Nell’s 13th Birthday

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I'm not going to be sappy about having a teenager, or my baby turning 13, or about how she used to be an adorable little weirdo but is now a beautiful young lady.

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I'm not going to cry.

I'm just going to say how thankful I am that I have Nell as my daughter. She really is amazing.

A few years ago, Nell decided she wanted short hair. Other kids her age weren't quite ready for a girl with a “boys” haircut. She stuck with it anyway.

She was bullied, relentlessly. But she turned it into a positive experience by raising money to donate to anti-bullying organizations.

There are many other things she's accomplished, and she's made me proud in many ways… but without stalling any longer, I'll show you what she wanted for her birthday: dyed hair.

Nell's 13th Birthday

This is what Nell looked like when she woke up on her 13th birthday! We had a great day – Rachel woke her up by singing Happy Birthday to her, and even let her have dessert for breakfast. I flew in from an event I was doing, and got here before she got home from school. We went out to dinner and had a great time. It was a very simple birthday, but exactly what she asked for.

Nell's 13th Birthday

nell lankford

nell lankford

She loves it! We used SPLAT: Crimson Obsession, and did not use the bleach that came with it. Her hair was light to begin with, so it worked out perfectly.

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  1. She’s effin’ FABULOUS! :) It looks AWESOME!

  2. She looks so beautiful. I’m sure she’s having a great day. Enjoy your time with her :)

  3. I wouldn’t recommend the bleach that comes with the SPLAT anyway. It burns like heck! I don’t even really know why, considering I do my hair and use powder blue and cream developer so am used to a little discomfort. I will say that SPLAT works super well on light hair like that, and will stay for a fair bit!! :)
    She looks great btw!! Happy birthday Nell!!

  4. oh my goodness I love how it turned out!! She’s beautiful and what a wonderful thing she did to raise money to anti bullying organizations!!

  5. She looks AH-MAZING! She’s a rock star, just like her mom.

  6. I used to dye my hair crazy with split and punky colour that dye will wash out in like 2 weeks time but she looks amazing… It will stain your bathtub Haha have fun

  7. love love love , it’s beautiful Happy Birthday

  8. it is amazing how colour transforms love the look and the colour

  9. Wow.. love the hair. Both the color and style are amazing, and suit her !. Very cute. :)

  10. It’s Fantastic! A Unique look for a unique girl. If you can’t tell…i love it!

  11. Sadie, your daughter is gorgeous and looks so cute with that purple hair. I bet she is just in love with it.
    I am a stickler when it comes to hair. My 14 year old wanted to do her hair purple too. I only let her do the tips. It gave me peace of mind in case we ruined it.

    1. I think that’s a fair compromise! :)

  12. Oh, it’s so pretty! My 13 year old daughter said it looks great on her!!

  13. This looks great on her. My step daughter has dyed her hair every color under the sun. It’s currently dark purple.

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