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Hungry? This P.F. Chang's Weight Watchers Guide will get you on the right track to enjoying low point meals at the restaurant. Join my Facebook group for support.

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P.F. Chang's Weight Watchers Guide

P.F. Chang's Weight Watchers Guide

You may be wondering how you can eat P.F. Chang's while on Weight Watchers. The answer is simple, the same way you eat anything else on Weight Watchers: track it. Fail to plan, and you plan to fail, right? So make sure you're pre-tracking whenever possible.

Low Point Options at P.F. Chang's

All of these options are 15 FSP or less at P.F. Chang's. They're your safest bet for staying within your points, and indulging without over indulging. Always drink lots of water before, with, and after your meal to stay hydrated and satisfied! Drinking more water is especially important when consuming high amounts of sodium.

Edamame (0 FSP)

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings (4 for 5 FSP)

Side of White Rice (6 FSP)

Ginger Chicken With Broccoli (8 FSP)

Spicy Tuna Roll (8 FSP)

Shrimp with Lobster Sauce (9 FSP)

Chicken Lettuce Wraps (11 FSP)

Weight Watchers Soups at P.F. Chang's

Note: There is a big difference in points when you go from eating just one cup to eating the whole bowl. It's better to have a cup of soup and another low point item to make a meal.

Egg Drop Soup (cup 1 FSP, bowl 7 FSP)

Hot & Sour Soup (cup 1 FSP, bowl 7 FSP)

Wonton Soup (cup 3 FSP, bowl 13 FSP)

Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup (12 FSP)

High Point Options to Avoid

If you have the points available, feel free to indulge in any of these dishes. I'm listing these points values as more of a “beware” because some people think they're low in points. Kung Pao Chicken seems like it wouldn't be too terribly high in points because it's chicken, right? But 22 points later, you'll feel the regret if you go over your points. Weight Watchers gives us the freedom to eat what we want, but in order to be successful we do need to stay within our daily (and weekly) points.

Kung Pao Chicken (22 FSP)

Lo Mein Chicken (23 FSP)

Cauliflower Tempura (24 FSP)

Mongolian Beef (24 FSP)

Sesame Chicken (26 FSP)

Fried Rice With Chicken (29 FSP)

Crispy Honey Shrimp (33 FSP)

Crispy Green Beans (34 FSP)

Crispy Honey Chicken (36 FSP)

Low Point Meal Ideas at P.F. Chang's

All of these meals are pretty low in points – even the highest point value (17) is still lower than some of the higher point value items. Plus, you can mix and match and make your own low point meal at P.F. Chang's by using some of the ideas above. I add edamame to every meal because, well, it's one of my favorite foods and it's zero points! Edamame is delicious and helps fill me up without adding points to my meal.

Note: Edamame does have 400 calories, so if you're also watching calories, keep this in mind. Weight Watchers gives us the freedom to not have to count calories, but it's good to stay mindful of what we are putting in our bodies – especially if we find ourselves hitting plateaus.

6 Freestyle SmartPoints: Steamed Shrimp Dumplings (5 FSP) + Egg Drop Soup (1 FSP) + Edamame (0 FSP)

9 Freestyle SmartPoints: Spicy Tuna Roll (8 FSP) + Hot & Sour Soup (1 FSP) + Edamame (0 FSP)

11 Freestyle SmartPoints: Ginger Chicken With Broccoli (8 FSP) + Wonton Soup (3 FSP) + Edamame (0 FSP)

12 Freestyle SmartPoints: Chicken Lettuce Wraps (11 FSP) + Edamame (0 FSP) + Egg Drop Soup (1 FSP)

17 Freestyle SmartPoints: Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup (12 FSP) + Edamame (0 FSP) + Steamed Dumplings (5 FSP)

Calculating Weight Watchers Points at P.F. Chang's

Use the nutritional facts listed on P.F. Chang's website to calculate the points of anything you eat. Plug the info in to your Weight Watchers app, either on your phone or on the computer, and you'll have an estimated point value of what you're eating. It's always best to pre-track but if you get stuck or are in a hurry, just use items from the list above to stay on track.

Note: Remember to deduct points for chicken or other zero point foods that are in each meal. This is mostly guesstimation which is why it's best to use the app whenever possible.

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P.F. Changs Weight Watchers Guide

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