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September is the kick off of football season? Yeah, that's a question and I truly don't care about the answer but many of my friends are in a football CRAZE right now.

My friend Christine is obsessed with football, so “over” and “under” apparently have different meanings in their house. In our house, it's PUT THE TOILET PAPER ON THE ROLL CORRECTLY – meaning over.

Over or Under Charmin

Rachel thinks the rolls should go under, and the girls really don't care as long as it's Charmin… though it'd be nice if they'd put the toilet paper on the roll in the first place. I threatened to buy the cheap stuff if they don't start putting it on the roll. Funny how quickly they changed their ways. Gracelynn is dead set on only using Charmin Ultra Strong, while the others tend to like Charmin Ultra Soft.

What does this mean? Grace sneaks into our bathroom, or switches the rolls out because apparently she's that concerned about toilet paper. Can't really blame her. Charmin Ultra Strong cleans better than the leading bargain brand, which means you can use up to 4x less!

Over or Under?

When we can't solve a debate in our house, I always take it to Facebook. You really came through for me, guys.

Over or Under Charmin

Out of 70+ comments, about 40 said the toilet paper roll should go “over” like it is in my bathroom.

About 30 said they didn't care as long as it ended up on the holder!

A few random folks said “under”, but we know they're wrong so we won't count them in our research. ;)

Over or Under Charmin

One of my readers left this picture to solve the entire debate. So, there you have it.

It seems if you have a cat or a toddler, though, UNDER is the proper way. If not, you're gonna have a pile of toilet paper on the floor. Now that doesn't solve anything!

Seriously though, regardless of if you're Team Over or Team Under (or Team Put the Seat Down), Charmin always provides a better bathroom experience.

What do you think? Over… or under?

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  1. I’m a monster. No really, the kids stole the holder tube, so now I have a magazine rack/toilet paper holder, and theirs is attached to the toilet and it stands up. Buuuuut, the toilet paper is definitely supposed to go over.

  2. My comment seems to have disappeared. ?
    Anyhoo, in my house, it’s over or nothing. I’d rather have it not on the roll at all than have it under.

  3. Eeeeek……
    I’m afraid so say it!!
    You know what’s coming…….
    Here it is….


    Now if your gonna get all crazy….

    And throw something at me for being the odd man out please throw toilet paper….

    Charmin xtra soft of course ;)

  4. I’m in a house divided. I think it should be over, my husband thinks it should be under. Of course we know he’s wrong.. I mean he is a man after all! I fixed him though…I got a toilet paper/newspaper stand for review that has a metal flap at the top to help you tear off just enough toilet paper.

    Guess what, that metal flap ONLY works when the toilet paper roll is over! :) I’m a genius I tell you!

  5. For me, it’s over, but I probably wouldn’t fix it if somebody put it under. Not like that’s going to happen in this house anyways because I’m always the one to replace it. Nothing softer or stronger than Charmin UltaStrong.

  6. Over.

    Btw.. I love me some Charmin toilet paper! :)

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