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17 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With PicMonkey

Text Mask PicMonkey
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PicMonkey has REALLY stepped their game up lately… color me impressed, because these PicMonkey tutorials are going to blow your mind!

PicMonkey Tutorials

17 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With PicMonkey

First, before you do ANYTHING, click here to sign up for a PicMonkey free trial. Make sure you take a few days to play around with it and decide whether you want to keep it or not. I'm guilty of signing up for free trials and forgetting to use them. Don't be like me. ;)

Make a Color Palette With PicMonkey

1. Make a Color Palette

I followed this easy color palette tutorial to make my very first color palette! I downloaded a free stock image and used the color picker to design it. I'm actually really surprised at how easy it is, considering you could use color palettes to get CRAZY amounts of traffic from Pinterest! Watch out, world!

2. Make Amazing Infographics

Until I started researching to write this post, I had no idea you could easily make infographics with PicMonkey. To get to the infographic templates, click on “design” on the front page of PicMonkey. Select “popular tags”, then “infographic”. There are several free infographic templates to choose from. If you are running into creative roadblocks, get tons of inspiration from other PicMonkey users.

Pro tip: Don't use too much text on your infographic. You want people to be able to read it! Don't forget to save your infographics to the hub to ensure they're editable in the future.

3. Erase Unwanted Parts of Your Photos

Whether there's someone in the background that needs to be edited out (and cropping just won't work), or you're wanting to go for a more artistic headshot without such a distracting background, use this clone tutorial to walk you through it. Sometimes cropping just doesn't cut it. Get it? Crop… cut… yeah, onto #4.

Alignment Grids PicMonkey

4. Use Alignment Grids

I am terrible at aligning anything. I can't draw a straight line (no, it's not a lesbian joke… though it probably fits. Ha!), and I'm not a designer. Using alignment grids has saved me so much time! Here's a super quick alignment grid tutorial to get you started.

Curved Text PicMonkey

5. Create Curved Text

Curved text is something that other online photo editors seem to be lacking, so this curved text tutorial makes me really happy! There are other options for the text like “drop shadow”, plus various ways to curve the text as an arc, circle, and more!

You could use the curved text tutorial to create stickers, mug designs, holiday cards, and even birth announcements.

6. Make Gorgeous Flat Lays

Flatlays have been all the rage for a while, and how they're made is no longer a secret! Follow this easy flat lay tutorial, where it walks you through shooting overhead, basic edits, and adding text to your amazing new flat lays.

7. Layer Text and Images

I love this feature! Layering text and images is like magic with this simple PicMonkey tutorial.

8. Right Click

I'm a right click fiend. I'm always like, “Oh, what does right clicking do right here? And here, oops, probably shouldn't have right clicked there”… but PicMonkey has all the right click hacks for people like me. YAS!!

Pro tip: You can easily duplicate or cut elements out of your design by right clicking, and replace them with your own images.

PicMonkey Tutorials

9. Test out tattoos before committing

Not sure if you'll look good with that new tattoo you've been eyeballing? Test it out with the temporary tattoo tutorial.

10. Make a Vision Board

Creating a vision board has so many benefits! You can create one for yearly goals, or even monthly goals. This tutorial gives lots of vision board inspiration, but you might already have your own ideas and that's great. Another benefit of vision boards? They work! Have you ever read The Secret?

11. Play with textures

I've never played around with textures, but I followed this tutorial and realized a few things. One, I need to work on taking better pictures because this could be a LOT of fun for birthday invitations, business cards, and more. And two, PicMonkey makes things way easier than I ever imagined! I always see these amazing photos and think I need advanced photoshop skills to get those looks, but with PicMonkey it's just a few clicks and BAM! Gorgeous.

12. Add a pop of color to black and white photos

Using the effects brush, you can easily add a pop of color to any black and white photo. If you're starting with an original color photo, I recommend trying out the black and white, super black and white, and the infrared options. I love the infrared for landscape photos, and the regular black and white for portraits.

Silhouette Frames PicMonkey

13. Make DIY Silhouette Frames for gifts

You'll need to start with a photo that's on a white background. This silhouette frame tutorial walks you through the next steps, but essentially you're creating a double exposure with the silhouette and another image. It sounds complicated, but like the rest of the tutorials, it's literally just a few clicks! I'd add some text, like the person's name, if giving as a gift. Oh the ideas are swirling… can you imagine setting up an Etsy shop where you sell silhouette frames?!

14. Make thumbnails for YouTube videos

Thumbnails are gold for YouTube. I mean think about it: how many times have you clicked on a video JUST because you liked how the thumbnail looked? Thumbnails are what grab us, suck us in, and make YouTubers crazy amounts of money. Of course you'll want to make your own now. How? Follow this thumbnail creation tutorial.

15. Erase backgrounds with ease

Another PicMonkey trick that I had no idea about (thought it was available with one of those fancy-expensive editing programs only), is the ability to erase backgrounds. And not only ERASE them, but add the ‘cut out' photo to another background. This hilarious example has me inspired, Honey I Shrunk the Kids style.

16. Clone yourself

We all wish we could clone ourselves, so the dishes can get done and the kids can get fed and we can, oh you know, sleep once in a while. Okay, so your cloned photos won't do dishes, but it's still fun to dream. If you've ever wanted to convince the world you are a twin (or triplet! The possibilities are endless!), follow this super quick cloning tutorial to get started.

Text Mask PicMonkey

17. Text Masks

Making a post card worth sharing only took about 60 seconds with this text mask feature. Try this feature out with some tie dye or watercolor overlays.

Ready to get started?

Try PicMonkey Premium FREE for 7 days through my link. At the end of the trial you can upgrade for $7.99 paid monthly, or save big by paying yearly: it's only $47.88 for the whole year! If you're as bad at math as I am, let's just say that I had my teenager do some calculating and she said you'll save 50% if you pay by the year! ;)

Features of PicMonkey Premium:

— Advanced Touch Up tools
— Awesome premium photo effects and filters
— Image storage and post-save editing
— Hundreds of fonts, overlays, frames, and textures
— AMAZING library of design templates
— Save custom effects and filters
— In-cell editing in Collage Maker (used this for the color palette!)

I've always been a proud PicMonkey Premium user, but a few things that kept me from using PicMonkey exclusively were the ability to edit after saving (that's been added!), and the lack of templates (they have TONS of those now!). Like I said above, PicMonkey has definitely stepped their game up and I'm excited to see what else I can create while using this affordable online editing tool. Definitely worth the $47.88 a year! What are you waiting for? Start your free trial today!

P.S. Check out my other PicMonkey tutorials while you're here!

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