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Once a week, one of the girls and I have a mother daughter date. I set a budget of $50 and they get to pick where we go, what we do, etc. Today was Jenelle's turn! She wanted to go to Sonic, so we did.

slap dash mom

While we were there, she asked if she could get a pet rat. I said yes. She cried. Then, we went to the pet store to “look” at animals. And you know how that goes. Unfortunately, they didn't have any rats. We went to another store and they didn't have them either. However, she saw a fat, fluffy little critter and fell. in. love.

slap dash mom hamster

She thought it was a boy so she was going to name him Hamilton. Then we realized she was a girl.

milly the ham

Nell was excited to get home and set up her cage, hut, and exercise wheel. Though she's really fat and hasn't stopped eating since we brought her home, so I'm not sure how much use the wheel will get LOL.

milly the hamster

Introducing… MILLY.

In case you ever had the desire to follow a hamster on Instagram, now you can. She just started it but I'm sure she will spend a ridiculous amount of time taking pictures of her little rodent, so be sure to follow along. LOL

>>> Follow Milly on Insta <<<

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  1. You’re the best mom ever. What a fun mother daughter date! My question is, if she’s a girl, and she fat, is she actually pregnant or just loves to eat? LOL

    1. I REALLY hope she’s not pregnant. LOL

  2. Wow your a great mom. My mother would have never let me get a pet rat. I finally got my first pet rat when I finally moved out :)

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