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My daughter is not a lesbian… or maybe she is.

But who the fuck cares?

My daughter Jenelle has always really liked having short hair. When she was maybe 3 or so, she asked for a pixie cut and *gasp* I let her get one. Everyone freaked out, of course, but it's just hair. She was fine. I survived (with a few tears), she survived, we were good. This was her hair as it was growing out. Awful, right? That's when I decided keeping it short wouldn't be so horrible – the in-between stage was ridiculous.

Fast forward 7 years to now. She has since had a mohawk (complete with shaved sides), and a handful of faux hawks, as well as pixie cuts. About a year ago I told her she had to grow her hair out to her shoulders, and then if she still really wanted short hair, I'd let her get it cut. For months, she let her hair grow. She hated it the entire time, but waited patiently for her hair to reach her shoulders.

She woke up one morning and her hair was finally touching her shoulders. She begged me to take her to the salon. I talked to her about the hair cut she was wanting, and warned her that the kids at her new school might make fun of her for it because they had only seen her with long hair. These are the before and after pictures of that hair cut.

Oh, I know.. I cried too. :( But just look how happy she is in the after pictures. So, anyway.. on to the point of this post. Jenelle has been having trouble with some boys at school since getting her hair cut. They're calling her a “lesbo”, among other hurtful names. The problem I have, though, are much bigger than simple name calling.

Who taught these kids that being a lesbian is a bad thing? Calling someone a lesbian (or gay) should not be an insult.

Look around you, look at society. Look at asshats like Kirk Cameron. “Homosexuality is detrimental to the foundations of society.” Er, right, Kirk. We are raising kids in a society that is different than the one we were raised in. I remember kids being called “dykes” and “fags” in school, just for the hell of it. If a girl got a short hair cut, she was a lesbian. If a guy wasn't super masculine and whoring around, he was a gaywad. If we didn't like something, it was “so gay”.

Now is the time to wake up. Look around you. Are you letting your kids say shit like “this is so gay”? If you are,

stop it!!

It's not just “kids being kids” anymore. Kids are committing suicide over this stuff. So stand up, if not for yourself stand up for me! Stand up for my kids. Stand up for all the girls that like their hair short. Stand up for all the kids that have two moms, or two dads. Stand up for all kids that are different. The boys that would rather play chess or draw than play basketball. The girls that would rather play soccer than dress-up.

Stand up for our children!

My daughter is not a lesbian. Or, maybe she is. But she's 10. She does not have a sexuality right now. She's not concerned with boys. Or girls. She likes to draw, she likes to play soccer, and she loves to help her teachers. She just also happens to love having short hair. That doesn't make her a lesbian, it makes her different, and

different is good.

Do you have the courage to be different? Do you have the courage to stand up and say hey.. I will not tolerate that type of language.. I don't care if “everybody's doing it”. You won't do it. Not in my house, not in my family. It has to stop.

girl with boys haircut

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Sadie Mae is an LGBT Lifestyle blogger living in Arizona with her three daughters. Her passions including traveling, healthy living, and teaching women how to work from home so they can spend more time with their kids.


  1. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! Kids are just cruel.
    When I first saw her new haircut it reminded me of that chefs hairstyle- Anne Burrell (I think her name is). She has written cookbooks and is on the Food Network on a few programs. Your daughter can just tell them she is an Ann Burrell protege and she already started her first cookbook :)

    Anne from Good Steward Savers! :)
    Anne L. recently posted..Save over $10 with Kellogg’s Coupons!My Profile

    1. I forgot to say, when I was 10 years old, I got a short haircut because I was on a softball team and all the girls had short hair because it wasnt as hot wearing the caps on our heads. I was with my mother when we went to pick up her drycleaning and the person behind the desk said “You have a good looking son” LOL. My mother said “Thats my daughter.”
      Anne L. recently posted..Save over $10 with Kellogg’s Coupons!My Profile

  2. I am so sick of people being judged by their appearances. My step-son has longer than usual, shaggy hair and do you know how many times I’ve heard people tell me to tell him to get a haircut? I could care less about his hair as long as he washes it! What really bugs me is the double standard is that no one tells him that he’s gay because he has long hair. But people rush to pass judgment on your daughter? Ridiculous!
    Sarah BB @ East9thStreet recently posted..Kid Friendly Flag Pizza By Clare CrespoMy Profile

  3. I cannot even believe the ignorance of some people! My daughter is 14, and has recently told us that she is interested in boys and girls. We have no problem with that and she has always known that. I think that is why she was able to come out to us at such a young age. I can’t believe that kids are so cruel to call someone a lesbian just because their hair is short. Your daughter looks beautiful! I love her hair, in fact mine is now growing out from a similar haircut that I kept for 2 years. My daughter has hair down to her butt lol People are crazy I tell you!

  4. I’m so sorry for what your daughter is going through. I hope that over time people will become more loving and less hateful. I do think in many ways society is becoming more accepting of differences. I just wish we would hurry up and get there more quickly. We really shouldn’t have to be dealing with this kind of ignorance in 2012. Wake up already, people!

  5. First, she is absolutely beautiful! That is a haircut I would totally consider. I grow my hair out and then every few years cut it all off to donate to locks of love.

    Second, I hate the way kids treat each other. My son has been bullied his whole life because of his weight, which he has been under a doctor’s care for since he was 8. It breaks my heart when a kid is hurt like that. Just keep teaching your daughter to be strong in who she is so she has the confidence to tell them to bite her. Lol maybe not quite like that, but you know what I mean.

    There are so many women who wear their hair short for the same reasons that women wear their hair long. Tell her we all think she is absolutely gorgeous!!!
    Heather recently posted..It Is RainingMy Profile

  6. I applaud your daughter for wanting short hair. Who says being a girl means we have to be hair obsessed? I like her individualality. As long as she like it tell her to ignore those creepy kids who mock her, soon they’ll get tired of doing it.
    trishden recently posted..It’s Raining Cash $550 Giveaway…Enter Now!My Profile

  7. I’m proud of your daughter for having a strong mind, knowing what she wants and having the courage to go get it despite what anyone says or thinks! We should all raise our kids to be like that. She will go far in life, and will probably grow up to be the boss of all of them some day…ala Bill Gates.

    On another note, my 16 year old daughter has always hated it when she had short hair, prefers it long and is a lesbian. Hair is the last thing that would point in one direction or the other, in my opinion.

    Kids are cruel, but they have to learn it from somewhere, right? Odds are either the parents or siblings of those kids have passed their ignorance on to the younger ones. Very sad, really.

    1. I absolutely love that Grandma Juice said “Who the fuck cares” on my blog! LOLOL. Thank you! You’re awesome.:)

  8. I love your style of writing. She is adorable, and long hair would make her no different. I wanted short hair when I was young because I had to do everything my brother did. I am not a lesbian. Not that there is anything wrong with that. ;)

  9. Your daughter’s beautiful. Thank you for supporting her to look & love however & whoever she wants.

  10. I think her hair is cute and anyone thinking about a ten year old’s sexuality should probably get some professional help. She’ll grow into who she is to be and that will be who she is, not anyone’s problem or business. I can’t stand people robbing others of their joy just to feed their own hang-ups. You did well by giving her the room to grow Sadie, family matters and everyone else can get bent.
    Brian D. Hawkins recently posted..Market Your Blog Within The Blogging CommunityMy Profile

    1. THANK YOU, Brian… seriously! That was the entire point I made the other day when I was talking about this. Whoever is thinking about a 10 year old’s sexuality needs professional help. Game, set, match.

  11. Why should this even be a topic of discussion? Why can’t we teach our children to just respect people regardless of how they look? I hope no one laughs at your daughter, she is a beautiful little girl!

  12. Oh people! My daughter’s hair is short. Not quite as short as Jenells, but she wanted it. Not like she was asking for a tattoo at 9 years old! Gah!

  13. It drives me NUTS that kids today use the term ‘gay’ as an insult. My son is 12 and just started middle school, my daughter is 10. We have had open discussions with them about homosexuality and how no one should be judged, hated, picked on or otherwise looked down on for who they choose to love. You hit the nail on the head when you said that these kids are LEARNING this behavior from somewhere. If parents would teach their children empathy, acceptance, and compassion this would not be an issue.

    That said, my daughter REALLY wants to cut her hair short and I wont let her :) I SOOO love her long hair! Maybe I will reconsider and let her express her individuality a little bit.

    And who the heck says that only women with short hair can be lesbians? Really? I know a few with beautiful long hair….

  14. I love her hair and she is beautiful just the way she is. I have had really short hair for a very long time. People used to be really nasty to me too. Funny considering I am not nor have I have been interested in the ladies. Even if I had been, it is not a reason to spread hate. If my girls should choose to have short hair, so be it. It doesn’t make them any less of a female. I also let them play with monster trucks and dinosaurs if they so choose. The stereotypical gender rolls laid out by society are bullshit, and we will have no part of them in this house.
    MamaBennie recently posted..Like MommyMy Profile

  15. I am with you… re: hair — it grows back. It’s something in your world you can experiment with… it’s not worth fighting over. And I like the cut she chose – so “different” it’s beautiful.
    Johannah recently posted..WAHM Blog Design GiveawayMy Profile

  16. If you really loved your daughter, you wouldn’t mind if she turned out to be a lesbian. So what if she might love another woman when she’s older! It’s perfectly natural, and if you want to be a decent mother, you will get over your homophobia and accept it may be the case.

    And if you try to change her, well, it proves you don’t love her enough to allow her to be happy and love whoever she wants.

    1. Whoops! Disregard that; I didn’t read the whole post… Sorry!

      1. Wait , of you are saying you do not want your daughter to turn out as a lesbian, then disregard the second comment but not the first..
        And then stop worrying about a TEN YEAR OLDS sexuality…

  17. My 10 yr old daughter has imo beautiful reddish blonde hair. And when she was younger from 2-4 and I controlled her hair cuts, or lack of hair cuts lol. So I just had her have long curly hair. Now that my daughter is older though, she prefers functuality over a long hair style. She looves short hair, and to be honest, I cringe a little when she wants to get super short hair but nonetheless, I let her. I should send you pictures on facebook. Seems like my 10 yr old and your 10 yr old have something in common. They don’t care what others think and they love ttheir short hair cuts!

  18. Hi “Sadie” I can’t help but love you-your so honest about yourself and life-Your little girl “Jenelle” is a very cute girl-and all the more power to her for wanting to sport a hair cut of her liking- long hair is so hard to keep up- I have hair down to my buttocks and it’s very high maintenance. Back to your little girl-If short hair is what she wants-good for her and your a awesome mom for embracing her and allowing her to do so. I like your way of thinking “Who f ‘ ing cares” If only more people were like that and just lightened up a little and allowed people to express their likes this world would be a better place. It’s like this if my looks hurt you-then I’d really hate too see you after I really did something to hurt you-not that I promote abuse in anyway-but you get my point- I hope??? And besides all that-who ever said just because I choose to wear my hair short, long or crazy is a direct reflection on you. I think it’s great at her age to have an opinion of her own-and whether she is gay, lesbian or straight is her business and who ever else she decides to share that part of who she is with . I enjoy your blog and I think your Awesome- Thanks

    1. Thanks, Shanon! :) I appreciate your awesome response and yes I definitely get your point. <3

  19. I love her hair!!! I could never pull it off, but she does so wonderfully. I have caught m y kids saying things like “that’s so gay” and immediately made them stop. I don’t think they realize yet how detrimental it can be to a person. My sister says it all the time and it makes me cringe. I am not gay, but I completely support gay rights, and things my family and friends say makes me want to puke at times.

    Best of luck to you and yours!

  20. You know, I have red hair and for more than half of my life, it’s been really long. However, there were some points in my childhood and teenage years that I just wanted it really short. Recently I got a pixie cut because I was just tired of having long hair. Everybody loves my new hair cut and says that I actually look my age now! Which is great, because it means that less people will be thinking my husband is a cradle robber, haha! Lots of friends even tell me I look like a mom now, which I take as a compliment. Not once have I had a derogatory comment made to me about my pixie cut. I am so sad that your daughter is having kids be mean to her at school. I am so glad though, that you are a loving mother and willing to stand up for your daughter (as any loving mother should)! It is sad to know that most kids become bullies because they learn the behaviors from their parents or because they learn it from other people and their parents refuse to correct it. I hope things work out well for your daughter!

    1. Congrats on the new cut! :) Thanks for the kind comments!

  21. Rizzo Tenderheart’s mom here…The length of one’s hair does not define us. Our heart and soul does. Your baby girl is gorgeous long hair or short.

    1. Aw, thanks for stopping by! Say HI to Rizzo from Isis!!

  22. You need to realize that who a girl is at 10 is much different than who a girl is at 20. When I was 10, I was very tomboyish, and loved having short hair. Now, I love my long hair and wearing dresses! Kids change!

  23. in march i completely shaved my head for st baldricks and all the money i raised by getting my head shaved benefitted the organization, fast forward a few months and my hair was growing out into an honest to goodness faux hawk all by itself! i LOVED it!! i dreaded the growing out process but loved what i ended up with. i got all the horrible looks and comments but the day one of kids told me i had a “gay” haircut that was it!! i feel bad now but i completely lost it on my kid. i sat him down and told him that he had family members, even though he didnt know it at the time, that were gay and they didnt have “gay” haircuts. i told him its not a term to use just because something is different or they dont like it. i wish people wouldnt preach their hate and intolerence on kids. they are our future and what we teach and preach is their exampleand if its hate and intolerence then thats what they learn. as for jenelle she is a beautiful young woman and as long as she is comfortable in her own skin and body thats all that matters and she is most definitely rockin her hair so good for her!!!

    1. I would LOVE to shave my head! But I’m afraid it’s lumpy or something LOL.

      I think that even though you felt bad about freaking out, your child will always remember it! Thank you for the compliments on Jenelle. :) Now if she’d just CARE enough to fix her hair, I think we’d be good. Right now it’s just a mop on her head lol.

  24. Her hair looks awesome short!! I want to know who told those boys that having short hair means your a lesbian? and you are right, who the fuck cares?!?

    Your kids are awesome and absolutely amazing. I’m glad they have such great parents who stick up for them, and don’t just shrug the bullying off!

  25. Things that matter:

    What is the character of the individual in question? Is this someone you like being around? Are they good company? Are they concerned about the world around them? Are they fair? Are they constantly lying to those around them? Are they intentionally hurtful? Do they help those around them whenever possible?

    The list goes on for quite some time, but these are the questions that need to be answered and they are the only types of questions I need to find the answer to before I make any kind of decision about an individual. I don’t care what their gender is, nor do I concern myself with their sexual orientation. I don’t care if they dropped out of high school or have multiple PhDs. None of this makes a bit of difference to me. I want to know if they will help those who need it; if they value education, music and art; if they can hold their own in a conversation on the topics that concern everyone and are not so shallow that all they can do is regurgitate the rumors circulating in the gossip rags.

    There are so many things in this world that matter – or at least should matter – to everyone on the planet. Sexual orientation is not one of them. Not now, not ever. And once more people pull their head out, the easier it will be to solve the real issues that face all of us on this tiny rock in space instead of squealing in horror, “OMG, she likes GIRLS!!”

  26. well, my child is transgender so I can certainly understand & sympathize with your hatred of labels that other kids spew out over every difference. My child learned to be tough before he was really ready to (back when he was a she just learning that he was not what he appeared to be on the outside). Kids can be so cruel. I don’t think short hair means anything. Almost every kid I know has chopped off their own hair when the were little (I guess its a great way in a kids mind to experiment with scissors). I had super short hair when I was little & I’m happily married to a man. On the other hand I have a friend who always had super long hair & is happier with her own sex so, what does hair length say? Absolutely nothing!

  27. Awesome post!! Love her hair too!! Trust me, if I had different facial features, I would totally be rocking that hair cut myself!!

  28. People are asshats, what can I say? My 9 year old prefers shorter hair too. She hates the way hair feels on the back of her neck. I’m the same way & *GASP* I am married to a man! It would never dawn on me that people might think a young girl is a lesbian because of her hair. (or any age for that matter!)

  29. I LOVE this! Love her haircut, love that SHE knows what she wants! I have a 9 yr old daughter, and it kills me to see her trying to conform to what her “friends” want her to be. My Husband always tells her to be herself, and do what she chooses to do, but I still see her feeling like she has to be like the other girls. And I always say to myself, I must be getting old, when I say this, but Kids these days just don’t get it! They don’t understand how much words can hurt, how much they can destroy a child with name calling, etc. Yet, it’s always the kids doing the name calling and bullying, that when called out, are all about pointing fingers and blaming everyone else. I guess we as parents need to try to be there as much as we can for our kids, and let them know we will always stand behind them, and hopefully guide them in the right direction!
    P.S, Tell your daughter she looks amazing, like a little rocker chick, just love it!!

    1. Thank you Kristy! :) It’s awesome that your husband is supportive of what your daughter wants. Many times you hear about the father not wanting the girls to have short hair, or the boys to have long hair, and pushing that onto the kids.

  30. When I was teaching I never let this happen since it was bullying. People should lighten up and let kids be kids. It’s there hair let them do what they want! I think she looks adorable both ways and that smiles is worth a thousand words! My husband would get comments like this when we were in high school. He is the opposite – he is a guy and has long, beautiful think hair that is about 15 – 16 inches long. He keeps it in a ponytail and it’s what he loves! He originally did it as a bet but found he loved it! Now, he also does it just see how people react. If people want to judge him, they are obviously missing out!

    I think too many parents think of their kids as little dolls to dress & play with. It’s their body, let them do what they want. Some things I think need a little steering until they get to a certain age (tattoos, piercing, etc – I don’t think a 8 year old need a clitt piercing or a real tattoo).
    Susan Bewley recently posted..Blankz ToysMy Profile

    1. That’s so cool that he ended up loving the long hair! :) I agree with you completely!

  31. I LOVE her hair! The crappy thing is that doesn’t necessarily stop when you’re an adult. I HATE long hair on myself, and when I got my current cut, my own brother told me I looked like a dyke. I asked him what he’d do if I was and called him a few choice words.

    Mack doesn’t look good with long hair. Every time we cut it short, she looks GREAT. And she FEELS great. I say do what makes her happy.
    Heather recently posted..How a Smalltown Girl Sees New YorkMy Profile

  32. My daughter was 4.5 when she got her first pixie cut… she’d had lice and she had always been a bit of a brat about getting her hair brushed, so when I offered to take her for a short haircut… she jumped at the chance… I honestly thought she looked incredibly cute… and so did she… until someone called her ‘sonny’ She grew her hair out … fought with me for ages… and finally cut it short again… loving it until she got teased… She is now 14 and has ‘girl curves’ … and she takes care of her own hair now… but we were talking about it the other day that she’d like to go short again… after Christmas…
    and this time she’ll just laugh at the people who can’t deal with it and tell them they need an eye exam or a brain scan… gotta love resilient kids!
    Heather ~ Acting Balanced Mom recently posted..Smart Strip Review and #GiveawayMy Profile

  33. I LOVE THIS! First of all, yes, I’d probably cry, but she looks so so beautiful and so happy, that yes, I’d get past it! But my kiddo is only 5, so I think she’d regret that choice – and I only let her get a haircut this year (like last month!).

    As for the mean kids, gawd, I hope their parents are reading this. So sad. So sorry that this is how they speak/react. They totally are learning this from someone and somewhere and it’s wrong.


    I haven’t read all the comments yet but I love that there are so many! And I hope every single one of them is favorable. :) Way to go you!!
    Andrea recently posted..My little squishy face.My Profile

  34. Every child has a right to be happy.
    Every child has a right to be WHOMEVER they WANT to be.

    The look on her face after her hair cut says it all. She is happy with it.

    I pray she has the strength to continue being the person she wants to be.

    Stopping by from PYHO
    OneMommy recently posted..Taking Stock of What I Value MostMy Profile

  35. I absolutely LOVE this post. I am a firm believer that gender and sexuality are fluid. It doesn’t matter whether your child’s hair is long or short. It’s about what is on the inside. Your daughter’s fun-loving personality really shows through her hairstyle as well as her eyes. I’m so glad that there are moms like you in the world who allow their daughters to be who they want to be. ~Xiomara
    Xiomara Maldonado recently posted..What Comes After a Stroke? {PYHO}My Profile

  36. I have two younger sisters. One favored short hair and ‘boy’ clothes. The other wore more girly things, was way into doing her hair and even had a few boyfriends. Guess which one turned out to be a lesbian? Yup. NOT the one who dressed like a boy.
    The point is: a haircut, how they dress and what toys they play with won’t make them ‘catch the gay’. It’s sad that people think this way. My daughter will be taught tolerance and respect for everyone. No matter what she grows into or how she chooses to live her life, I always have her back. Plain and simple.
    Tina recently posted..Grow Up Already! -Rant-My Profile

  37. She looks adorable with long hair and short hair. And I speak as a fellow pixie-lover – I cut my hair short-short 18 months ago and can’t see myself ever going back. I’ve been told numerous times that I “rock” short hair and that it’s my “signature look.” Of course, I realize the stigma is different for a 37YO mom than it is for a 10YO girl, but it shouldn’t be – short hair can be beautiful and feminine at any age.

    And yes, I’m very cognizant of the words I and others use as insults in this day and age. IMO, saying something is “gay” or “queer” or is no better than using the word “retard” in a derogatory nature. In context, none of these words are “bad.” But used out of context? They’re horrible.
    Kristin @ What She Said recently posted..Friday Tapas: The Late EditionMy Profile

  38. Last year, my daughter (who was 6 at the time) cut off her long hair and got a Mohawk. Since ten, she has kept her hair short and has started dressing in sporty shirts and t-shirts like her brother. She has been teased too but refuses to change the way she looks. As a parent, it’s hard. As a lesbian mom, it’s even more complicated.

    It’s important to keep in mind that gender expression and sexual preference are two very separate things. Unfortunately, many people in our society are not educated regarding such nuances.

    May our daughters always have the strength to be themselves.
    Vikki recently posted..Tuesday TunesMy Profile

    1. Wow, I never thought I would hear of another little girl wanting a mohawk, that’s cool!! Thanks for sharing your story.

  39. What a cool little kid and what a great mom! It is admirable that such a yound child knows who they are and what they want. It is applaudable that you let her shine and make her own choices. She is a beutiful girl and you can tell she is sweet with that big smile of hers.

    It is appauling how individuals treat one another, children and adults. There is so much hate and judgement, when will there every be acceptance and love. This world needs to get itself in check, we are forgetiing how lucky we are and what really is important. Love one another, it is that simple.

  40. You’re daughter looks beautiful, long or short hair!

    There is a learning curve for being able to put yourself in anothers shoes. Kids, are just learning to interact with eachother and will eventually learn what it feels like…in a healthy society. But in a society where parents are so eager to jump down another’s throat, are provacative in their words and actions, and who let their tounge’s escape in demeaning dialogue, it is no wonder that kids never learn about what it feels like. They are always on the offensive.

    Ultimately, when you understand that you can’t control others and force them to do the right thing, you’ll see how important it is to understand that you and others can say stupid things that people just won’t agree with or may find offensive, but you don’t need to let your life be ruined by it. You have to move on.

  41. I am 25 years old. I work with a Bunch of Girly Girls. I went into work the other day and all i heard was ” ewww what did you do to your head ” i said ” your right this is MY head,and you don’t need to worry about what I do to it”. I have a “Side Shave” ( I’ve had it for the last 6 months and they just clued in) I guess the Grown women at my work are not mature enough to accept the fact that i’m different. It pissed me off, If i didn’t need this job i would have quit right at that moment. Anyways, It’s not just kids that need to be taught how to treat people with respect. Its A LOT of Adults too!….~~ Your Daughter is so Beautiful! I love how she loves to be different. Like me! :)~~

  42. I have to say that what saddens me most of all is that your daughter is being called such usgly names.one doesn’t have to agree or like someones life style to be adult about it (no matter your age) and keep your nastiness to yourself.

  43. My beautiful soon to be eighteen year old girl currently has her head SHAVED. Know what? She looks adorable. She is straight. She believes people should not be judged for who they love. She plans to grow her hair back in, but in the meantime, we are going to wax her brows and wear funky make-up. Because we can. I got a lot of flack when the girls were smaller because I allowed them so much freedom to explore who they are and we are definitely a funkier family (dh aside). Please let your little girl know we love her and think she is wonderful for being herself, just the way she is.

    1. Thank you! You should like an awesome momma!!

  44. Our son,who is 13, had a very good friend move away a few years back. Well, the boy moved back and stayed the night at our house. Logan was so happy to have his friend back. A few days later our older son told us that Logan’s friend told Logan he was gay so I decided I’d talk to Logan about it. I asked him if it bothered him his buddy was gay and his response was “Why would it?” He said he felt bad for his friend because other kids make fun of him for being openly gay. I was so proud of him for not caring. He doesn’t care what other people think, he has always been friends with this boy and always will be. I guess I’ve never looked at anybody any different just because of their preference to gender. It just doesn’t matter to me. I think it all starts with us as parents. We need to teach our kids not to hate.

    BTW, I love the short hair!!! I actually just talked to my husband about getting my hair cut off. I am kinda a butch looking woman anyway so I know what short hair will make me look like but I don’t care. By golly if I want short hair then I’m going to have short hair and the ones who want to judge can kiss my butch butt:)

    1. I love that your 13 year old wasn’t bothered by his friend being gay! Most boys that age would freak out. And congrats on the short hair, it’s very empowering! I miss mine! :)

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