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Rarely have I ever had a difficult time naming a blog post. I have a hundred or more ideas swirling around in my head at any given time, so naming blog posts is super easy for me. This one got me, though.

I've written about and shared our lives for many years – 13 now. And while I've overshared plenty, I've been a little more careful about what I share about my life since the whole psycho neighbor thing happened. Here I am, back to sharing.

When I first met Kevin, it wasn't some fairytale love at first sight thing for either of us. We were at the bar with friends. He tried to buy me a drink – my friend came up and said “hey, Smiley wants to buy you a drink”. I said, “tell ‘Smiley' I can buy my own fucking drink”. Even though I don't really drink, I did buy my own drink… on principle LOL. Then, I sat down and talked with my group of friends – he and his friend were at the table with us. Kevin (“Smiley” – everyone calls him that but I don't) and I started talking. Next thing I knew, three hours had passed (and yes, I finally let him buy me a drink). He still hadn't asked for my number, and quite frankly I wasn't sure if he even liked me because I was getting total friend vibes from him (minus the times he snuck a look at my cleavage LOL). “So, are you going to ask for my number or what?” got his attention, I guess, because we exchanged numbers and texted each other all weekend.

He asked me on a date – like an official date and I kinda freaked out. I had been Tinder “dating” for a while (public places, not letting them know where I lived, etc) and forgot what a real date was like. I said yes, but I was definitely nervous. He wanted to pick me up and drive me to the date. Being the total control freak I am, I wasn't about to have him in charge. But by Monday, I felt like he could handle planning a date so I let him pick me up and plan everything.

Our first date was great – dinner and bowling – and the rest was history. Monday turned into Tuesday, which turned into Wednesday… we saw each other every day for the rest of the week. And the next week. And the next. We always found a way to see each other every day. I had never introduced anyone to my kids before, not so soon especially, but with Kevin it felt right. He had his own (grown) kids, and I don't know how to explain it really, I just trusted him from the get go. If you know me AT ALL you know me trusting anyone is rare, much less a man.

Relationship-wise, it hasn't been a whirlwind fairytale. It's been real life, messy life, mixed in with a fairytale. We've dealt with very real issues, from the get go. He met my kids (after I told him several times they would probably run him off), and they clicked right away. They're like me – they don't like many people – so it was really awesome that they all meshed with Kevin separately so quickly.

Kevin and I had both been married in the past, and talked about how we never planned on getting married again. A few weeks into our relationship, that changed for both of us. We went on a cruise in December and he had the whole room set up like a honeymoon – complete with sparkling juice, a cake that said “Happy Honeymoon”, and decorations all around the room that said the same. Getting married all started as a joke (I told a guy at the bar we were married to get him to stop hitting on me), but by the time the cruise rolled around it was something we both seriously considered. He told me to start looking at rings and because our phones spy on us, I started getting bombarded with ring ads. I picked out a ring (after talking him down on price – he was wanting to spend WAY too much… take me on a vacation instead!) – and he bought it. A few weeks later, our story continues…

His turn to tell the story…

Warning: Kevin is as long-winded as I am (or moreso) so if you have zero attention span (like me), scroll down to the TL;DR part. ;)

Beginning of the Day

I begin this journey of finding the right time and the right moment to drop down on one knee and let this beautiful woman who has come into my life know that I truly wanted to be hers and for her to be mine forever. So where is the best spot to propose? I started looking weeks ahead of time trying to create the best moment and make sure it was the best time, making sure the weather was right, making sure her hair and nails were done because she was going to need lots of pictures. If you’ve seen one of her (many) rants on Facebook, you know she would have never forgiven me if I had proposed before she got her nails done.

la jolla cove


We were headed to California for the weekend with Sapphire and I knew it was going to be a wonderful trip. I packed up the ring and off we went. We had a great stay in La Jolla, saw the seals and the sea lions (her favorite thing to do in Cali so far).

sunset cliffs california

I suggested we go to a different location for a the sunset the second night there, put the ring box in my pocket and drove to one of the most fantastic sunsets we have seen. It just didn’t feel right to do it there though.

sunset cliffs

Sunset Cliffs is a great location if you are planning to pop the question but for us it just wasn’t “perfect”. I kept the ring box in my pocket and had to avoid her hitting it as we were holding hands and walking – nerve racking to say the least.

On the way home back to Arizona, we stopped at the Center of the World in Felicity, California – another opportunity for the perfect proposal. I go to the back to “get the camera out” and place the ring in my pocket once again. Forgot the camera and had to go back. Oops! It was a great place, lots of information and a great back story of how the town came to be. We actually got to meet Felicia, whom the town is named after. We stood at the Center of the World, took lots of pictures and had a good time, but I still didn’t feel like it was the “right time”. I mean it was the Center of the World, how could that be wrong?


So back home we came. We had a great week but nothing out of the ordinary. Plans for the weekend included a Hamilton Sing-Along Revue (this was one of the Christmas presents we got for the girls). It started at 2 pm. On Saturday, I looked online and found the perfect spot. It was only 20 minutes or so from the venue and we could leave early to get there. Yes!! Saturday comes and the 2 older girls Grace and Jenelle are here and ready to go. I procrastinate a bit getting ready so Sadie leaves the room first. I get the ring and almost run out of the door. (Sadie notices and I have to try to play it off because the ring box isn’t hidden very well. She yells at me because I never leave without her – okay, not really yelling but she was confused as to why I would have walked out the door without her because I never had before. We are off the ring box is safely in the driver’s side door pocket which happens to be where I always put my wallet. :) I hate sitting on it.

We are off on our adventure and no one knows where we are going but me (sort of). I had never been to this place but I have GPS… wonderful GPS will get me there. The kids kept asking where we were going and I didn’t answer, just left Sadie to respond. We get to Scottsdale and the wonderful GPS is a little off…a lot off…really, it says our location is under a bridge… we go on a mini scavenger hunt to find the spot that only I know what it looks like. Luckily there were plenty of photo opps along the way to keep everyone occupied. I finally see the statue but there are so many spots to take photos, so we take our time getting there.

love statue scottsdale

Once we get to the LOVE statue we take lots of pictures of the girls and still no one knows what I am about to do. Grace gets stuck on the statue and I have to coax her and help her down, All without revealing the ring box bulge in my pocket. Grace finally gets down amidst a few bystanders watching and I think I have successfully gotten through the hard part.

kevin smiley sadie smiley
Jenelle posted to Snapchat right away of course.

The Proposal

Now it is time… the time has come. Sadie starts to walk toward the statue and fix her hair to get ready for a picture while I show Jenelle the ring so she can record the event. Jenelle’s knee jerk reaction is to hit the ring box… and the lid slams closed on my fingers. Ouch! I thought I was going to drop it and the rings were going to go flying all over the ground. I recovered and with one hand, I reopen the box and walk towards Sadie hoping that Jenelle is recording and getting pictures. I get down on one knee. Sadie turns around and says “This is what we are doing? Are we doing this?” with a tear in her eye (she wouldn’t admit that part). I then ask Sadie, the love of my life, to be my wife and she said yes! The only video we have is a bit shaky because Nell was crying while recording, but we got to capture it with photos as well so we were all happy.

slap dash mom proposal
Our hand pics definitely have some added BLING now!

Hamilton Revue

Next stop, the Hamilton Revue – and it was amazing. The cast was phenomenal! We got in and found seats very quickly even though there was a line. We got the best seats for all of us to be able to see and feel comfortable, which was unbelievable considering we had to find parking after we got there and that was a chore in and of itself. All in all, the Revue was a hit and this day was coming to a close. It was just perfect, even with the little mishaps.

la jolla sadie kevin

Happily Ever After

We dropped the girls off at home and had one more moment. We love Golden Corral. I know, I know, it isn’t fancy or anything like that but we both enjoy going there. Off we go to Golden Corral and enjoy a dinner together. Literally the perfect end to an amazing day.


Sadie Mae is a Lifestyle blogger living in Arizona with her three daughters. Her passions including traveling, healthy living, and teaching women how to work from home so they can spend more time with their kids.

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