17 Money Saving Websites and Apps

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We all love saving money. Using these money saving websites and apps makes it even easier. Work less, save more.

Money Saving Websites and Apps

Money Saving Websites and Apps

Ya gotta eat..


Pricematcherz – They put out a list each week of local ads, so you can do price matching at Walmart. I save at least 25% on each grocery store trip just because of this website!

SuperCook and MyFridgeFood – Find recipes based on ingredients you already have on hand. Another way I like to use these sites is by putting in the items I'm price matching, as if I have them at home already. So before I even get to the store, I have a complete menu for the week.

Coupons.com and RedPlum.com – After I've made my menu, I check out the coupons available on these sites. I don't coupon a whole lot, but if I can stack a coupon with a sale and get something for cheap or free, I do it. I used to coupon religiously, but it's not something I'm into right at the moment.

Online Shopping

Swagbucks – I earn points and cash them in for Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot gift cards. That's actually how we bought quite a bit of the stuff for our new house. If you shop online, visit Swagbucks first because if you shop through their browser, you'll get points for it (without having to spend anything extra).

Coupon Sherpa – Look for current coupon codes before shopping. I do this with my favorite restaurant, Sweet Tomatoes. Saving a few bucks off each person's lunch or dinner adds up fast!

Camel Camel Camel – This is an Amazon price tracker, which can be really helpful especially around the holidays. Create price alerts to track when prices drop on an item you really want to purchase. I did this before I bought my Cricut.

Ebates – Shop through Ebates, either online or on their app, and earn cash back. I get mine sent via Paypal. I don't shop a ton, so the payments aren't huge by any means, but they definitely support my coffee habit. Plus, it's free to sign up so even if you never use it, you don't lose anything.

ZenniOptical – Cheap glasses from $6.95. Saff loses at least three pairs of glasses each year, so cheap replacements are a must.

RetailMeNot – A great site to search for coupons and deals before you make any online purchases. I love their free shipping codes.

FatWallet and SlickDeals – Very comprehensive deal websites, I use them around the holidays when I really need to save big.


GasBuddy – Check local gas prices as you go through each city and state. In some instances, it's only a few pennies so it's not worth going out of your way to find another gas station with cheaper prices. However, when we visited San Diego, the prices varied as much as $.70 a gallon from gas station to gas station!

BookingBuddy – I use this site to find deals on flights, but it's not the be all end all. Be sure to check the airlines directly, and other travel sites, too. I recently booked a trip to San Diego for $97 round trip!

Yelp and FourSquare – Use these apps not only to find the best places around to eat and sleep, but also to get perks with check-ins. Some restaurants offer a free appetizer with check-in. One of my favorite local spots, the Olive Mill, offers a free Olive Oil 101 class with a check-in.

Free Campsites – I don't camp (hotel = camping for me!), but I know that campsites can get expensive. So, if I ever lose my mind and end up camping, I'll use this site.

Pro travel tip: Keep the kids entertained with Little Passports.

Budget & Credit

CreditKarma – Tracking your credit will help you increase your credit score, which means you'll get better interest rates on credit cards, loans, and more. Read my post on how I increased my credit score by over 200 points in under a year!

Better Money Habits – “A guide to greater financial empowerment”, this website has helped me understand important financial topics and it's all FREE. I recommend the Buying a Home course.

FREE Money Saving Ebooks

These ebooks are free if you have Kindle Unlimited ($9.99 a month).

How to Manage Your Money When You Don't Have Any
Budgeting: How to Make a Budget and Manage Your Money and Personal Finances Like a Pro
The Everything Budgeting Book: Practical Advice for Saving and Managing Your Money
Budgeting: Setting Up A Budget and Making It Work

Do you have any money saving apps or websites you'd add to the list? Leave them in the comments!

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