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We have hundreds of recipes here at Slap Dash Mom, but today we are going to highlight some of the BEST Weight Watchers Friendly recipes you will ever find! These include Instant Pot meals, Air Fryer recipes, and some for your traditional oven! Looking for lunch, dinner, and dessert ideas? This post is FULL of them!!

AS A BONUS we are sharing some of our guides, shopping lists, and Weight Watchers information so you can be SUCCESSFUL in this journey!! You're welcome :)

Don't have an Instant Pot? Check out this post for a guide to help you choose the right one! Here's another great post to use as a guide and for more recipes! Below is one of my favorites!

Instant Pot Ultra 8 Qt 10-in-1 Multi- Use Programmable Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Cake Maker, Egg Cooker, Sauté, Steamer, Warmer, and Sterilizer

Got your eye on an Air Fryer or having a hard time choosing one? Check out this post to find the best fit for your needs!

Here is one of our favorites! You could seriously almost get rid of your stove!

Breville BOV900BSS Convection and Air Fry Smart Oven Air, Brushed Stainless Steel

 We also recommend these meal prep containers to make your life easier! 

EZ Prepa [20 Pack] 32oz 3 Compartment Meal Prep Containers with Lids – Bento Box – Durable BPA Free Plastic Reusable Food Storage Containers – Stackable, Reusable, Microwaveable & Dishwasher Safe

If you are looking to pull the trigger and sign up for Weight Watchers so you can have access to the app, more recipes, and the calculator you can do that here!

40 of the BEST Weight Watcher Recipes, Restaurant Guides, and MORE!

Over 40 BEST Weight Watcher Recipes, Restaurant Guides, and MORE!!

Weight Watchers Taco Casserole ONLY 1 POINT!! 



Weight Watcher Taco Casserole - 1 Point

This Taco Casserole is perfect for the whole family and is a one-pot meal! The recipe makes 6 servings and each is ONLY 1 POINT! It is the number 1 recipe on my blog, week after week, because it is fast, easy and delicious. I hope you will LOVE it.

ZERO Point Cheesecake


Can you believe that even if you are on Weight Watchers you can STILL have cake? I guess that saying is true in this case, “Have your cake and eat it too!” Our WW friendly cheesecake recipe is AMAZING and if you have not tried it yet, you MUST. I recommend you switch out the pudding flavors and try chocolate and key lime pie too!!

2 Point Starbucks Drink

2 Point Starbucks Drink

OK, so this is more of a drink than a recipe but if you thought you had to give up your Starbucks addiction, I assure you that you don't. Read all about how you can still have Starbucks and only track 2 Points.

Instant Pot Chicken Taco Soup–ZERO Points!

instant pot taco soup

This one-pot soup is SUPER filling! Perfect for a winter day, alternative to traditional tacos, or even a game-day meal! Oh, did I mention its ZERO Points! WOW

Trader Joes Shopping List

I know technology is the THING these days, but I STILL LOVE PRINTABLES! So be sure to check out that post for a printable guide for Weight Watcher food items that you can find at Trader Joes!

Weight Watchers Breakfast Casserole –ONLY 1 Point!

Slice of breakfast casserole on black plate next to dish

If you are on WW, you already know that eggs are ZERO points. What does that mean to us? Omelettes and Casseroles are always a GREAT idea and besides, who doesn't love a terrific casserole? This is a quick and easy breakfast and it works well if you make it the night before to serve in the morning! Each serving is ONLY 1 Point!

MUST HAVE Kitchen Gadgets 

SlapDashMom MUST-HAVE Kitchen Gadgets List
SlapDashMom MUST-HAVE Kitchen Gadgets List

Do you LOVE all things made for cooking? So do we!! See what we like and recommend at Slap Dash Mom! Email us and tell us which is your favorite and let us know what is missing from the list!!


Okay, I am going to WOW you with this one! WW friendly, ONLY 2 ingredients, AND ZERO POINTS! Yes, you cannot get much better than this!!

2 Ingredient Dough Cinnamon Rolls ONLY 1 POINT!   

2 ingredient dough cinnamon rolls recipe

YUM! Great for breakfast or a dessert! Well anytime really with each one only being 1 Point! This recipe uses my 2 ingredient dough, you will find that when you head to the Cinnamon Roll post!

Weight Watchers Meal Plan

Weight Watchers FreeStyle One Week Meal Plan

Here's a one-week meal plan FULL of recipes to take the guessing out of what to make for dinner every night! Planning is key to losing weight, so you can be intentional rather than making careless decisions because the pantry is empty!

Weight Watchers Chipotle Survival Guide

chipotle weight watchers guide

Love Chipotle? Check out this guide to be sure you are eating within your points! You won't believe how many points this burrito is!

Weight Watchers Taco Bell Guide 

taco bell weight watchers guide

Find out what your favorite Taco Bell meal is in Weight Watchers! If the points are too high, we have recommended some better options just for you!

What To Do When Weight Watchers Isn't Working 

High Calorie Burning Workout

We all have that feeling at times! Some days it just feels like this whole Weight Watchers thing just isn't working. Read the post above to figure out what to do to get yourself back on track. This is a good one, I promise!

Instant Pot Lo Mein Weight Watcher Friendly–6 Points

Easy Instant Pot Lo Mein

I love lo mein noodles and anything I can make in my instant pot quickly becomes my favorite. Try it…I guarantee you'll like it.

How to Do Weight Watchers for Free 

do weight watchers for free

Not ready to invest in the program yet? No worries! Check this post out on how to get started on Weight Watchers for free!

Aldi Shopping List 

aldi holiday shopping

Looking for a Weight Watchers friendly shopping list for Aldi? Perfect! Got you covered.

Weight Watchers Cinnamon Roll Casserole–6 Points!  

Weight Watchers Cinnamon Roll Casserole

Seriously, one of my favorite dishes! Perfect for breakfast or a sweet snack!

2-Ingredient Dough Guide 

Two Ingredients Pizza Dough - Just 3 WW Points

OMG! If you have not tried any of the 2 ingredient dough recipes yet, you are really missing out! The best thing is that it is SO versatile and low in points! It is all the range in my Weight Watchers group. Use it to make pizza dough, pretzels, bagels, soup bread bowls, breadsticks, etc. You HAVE to try it and let me know how you like it.

Weight Watchers Walmart Shopping List

weight watchers walmart

Love shopping at Walmart? Be sure to visit this post and print the Weight Watchers shopping list!

2 Ingredient Bagels Weight Watcher Friendly–ONLY 3 points!!

Here's one of my 2 Ingredient Dough recipes I was telling you about. If you are a bagel lover like me, you have GOT to try this recipe! Don't forget the seasoning! Or you can make them sweet instead!

Weight Watcher Donuts-3 Points!

Weight Watchers Air Fryer Donuts

When you can't afford Krispy Kreme at 8 points per donut, get these instead! Super yummy and you can use your Air Fryer! Easy and quick recipe along with cleanup.

Zero Points Food List 

WW Zero Points Food List

When WW switched their plans to Freestyle and the SmartPoint system, they changed the point values for 200 foods! And made them ZERO! If you don't have this list, you will want to get it now. Make sure you check it out because there were some that I couldn't believe made it on there!

Weight Watchers Instant Pot Egg Bake–3 Points!

Instant Pot Egg Bake Recipe

I absolutely LOVE my Instant Pot, so anytime I get a chance to use it I do! This meal is great when you don't have much time or if you are meal prepping for the week! And remember, eggs are ZERO points so fast and easy egg dishes are your best friend!!

Air Fryer Funnel Cake Bites-WW Friendly 3 Points! 

Air Fryer Funnel Cake

This always makes me think of the fair! But now I can make them anytime I want, and not have to wait until the fair comes to town – and for WAY less points!!

Weight Watchers Veggie Loaded Mac and Cheese–Only 6 Points!

WW friendly Mac n Cheese
WW friendly Mac n Cheese

I thought I would have to give up mac and cheese when I started Weight Watchers, but I didn't!! This recipe is amazing, full of vegetables and will make you feel like you have not given up a thing to be on WW!

Instant Pot Printable Meal Plan

This meal plan will get you started with your Instant Pot! 21 days of main courses, desserts, breakfast, and even appetizers!

Weight Watchers Quiche–Only 1 Smart Point!

Weight Watchers Breakfast

This quiche comes in at only 1 point and its super filling! This also makes a good grab and go breakfast if you cook it the night before!

Olive Garden Survival Guide

Weight Watchers Olive Garden Guide

Yep, that's right you can STILL have Olive Garden on WW. Be sure to read to post before going, so you don't go over on ALL of your points. You will NOT believe it when you see what some foods are but I have some great suggestions for you so you can still enjoy yourself!

Weight Watchers Lasagna-ONLY 6 Points

Weight Watchers Lasagna Recipe

I LOVE pasta! This version is really good because it's an in-between of traditional pasta and “diet” pasta! Compliment it with a zero point salad or some fresh veggies!

Berry Crisp-Only 2 Points!! 

Your family is going to eat this WHOLE pan of berry crisp! It's delicious! And for something a little extra, add some fat-free Cool Whip or Halo Top ice cream! Yum!

Weight Watchers Printable Meal Plan-Week 2 

Looking for your next Weight Watchers Freestyle Meal Plan? Great! Here is a FREE printable just for you!!

Kung Pao Chicken Weight Watcher Friendly 4 Smart Points! 

Instant Pot Kung Pao Chicken

This is what I always get at P.F. Changs! It tastes almost the exact same and it's only 4 points!

Weight Watchers Pop-Tarts-3 Smart Points (Freestyle) 

2 ingredient dough pop tarts

Ditch the 8 point Pop Tarts you find in the store and say hello to ONLY 3 points! This recipe is great for the whole family, and your kids will LOVE making them! It's a really fun thing to do together :))

Eggs In a Basket–WW Friendly ONLY 2 POINTS!!

Who doesn't love a 2 point breakfast! Fast, easy, and delicious! Try my Eggs in a Basket recipe and you will love it.

Break Through Your Plateau

lose weight after plateau

At some point in everyone's weight loss journey, whether WW or something else, you hit a plateau. This can be super discouraging, but you have to know that it is normal. Do not despair and do not give up. This article is a MUST READ and all about how to handle it to kick your weight loss right back into gear!!

Air Fryer Cheatsheet

Air Fryer Cook Times Cheat Sheet
Air Fryer Cook Times Cheat Sheet

This is the handiest thing EVER, especially if you are new to the Air Fryer world! Just remember this is a guideline. Each air fryer cooks differently depending on size, manufacturer, and wattage. Keep it handy and refer to it often!!

1 Point Pancakes Without Using Bananas

1 Point Pancakes

If you decide you wanna make some pancakes without using banana or if you have an allergy, this is the perfect breakfast for you!

Most Popular Recipes 

This post is LOADED with some of our most popular recipes – all of which are Weight Watcher Friendly! Be sure to check out the dinners to really kick your weight loss kicked into high gear.

Easy Low Point Desserts

WW low point pumpkin cheesecake with a slice gone

One thing that I LOVE about Weight Watchers is that you can have desserts that are actually good and that don't rob you of all your points! Here is a list of all my favorites and it does not disappoint :))

WW Changes for 2019 

weight watchers changes

Did you hear that WW was changing? Find out if you should be concerned and what those changes are!

2-Ingredient Pizza Dough

2 Ingredients Dough PIzza Crust - 3 WW Points
2 Ingredients Dough Pizza Crust – 3 WW Points

Yes! The 2 Ingredient Dough can do this too! Head over to this post for this 3 point pizza (points may vary depending on toppings, but remember your 0 point food list!)

Easy Tuna Steak  – ZERO Points

Instant Pot Tuna Steak - ZERO WW Points
Instant Pot Tuna Steak – ZERO WW Points

I can't believe this is ZERO points and I can use my Instant Pot! Virtually NO MESS and NO POINTS!

Share with us what your favorite recipe is!!

Come find me and JOIN my Weight Watchers Air Fryer & Instant Pot Facebook Recipe Group. We all know how hard it is to do it alone. We are a community of people who post recipes, share tips and ideas and inspire one another every day! We can't wait to meet you!!

Check the bottom of this page to Download my FREE WW Cookbook & Tips Guide. You will LOVE it!!

More 2 Ingredient Dough Recipes

2 Ingredient Dough Pot Pie
2 Ingredient Dough Bread Bowls
2 Ingredient Dough Empanadas

Make sure you check out and grab our printable shopping lists below to make it easy when you are in store to grab the best WW FreeStyle friendly foods and snacks!

Weight Watchers Walmart Shopping List
Weight Watchers Target Shopping List

Ever panic and wonder what to eat at your favorite restaurants? Well, I do too! That's why I created and LOVE my restaurant guides. Check them out here and be sure to email me and let me know any others you'd like to see:

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