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How to Properly File a Paypal Claim

For those of you who don't know yet, we run an online clothing boutique. We do live sales via Facebook and they're a LOT of fun! We have hundreds of absolutely amazing customers that are the reason we do what we do. With that being said, there are always a few bad apples in the bunch. Our clothes are awesome and so is our customer service. We love making people happy when they wear our clothes! After selling overly priced crappy quality clothes with LuLaRoe, we knew we wanted an affordable high-quality alternative. We started sourcing from wholesalers, mostly in the U.S., and quickly fell in love with several brands that we now carry on a regular basis. Long story short, we fully believe our clothes are the best for the price and we do everything we can to make our customers happy.

If you are unsatisfied with a purchase you've made via Paypal, you should first email the company to let them know. If they don't remedy it, check their policies to make sure your purchase qualifies for the type of refund or exchange you're requesting. If your clothes smell like smoke and their policy clearly states no returns for clothes that smell like smoke, just call it a loss and move on.

If you need to file a claim, log into Paypal and click on the transaction itself. It will give you the option to file a claim. Paypal will then send the info to the company you purchased from and they will decide to respond or escalate it to a claim. Once it's escalated to a claim, you are no longer able to communicate with the company and everything is left up to Paypal. 9 times out of 10, Paypal sides with the buyer even when the seller provides proof showing they shouldn't. It's how they've always done things, so if you're a seller you should beware of that or find a Paypal alternative (which we will talk about in a moment).

How Not to File a Paypal Claim

When you order clothes and have buyer's remorse for one reason or another, don't file a Paypal claim. When you want to send clothes back reeking of cigarette smoke, don't file a Paypal claim. Sometimes we have to take a loss for our own bad decisions, and that doesn't mean we get to go to Paypal and say the “items wasn't as described”, especially when you are shopping via video.

Paypal alternatives

When you do file a Paypal claim just to be rude, leave it at that and let them sort it out. Don't go to social media and start slandering the business when they were nothing but nice in their responses to you. At first this customer said she “held the clothes up and could tell they wouldn't fit” (which you can't do with leggings, unless they're REALLY tiny which these were not). Then she said she just “didn't like the fabric” (which is similar fabric to the leggings she buys all the time and “loves”). Then, she said the items were “not as described” (which is impossible since she shopped via video). Oh, and last but not least she said she asked a bunch of questions and all I did was “lie to get a sale”. We do our live sales for fun and whatever doesn't sell, OH WELL! I would never lie to get a sale!

Paypal scammer

Paypal scammer Jessica Poulin

Paypal scammer Jessica Poulin

Boutique scammer Jessica Poulin

After she called me a cunt, bitch, fat, said I weighed 400 pounds, and said my relationship was me “hopping on the gay bandwagon” (we've been together for over 8 years, FYI), she finishes with “God doesn't like ugly” and that I'm the evil one when literally the only conversation I had with her was directing her to our policies and offering an exchange.

I made a rant post about LuLaRoe and how their sizing has affected people's perception. I'm in a weight loss group specifically for ex-LLR consultants and buyers and SO many have gained weight over the past year because their “XS” perfect T made them feel like they could have that extra donut. It's a mind game and LLR is winning big time. This isn't a post so much about LLR but I felt it necessary to include why Jessica now said I “wasn't so nice”. It had nothing to do with her or anyone specific, just LLR sizing as a whole.

Jessica followed up with more lies about our family. She has had me blocked since she asked for a refund so I have not seen her page. These screenshots were sent by admins of my group. She is now grasping at straws, trying to make us look bad so she somehow looks better. She has deleted her past posts but thankfully we have them as screenshots and are keeping them in this post.

This is NOT HOW YOU DEAL WITH A PAYPAL DISPUTE, you guys. It's not how you deal with ANYTHING. If you feel like this is the right way to deal with something, please seek professional help immediately.

Business Owners!

As a business owner, refunds are part of our expenses. I fully understand if I send out a piece of clothing with a hole, snag, or defect, that I will be expected to give a refund. Because we are a small business, outside of those reasons we do offer exchanges only because a few people were starting to take advantage of our lenient policies. It's crazy to me that people are buying LuLaRoe leggings that sometimes rip after one wear but they file a dispute on our clothes even after saying they liked them and/or ordering 5-10 times before and saying how much they loved the clothes. It was just to be vindictive. Again, just an expense for us doing business but at the end of the day it doesn't hurt any less that people are going out of their way to try and ruin our business. We have hundreds of satisfied customers and if one of those customers comes to us and goes “Hey, honestly the quality of this shirt wasn't the greatest compared to the other stuff you sell” we would give them another shirt, and stop selling that brand/item. We are not mean dictators, we aren't going to say “oh well, you're screwed!” when someone comes to us. But come to us and be honest, don't try to scam and get over on us because that isn't fair.

Paypal Alternatives

Stripe is probably the most popular Paypal alternative, at least it's the one I've heard of most often. Many boutiques and street vendors use Stripe because it's easy and they're comparable to Paypal without the bullshit.

Google Wallet is a Paypal alternative that is hosted by Google, so obviously it's going to be great. I didn't even know you could do payments via Google Wallet until I started researching for this post.

Shopify is the platform I use for our online store (which isn't an online store anymore because it was too overwhelming for me!). I trust Shopify 100% so I think that is what I'm going to use to process invoices from now on. That doesn't eliminate Paypal completely because some will pay that way, but I have updated my invoice templates to include an agreement to our policies and am being more clear when I sell clearance items that are final sales.

I don't know what else I can do to protect myself considering I sent in screenshots and have video of the quality of the clothes, but I just have to remind myself that $300 lost on 2 customers is just a drop in the bucket compared to what we will be able to earn if we keep offering the customer service we are known for. Keep on, keepin' on.

Bottom line

I don't know if the refund process with these Paypal alternatives is any better than Paypal's is. After running over $100,000+ of transactions through Paypal over the past few years, and providing proof that my buyers were in the wrong, I do not appreciate them forcing me to give a refund. With that being said, I'm still a big fan of karma and I know both buyers will get theirs when the time comes. They were both extremely vindictive in the process and that is not how to properly file a Paypal claim. Yes, you might win. Yes, you might be happy about taking money out of a small business owner's hands and you might be happy about taking food off of their table, but at the end of the day you're a miserable human being if this is what gives you joy. So rethink it.

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  1. This reminds me of my neighbor at our condo we just sold. She was renting, and we asked her to please turn her music down one day, and she flipped the eff out. There’s something wrong with people who go from 0 to 10 for something small, Like leggings?? Anyhoo, this is good to remember . . . some people you deal with as a seller (as I think about going into products) are just going to be crazy. And you have to deal with those too. It’s good to have a process for handling the refunds clear in your mind as part of the business plan.

    PS – you should come out with a “God doesn’t like ugly” product line . . . lol

    1. hahaha that’d be a great product line! And I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Everything you do is amazing.

  2. Wow! What an asshole. I hate when people act like this! I have sold items on eBay before and had people claim they didn’t receive the items (delivered by the post office, with delivery confirmation, etc.)…and PayPal always sides with them. It pisses me off. Sorry you have to deal with such a crazy bitch.

  3. I like how she can call you names and degrade you any way she knows how to and then has the nerve to say that God doesn’t like ugly.

  4. People are ridiculous. I know how hard you work to help others and how much you give of yourself (your time, your knowledge, etc.). I also know for a fact that you go above and beyond with your clothing business. I’m sorry this is happening to you.

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