, straight, bi, red, purple, green, blue…who the fuck cares? We are ALL human beings with the same emotions…the same needs…Who someone chooses to love or have sex with is not anyone’s business and does NOT determine their worth as a human being. I know plenty of wonderful people who are gay…They are NOT immoral….They are NOT diseased…They are NOT pedophiles…It’s so fucking sad that in 2012, this level of prejudice is even remotely accepted. My son deserves better…Hell, I deserve better….Thanks so much for calling him out on this.

    1. Amen, Brandy, amen!! You’re awesome.

      1. This is absolutely a hot-button topic for me. I don’t post my thoughts on my OWN blog because the vast majority of my extended family is extremely Christian and would have a shit-fit over what I would have to say…My husband is the black sheep and the exception…I am very openly bisexual. I find nothing wrong with this, nor does my husband. I am loyal, I am faithful, and I do NOTHING without his approval or consent…At this point, I have literally done nothing at all,lol…The opportunity hasn’t presented itself in a way that would meet my standards…My 12 year old is more than likely gay. He claims bisexuality, but a mama knows better…Is my son wrong somehow for simply being who he is? NO. Am I wrong for being attracted to women as well as men? NO. It is what it is, and someone’s personal preferences should not matter at all. Someone’s sexual preference dictates NOTHING about what kind of person they happen to be. I am the nicest person you’ll ever find…I am a good friend, I am loyal, I am generous, and I just happen to like pussy….AND I believe in God. So sue me.

  9. I did not listen to read the article mentioned above. I just want people to know just like in every religion there are people that give christianity a bad name. I am a christian I don’t hide that fact not even on my blog. I am not embarrassed about it. What I AM embarrassed about is how the people who seem to have a voice more than others (eg celebrities) talk! Honestly I have really little respect for most celebrities they just aren’t what I want to represent me.
    I personally believe that the ACTING on homosexuality is wrong. Being homosexual itself is not wrong that is how God made that person. I have always tried to take the stance to love the sinner hate the sin, after all who of us are NOT sinners. My sin is no different than theirs no matter what it is. It is not my business to judge that person for what or who they are. That is is God’s job and I will tell you I DO NOT want his job. I have to stand for what I believe God will judge me for and for that reason alone I try REALLY hard not to judge those around me but I also will not say that it is right either. God makes it clear in the bible that he is not ok with it and I can’t with a good conscience just let it “slide”. People know where I stand on it and after that we are just fine. I have gay friends and they know I believe it is wrong but they also know I still love them and not judge them. If I judge them then God will judge me! Does that make sense?

    1. I wonder why god would create someone a homosexual, but not want them to ever find love or a life-partner. He created Eve because Adam needed a partner. You think he created me this way but wanted me to be alone all my life? To never experience the joy of love? I would not like a god like that…

      Everyone judges, but it’s not up to you to “let it slide”. I’m not asking you to have sex with me, to love me and be my partner. I’m not even asking your opinion on my relationship. I am however asking everyone in this country to realize that their personal beliefs END where my rights BEGIN and right now personal beliefs are trumping my rights to equality. I will fight tooth and nail until the day that I day so that others have the rights they deserve.

      1. I am not trying to judge and I try HARD not to and if you talk to the people that know me you would know that. I agree everyone has the right to be happy I meant nothing bad by what I said. I believe what I believe and you believe what you believe and we will not change each others mind, all I am saying is I have to do that I think God will judge ME on that is what I meant by “let it slide”. I will NEVER force my beliefs on anyone else that is wrong and that is not what Christianity teaches (if they are truly Christians). Christianity is to love your neighbor as yourself and that INCLUDES homosexuals.
        From the way I understand and believe is God did not create homosexuals, that is NOT from God, sin (which is not from God) or the “fall of man” is where that came from just like all other sin. I am NOT ANY better or worse than someone who is homosexual I have my own sin that I will have to answer for. In God’s eyes all sin is the same which is BAD.

        I understand though why you need and want to fight for your rights and I am not telling you not to! Again I will NOT do that! You have your rights just as I have mine.
        I hope you don’t think I am disrespecting you that is SO not my intention!

        1. I do have rights, just not as many as you do. I’m treated as a second class citizen but still forced to pay first class citizen taxes. :/

          I am all about a healthy debate, I don’t get my feelings hurt when someone disagrees with me. One question though…

          Who created me if God didn’t?

          1. Ok good! I like a healthy debate I just wanted to make sure that this was for debate not argument or something.

            As for your question. I did not say God did not create you! He did and loves you! I said that God did not make sin. The fall of man introduced sin into the world. That is where ALL sinful acts come from, mine, yours, everyones. Doesn’t make one person better than the other and THAT is where I agree with you. You should NOT be treated differently because of the way you are. Unfortunately that does happen, and again that is because we are all sinful beings. No one is perfect no matter how hard someone tries to tell you so. It is not an excuse it is just an explanation.

            I have no good answer for you. There is none I think. As a Christian, me personally, I try to accept people for who they are but I am not perfect at it either. I truly do try hard.

            I think that church that you went to was AWFUL for being hateful to you. That is NOT right and you are right that is NOT Christlike. I have heard the saying “the church shoots its own people when they are down” and I think there is truth to that. Our church is REALLY trying to change this.

            Obviously because of what I believe I do not endorse homosexuality, but I also am not going to tell ANYONE how to live. I am so far from perfect myself how could I judge someone else? I would NEVER say what Kirk said NEVER! It is not my place that is God’s place!

            I hope that this makes sense to you and please take it as a debate not as anything else! :)

          2. I don’t believe in god anymore, mostly because of christians like Kirk Cameron that I’ve encountered over the years. I can’t really explain in words that you would understand that I was born this way. I didn’t choose it. I would never choose it. I love my girlfriend with all of my heart, as do my kids, but I would never choose to be considered a second-class citizen. To be hated and viewed as sinful just because of who I love. I would never choose it. I guess that’s what I wish people would understand. But that is on a more personal level. I did open this post up for comments for a debate, not to get too personal so I apologize for going off on that little tangent. :)

            I appreciate your responses even if we don’t agree on this subject I still think it’s good to talk about it because other people reading can see that we are friends even if we have opposite views on a subject. My daughter’s grandma loves me, and she loves my girlfriend, but she’s a christian and surely has the same views as you – though she’d never say it to me because she knows it would hurt. I admire those that stand up for what they believe in even if it’s not a popular or widely accepted opinion. And I admire them even more when they can say it in love and not with hate like Mr. Douchebag did. <3

          3. I’m pretty sure I was created by dinosaurs.

        2. Sorry, but I have to agree with Kirk Cameron. I think people just need to stop and think and not take things so personally. The fact is God says homosexuality is sin and all sin in itself is destructive. Destructive not only to those who are living in sin or in a lifestyle of sin, but also to those around them. Sin affects everyone. Kirks intention is not to bash others but to make light of the truth regarding homosexuality and how it not only affects our nation but all nations. I’ve watched Kirk, He doesn’t hate anyone because they are homosexuality. However, he like me cannot condone the sin. And before you think anything else, you need to realize that God hates sin and can have nothing to do with sin or with the person while they are living in sin. Kirk is just trying to make a point. People need to get right with God. Obey God and do right by Him. If people get right with God, God will do a work in them and change their hearts regarding any sin. God Bless.

          1. The fact that you started with “sorry” and then went on to tell me that my loving my girlfriend is destructive to “those around us” shows me what type of christian you are. You disgust me.

  10. Can heterosexuals imagine if one day they woke up and being heterosexual was no longer acceptable? If they no longer were allowed to love who they chose to love? I just can’t imagine that or how it would feel to be told who I could or couldn’t love…who I wanted or was born to love.

    1. I guess until their basic rights are stripped from them, they couldn’t truly understand. I am so thankful for my (heterosexual) friends that do understand. They see me, they see Rachel, they see our family.. and they know that love like this could not possibly be wrong.

  11. What makes me so mad about this is that hisignorance is being passed on to yet another generation. I am a very liberal individual living in the bible belt. I go out of my way to teach my kids acceptance of people’s religion, politics, sexuality and race because there is just so much hatred around here it frightens me.

    1. I totally understand, Diane. I live in the bible belt as well. I actually left the church because of all of the hate. I can’t believe there are people defending him, saying what he said was “respectful”. He is entitled to his opinion – even though it’s hateful – but he should expect a backlash when he insults an entire group of people like he did. And then to stand by his hateful comments instead of apologizing? Not a very christlike example if you ask me.

      1. Yeah, I am not impressed with a lot of things done in the name of Christianity!

        1. Neither am I and I am a christian! There is A LOT taken in the name of christianity that is NOT christian based. I am teaching my child to love and accept anyone no matter what. If he EVER did try to bully someone for anything he would not do it again after I was done!

  12. Kirk Cameron is a freaking idiot. Yes, I had a thing for him when I was 10, but at that age I couldn’t have known he would turn out to be such a douche. Sadly, there are always going to be those who hate people simply because they don’t fit into a narrow-minded idea of how everyone should be and act. I’m a Pagan, and someone once flat out told me that I should be burned at the stake because god doesn’t suffer witches to live. I couldn’t believe that someone would call for my death simply because I didn’t believe in the same god!

    I am a firm believer in staying out of other people’s business, unless that business directly affects me. Well, or if they’re going on killing sprees or something. You know what I mean. Everyone should be free to love who they love without interference from petty little people who clearly need hobbies other than sticking their noses where they don’t belong. To call someone destructive to civilization just because they’re gay, that’s not only disrespectful and hateful, it’s freaking insane. Does he realize how bizarre and overly dramatic he sounds? Probably not, people like that never do. I’ll tell you what though, if Kirk Cameron is the best the Rapture has to offer, please leave me behind!

  13. I think in every religion there are going to be those that go over the top and say things that are not appropriate and even hateful. Religion in itself is about acceptance, forgiveness and love – regardless of whether or not you agree with someone lifestyle choices. I think that is he sat back and took a long look at what he said, he might want to rethink it. It makes me sad the people go around using God’s name to spread their own agenda – and it this case the agenda is basically hate and bigotry!

  14. I think hate and judgement is a really bad thing, no matter who it’s aimed at. I used to substitute teach, and I saw many children bullied or hated because of their feelings, beliefs or looks. It really makes me sad when a star or someone who has a high profile helps spread that hatred.

  15. I am a Christian and I agree with you. He should have just said he believes it to be a sin and leave it at that. He did not need to indulge himself in an over the top, crazy, hateful tirade. I hate the sin not the sinner. The bible also tells us that we should not hate man and his words sounded hateful. We are all born sinners and that’s why Jesus died for us.

    1. Exactly!! If it’s a sin to him, to his religion, that’s FINE.. I get it, really I do. I was raised in a religious family (which is why I was suicidal as a teen, and didn’t come out to anyone until I was in my 20s). He should have just said “YES” when asked if he thought it was a sin. To go on and on about how “destructive” gays are? Why? What purpose did that serve? Maybe it was a publicity stunt for his new movie.

  16. Saying someone choose to be gay is as bad what I have overheard others say about overweight people & illness.
    That they choose to get cancer,arthritis & so on for not caring about there health.
    Let’s forget about genetics or anything reasonable before throwing off uneducated hate over there appearance.
    Yet,we’ve come to learn..It’s just how the world is ? Ugh !
    Point being,those who lack understanding will be the ones that will cause destruction to the world,regardless of the faith or lifestyle they believe in.
    Divorce rates,abuse to children in traditional homes are higher than non-traditional family homes..yet,all this can be overlooked,if…they see not gay or lesbian & wanting equal rights..
    Frankly though,why would someone almost want that version of equality when,straight people can’t get it right.. kwim ?
    I’m not here to judge but It’s hard to not be with how some view the world or are causing it to become.

  17. I just looked at this assholes Facebook page and I do think it’s a stunt. I have no doubt he feels this way which makes me puke, he clearly feels he is better than the rest of us. Aaaaargh- how long before this kind of stupidity goes away?

    1. What bugs me..I was thinking more about this,is his twisted view.
      He claims same sex lifestyle,will cause such destruction..I feel him hiding behind his Christian values,makes it more disturbing.
      Hmmm..I thought it would be rapists,murderers,robbers.
      Sad,he seems to hold these people up in higher standards than those that love unconditional with a partner of the same sex.
      Some of the best people,I know are gay & lesbian.It’s a shame others are so hateful,to something that won’t hurt them..ugh !
      Maybe one day the world will Change,with acceptance& equality for all but right now,It’s feeling to be going backwards with progress.

  18. Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything like this before. So nice to search out any individual with some unique ideas on this subject. realy thank you for beginning this up. this website is one thing that is wanted on the net, someone with a bit of originality. helpful job for bringing one thing new to the web!

  19. Yes Kirk is a douche. Most of my generation had a crush on Growing Pains character Mike Seaver. Although a part of me hates that I was one of those girls who said OMG he’s like soooooo cute!!! I remind myself it wasn’t him, it was the character he played. He’s playing another one now. He’s not very good at his Christian act as he goes against what he preaches. He will go to hell for his hate, judgement, and misinterpreting God’s word ( I am not Christian, I am agnostic, just saying), and maybe while he is there he will learn some tolerance.

  20. I totally agree! Kirk Cameron was one of my first crushes and I’m just so… disappointed (?That doesn’t seem like a strong enough word) in who he has become. So sad.

  21. I am a christian, however nowhere in the bible do I see it say bash others for who they are. I am not here on this earth to judge anyone I believe in the end it will be god the one to judge and I am not here to do his job, I am here to follow this ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” No where does it say only if that neighbor is straight! Also
    “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. No where in that sentence does it say only if he is straight. I think Christians like Kirk Cameron give other Christians a bad name even if you don’t believe in it or agree with it doesn’t mean you bash that person for believing or agreeing in it. I could think of a lot more to write but I need to go play with my kids who unlike Cameron we teach to love everyone no matter color, gender, sexuality, religion etc…..

  22. Wow! I am so surprised Kurt said such a thing. I have been a supporter of him, but I don’t in any any way support what he said! Christians are suppose to be above love, understanding, and forgiveness. Yes, we all differ in beliefs across the board on a variety of issues and all he had to say was that he believed it was a sin. I have some very close Lesbian friends in a relationship who are Christians. I know that poses issues for some. But this is where I stand on this whole issue: we are all sinners so if I believe being in a gay relationship is a sin then who am I to tell my friends to quit living relationship because they are sinning when I am not without sin myself? I have sin in my life I need to work on and I believe everyone’s relationship with God is a personal one. I love my friends and they love me just the way we are. We are all imperfect people living in an imperfect world- trying to live in harmony.

  23. He is another reason I am not a “Christian” and will never return to church. Hate against anyone—anyone—it is always justified by religion.

  24. I rarely comment on blogs. But, I have been very blessed that in my life I have had friends of all colors and lifestyles. I have learned so much from them. I am a Christian. However in being so I have learned that the most important ruled are to respect people and not to judge. I have to say that it hurts me to.my very core to think anyone that I care about or anyone I haven’t met would he talked about in such a manner.. I have walked out of churches because the joy of praise turned into the finger of judgement.. Like someone else said, I love my gay friends. They help me keep my head straight.

  25. This isn’t in response to your blog post but rather in response to your statement that you no longer believe in God based on the actions of so-called Christians. I find this extremely upsetting, especially since this is the reason so many people give for “losing the faith”. I do believe in God. I am a sinner. I do not study the Bible nearly as much as I should – hardly at all to be honest. But, I do know somewhere in the Book, it talks about how Satan will come disguised as an Angel of Light or as a Lamb or some such (if someone has the verse, feel free to reply)… my point is that I believe evil will disguise itself as good to turn people away from God more and more in our world. Those who claim to be Christ-like Christians but display and promote hate in our world are only making it easier for Satan to build his army by turning people against God because people will naturally want to avoid these people who claim to be of God but . Please don’t let people like THAT be your reason for what you believe. Search your heart. Pray. Ask that God send truly loving and Christ-like influences into your life. Perhaps He will answer quickly – or perhaps not at all. But, please remember … We are ALL sinners. So, please don’t judge the existence (or lack thereof) of God based on sinners’ words or actions. Instead – find the truth in your own heart & mind, and find it for yourself — not in the ignorance of other sinners.

  26. Anyone who has to hide behind their God to spew their hate has no real bearing in society. He should go away. And take the Pope with him.

  27. You rant so well, you say what I think. I love it. I really always thought that Kirk was a cutie until he lost his mind. That’s the problem with religion, people use it for an excuse to hate. How sad is that for Baby Jesus. I mean really, if you believe the bible, Jesus walked with whores and drunks and I would assume, based on statistics, homosexuals.
    Another thing, they all say people choose to be gay, well maybe some do, but what about all the other species that have displayed the same behavior? Do geese and dogs and all other animals choose? No, it’s what they feel is right. Give me a freakin’ break.

  28. I suppose there are some who might call me a Jesus-freak too. But, I hate Kirk Cameron. In addition to the crazi-ness you spoke of, he also says regularly that he wishes he hadn’t played Mike Seaver because Mike was a bit of a rebel… a cheater, etc. News flash Kirk- Mike was fun! Further, if you hadn’t played Mike you wouldn’t even have an audience for spewing all of your hatred. ugh…

  29. Just hear me for a second ok. In a sense gays are destructive to civilization’s foundations. BUT, only in the sense that gays don’t reproduce with their partner. IF everyone was gay, and IF no one sought out ways to reproduce then yes, our civilization would be ruined. But since being gay is how you are born and not a choice then I don’t see that ever happening since straights give birth to gays and gays give birth to straights and visa versa. His words should be put more in quotation marks if you know what I mean.

  30. I just saw a college infomercial with him as the spokesperson. He is a total douche. I “pray” that none of his six kids are gay because that would mean they have to live in fear of being themselves. Gay people are destructive? Not where I live. In fact, my gay neighbors have the best crib on the block! HA!

  31. Hate is never good. It doesn’t matter what side the hate is coming from. Unfortunately, I am reading a lot of hate here too. This is such a sensitive issue. The gay issue has been around for a long time and has always been a hot topic. However, as one who is a Christian, and not in agreement with the gay lifestyle based not only on a religious perspective, but from a common sense perspective, I think that those in favor of gay rights spew more hatred in their response to the Christian/conservative perspective. I didn’t hear him say the F-word or call anyone a “douche-bag”. He gave an opinion and no one has to agree with it. To assign the charge of hate speech to him is simply one person’s opinion. Someone on the opposite aisle from you can say the same about your statements – they are statements of hate. Of course, you wouldn’t agree with that. So, who is correct? Just because we don’t like what someone says, doesn’t mean we entirely know what is in their hearts. If Kirk Cameron, or anyone against gay marriage, were behaving like the KKK (beating, torturing, killing,) gays, that would definitely be classified as hate by most everyone in America. However, to give an opinion, no matter how stupid it is or how much one disagrees with it, is not and should not be, a hate crime.

  32. I totally agree with you. It is people like him that make it hard for people like my daughter be themselves. she is 17 and bisexual. I personally think she is gay, she seems to like women more. She came out to us and didn’t want to tell her friends or anyone else because of where we live there are a lot of people like him here. Unfortunately people listen to him and in turn support him and help spread his hate. I have always taught my kids not to judge anyone for any reason and just to love people for WHO they are. I was raised very open minded without hearing a lot of hate towards any group. I am trying to raise my kids to be open minded too, but it is people like him that make it so hard. I am glad you said something, I am glad you will fight people like this and not just put up with it.

  33. I didn’t hear anything hateful in that interview. He said that homosexuality is detrimental–or even destructive–to civilization. Let’s think about that. If everyone were homosexual, what would happen to civilization? It would be destroyed in a single generation, because only heterosexual activity results in reproduction–unless, of course, enough gays were willing to engage in straight sex for the purpose of reproduction to keep civilization going.

    1. 1) In vitro fertilization;
      2) Surrogacy
      3) Homosexually is not contagious or “taking over”, so this scenario is even silly to argue about.

    2. These comments about homosexuality being detrimental make me want to scream… How the fuck does someone’s attraction to someone else hurt or harm you? You do realize that this god forsaken earth is completely overrun with us idiot humans, right? So, if there are some couples that fuck without making babies? Well, that’s fine. Who cares? There are straight couples fucking right now with condoms, and other birth control who aren’t making babies. There are other straight couples UNABLE TO HAVE CHILDREN. Should they stay single too? You’re a bunch of bigots… Please take your hatred of a group of people who aren’t harming you, and shove it up your big fat asses.

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