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The Samsung Family Hub has a lot of great ideas but delivers on very few of them. We purchased this refrigerator about a week ago and it was delivered just three days ago. We've already called Conn's so we can return it. Unfortunately we have to pay a restocking fee but because we are purchasing another refrigerator, hopefully they will make it right.

Samsung Family Hub

I loved the thought of the Samsung Family Hub! I read reviews online for days before finally biting the bullet and paying double what I would've paid for another refrigerator of the same size. The reviews I read were great. I didn't see any negative reviews, and it seemed to be perfect for our family because of the technology it said it delivered.

I don't spend money on a lot of things, but gadgets get me every time. I love having my desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone all for different reasons. I've owned smart watches, more fitness trackers than I can count, and lots of other technology I justify purchasing because I'm a blogger and we need all the things, right? Right.

Most of the time, my big purchases work out really well. This time, I'm going to have to hear a few “I told you so”s from friends who told me the Samsung Family Hub was too good to be true… and too expensive for what it delivers.

Samsung Family Hub Review


There are a few things I enjoyed with the Samsung Family Hub. I don't want this review to be completely negative, but I do want it to be honest.


The technology in the Samsung Family Hub is amazing. Well, it could be, but we'll talk about why it's not later. Why it is amazing: the 21.5″ touch screen on the front of the refrigerator is stunning. My favorite part is being able to click through recipes from AllRecipes (or anywhere on the web). Being able to pull up Pinterest and find a quick recipe is pretty awesome.

I absolutely love the digital whiteboard! Waking up to drawings from the girls or Rachel has been fun. They play on it while waiting for dinner, after doing homework, etc.

The idea behind the technology is that it will be a “family hub”. It'll bring your family together in one central location because you've got your calendars, a digital whiteboard, and your music all right there in the kitchen. You can sync your family calendar from Google, and include everyone's calendars so you don't book an event when there's already something else going on. The calendar syncing is also good for my office hours because the girls can look on the fridge and see when I'm working or when I'm available. If a blog post is due, a reminder will pop up, too.

You can send your family notes using the Sticki app, and displays your photos as a screensaver.

Samsung Family Hub Review


The camera is nice because you can see what's in your fridge, from your phone while you're at the grocery store. More about the camera later.


The bottom right section of the Samsung Family hub has FlexZone cooling so you can use it as a refrigerator or a freezer. We needed more fridge space, and use very little freezer space, so that was a bonus for us.

The look

The Samsung Family Hub looks absolutely stunning. I could just sit and stare at it all day, but I guess that's not what fridge is for, yeah? The dark stainless is nice because it doesn't pick up fingerprints like regular stainless does, but the handles are regular stainless so within 24 hours they were full of fingerprints already.


Unfortunately, the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to the Samsung Family Hub and what it delivers (or, rather, doesn't deliver).


The technology is both a pro and a con. We couldn't get Pandora hooked up because of an error. I tried to troubleshoot the error and it was a “known error” according to forums but there was no solution at this time. The apps for the Samsung Family Hub were not well-designed nor were they well thought out. The idea is there; the execution is not. That seems to be a thing with this appliance.

On the main screen it has fun stuff like “this day in history”. When you click on it, it doesn't go anywhere. It doesn't direct you to a website or even have any information on it. This isn't a huge deal but it's annoying.

Another feature of the Samsung Family Hub is that you can order groceries directly from your refrigerator! However, that feature is only available in areas like New York and California so it wasn't a draw for me. I also couldn't figure out a way to remove the “order groceries” section from the front of the fridge, which I'd like to do since I know I won't ever be able to order them.

Ice Maker

They said to allow up to 12 hours for the ice maker to start making ice, so I didn't start getting impatient until about 24 hours in when we still only had 3 ice cubes. We waited another 24 hours and finally had enough for it to come out how it was supposed to but it took forever, and again there wasn't much ice. By day 3 we still didn't have much ice. I specifically asked the salesman about the ice maker because I heard it could be slow, and he said it would make 10 pounds of ice each day. That is obviously not true.


I'm being nitpicky here, but I wanted to be completely honest when writing this review. In our old refrigerator, when we got water it would be ice cold even without the ice. With the Samsung Family Hub, it's cool but not cold. That wouldn't have annoyed me so much if the ice maker would've been performing well, but it wasn't.


The camera only takes pictures of a small portion of the fridge. It appears to show the entire inside but it only shows the middle of the main section. There are shelves in both doors that aren't shown, and of course you have the two doors on the bottom so none of that is shown either. I feel like if they really wanted to make it functional, they would've just put a camera in each door. I doubt it would've cost that much extra and when you're paying $6,000 retail for a refrigerator you kind expect functionality. I feel like that's where they missed the mark on many features. They have the “wow” factor but no functionality.


The space just isn't there in this refrigerator. It seemed to be the perfect solution for our family, especially with the bottom right section that could be a refrigerator or a freezer, but it just wasn't. Our refrigerator is right up against the wall, so the doors can't swing out and open all the way. As a result, the produce crispers can't pull all the way out… which completely defeats the purpose for us.

LG Refrigerator

What we got instead

At the end of the day, this refrigerator just isn't for us. The technology missed the mark in a major way, and that was why I wanted it! Making such a major investment wasn't easy for me to finally bite the bullet and do it, so when I saw all of the flaws and reasons it wasn't amazing, I knew I had to send it back. It's not as fancy but it has more space, and doesn't have a 21.5″ touch screen that will frustrate me to no end because of its lack of functionality.

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  1. Samsung does not stand by their product they have several factory defects on the Family Hub refrigerator,,The workmanship on the Family Hub is very poor is a very beautiful refrigerator but is built very poorly,The screen on the board freezes up and when you call Samsung they will not replace the board and they give you a very hard time on the replacing that refrigerator,, it is very hard to open and close the door on the family flex refrigerator 4 x 4 parts fall off the bottom part of the refrigerator and when you call Samsung they say that it is physical damage by the customer and they refused to replace the unit and the unit is no longer good . My refrigerator is no longer The money that I paid for this refrigerator and is a damage refrigerator and Sampson is not replacing that even though I never damn is this refrigerator .It is clearly a manufactures defect in and poor workmanship on Sampson what good is a six-year warranty if you can’t use it. My refrigerator is only three months old and I don’t have a screen that works and doors it open properly and Samsung will not replace refrigerator .

  2. Have been researchng from yesterday to get honest reviews from people who actually used it and not cnet reviews. Glad I ran into this. Will give a second thought on this fridge.

  3. Thank you for your review. I almost just bought one. I wanted one so bad. Tomorrow I will be getting an LG

  4. Thanks for the reviews and comments, I bought the Samsung with French door and was thinking of upgrading to the Hub since I still have time to change, delivery is scheduled for next week. I really wanted this one but after the reviews I think I will just stick to my original plan.

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