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Full disclosure: I didn't actually walk the Red Carpet with Lori Loughlin and Gabby Reece, but I walked the Red Carpet, then they walked the Red Carpet… so it kinda is the same thing, right? Right. Oh, and this post is sponsored by Staples. Because Staples is awesome.

NOTE: You can watch this Staples Event on August 13th, on Celebrity Page TV.

staples live event blogher16
So excited to attend Staples Live with CrunchyMetroMom.

There were five stars of the morning: Staples (of course), Katy Perry (via video), Lori Loughlin, Gabby Reece, and Megan Telles.

Megan Telles interviewing Lori Loughlin at Staples Live Event BlogHer16

Megan Telles was the host, and let me tell you… she shines just as bright as Lori and Gabby do! That is probably why she's such an amazing TV host.

Megan Telles interviewing Gabby Reece Staples Live

Gabby Reece is 6'3″, which is a full inch taller than yours truly. I'm no stranger to tall women, though. My Mom is 6'4″.

Lori Loughlin BlogHer16 Staples Live

Lori Loughlin was stunning on the Red Carpet, and on the panel. Now let this sink in for a moment. Lori is 52 years old.

Katy Perry Staples

Katy Perry didn't actually show up, but they shared a video (linked below) explaining her partnership with Staples and Donors Choose.

Staples Live Panel BlogHer

Staples put this whole thing together, so let's talk about them for a moment.

5 Fun Facts I Learned at the Staples Live Event

  1. Staples has a 110% price match guarantee. If you find cheaper supplies anywhere else, they'll match the price and give you 10% back.
  2. Staples teamed up with Katy Perry to donate $1 million to Donors Choose.
  3. Teachers sometimes have to spend their own money to teach their classrooms money, which is why Staples chose Donors Choose as their cause.
  4. Staples has many brands and patterns, perfect for every student's style.
  5. Lori Loughlin and Gabby Reece both have teens that are addicted to their phones, just like so many “normal” parents do.
Bohemian Prints Staples
My favorite designs: Bohemian.
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